Best Maternity Hospital in Jayanagar, Bangalore

As Cloudnine’s maiden hospital, Jayanagar holds a special place in the hearts of guests and doctors alike. Conceived in 2007, the hospital has grown from a boutique specialty birthing unit to an all-embracing facility composed of gynaecology, obstetrics, fertility, paediatrics, nutrition and fitness, mental health and lactation. Cloudnine, Jayanagar hosts 22 acclaimed specialists and carries superlative, globally-aligned infrastructure, including 32 maternity suites, two highly-equipped operation theatres and a 13-incubator-strong, Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Maternity on Cloudnine, Jayanagar

With over 160 births per month, Cloudnine Jayanagar is a beautiful wellspring of new life. The facility is considered a seedbed of memorable maternity moments, thanks to its unique maternity programme, the It’s Our Baby Programme. The programme, crafted as a medley of baby-ready experiences, includes prenatal workshops, Lamaze sessions, a baby shower and an award-winning Management of Baby Affairs programme. On Cloudnine, we recognise that postpartum can hold distinct challenges. In an ode to new motherhood, the It’s Our Baby Programme presents valuable postnatal services, including lactation sessions, nutrition counselling and a full-body fitness assessment.

Doctors on Cloudnine, Jayanagar

Home to some of Bengaluru’s best medical specialists, Cloudnine, Jayanagar is noted for its world-class treatment plans. It offers world-renowned services across gynaecology, obstetrics, fertility, paediatrics, nutrition and fitness, mental health and lactation.

Highlights on Cloudnine, Jayanagar

As the seed that paved the way to Cloudnine’s incredible journey across India, Jayanagar is a classic showcase of leading-edge maternity care. The facility has a praiseworthy record of successfully managing high-risk pregnancies and deliveries and boasts a significant neonatal survival rate. With its Level III NICU, it is capable of supporting babies born as premature as 24 gestational weeks and as light as 600 grams.

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