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"We recently started our parenthood journey and Dr. Abhishek Chopra is a great doctor. She has been there in every stage. Overall it was amazing and we loved the experience. Our baby was in the NICU for about a week, we were stressed but everything got fine later. These staff is very caring. The doctors are amazing and they took extra care of our child. We highly recommend Cloudnine"

Mrs. Dipika

Dr. Abhishek Chopra

"We had a fantastic journey of our pregnancy and delivery at The Birthplace by Cloudnine. From the beginning, we felt at ease and confident in her expertise. The scan doctor reassured us with each visit, and the supportive staff made us feel cared for at every step. During the delivery, the labour room felt like a party, with music of our choice playing and Dr. Samatha's jovial presence. The supporting doctors, nurses and staff made it a memorable experience and we cherish the time we spent at Cloudnine Hospital with Dr. Samatha Kumar. Mh, Krishna Kumar"

Mrs. Krishna Kumari

Dr. Samatha Kumar

"We are blessed with a baby girl. All thanks to the Dr. Pooja Vyas Bansal Ma'am and Cloudnine team. We came across her while searching for the best gynecologist. She is very polite and approachable. Thank you, Cloudnine"

Mrs. Swathi Singh

Dr. Pooja Vyas Bansal

"Our pregnancy journey was very smooth. Dr. Pooja Vyas Bansal explained each and everything in detail. Also, the staff of the Cloudnine is very supportive and cooperative. It has been a wonderful journey. Thank you so much Cloudnine"

Mrs. Sruti Mishra

Dr. Pooja Vyas Bansal

"We met Dr. Hirday Kapoor, she is an amazing doctor who made our pregnancy journey very smooth. She is very approachable and made us a priority. Thanks to all the staff as well. The journey was smooth and Cloudnine is a great hospital and I would recommend everybody, all the expecting moms, to definitely enroll yourself for a best maternity journey at Cloudnine. Thank You"

Mrs. Rinika

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

" I'm blessed with a baby girl. Dr. Sushmita K is amazing, made me comfortable from day one. The entire hospital staff, including nurses, did a great job. They supported me during challenging labour, encouraging a normal delivery. The hospitality, cleanliness and hygienic food were excellent. Special thanks to the Pediatrician and all the nurses for their constant support and care. Overall, I'm grateful for the wonderful environment and the dedicated doctors"

Mrs. Vinodhini

Dr. K Sushmitha

"We came to know about Cloudnine as it's very near to our home and via friends. So, we started the journey last year and we had a very good experience throughout our journey. The consultation and doctors are very friendly. They give us timely assistance whenever required. And it is a very memorable experience we had in this hospital"

Mrs. Manpreet Kaur

Dr. Monica Agarwal

"Our doctor is Dr. Kanchi Khurana. We came to know about her from my friend and she is a very confident doctor. She is fantastic at dealing with patients. And at Cloudnine, all the facilities are very good, and we are recommending this hospital to all. Thank you"

Mrs. Nirupama Panda

Dr. Kanchi Khurana

"Dr. Navpreet Kaur exceptional expertise and compassionate care helped a lot. With her guidance, I navigated the 9 month journey without any hassle. The staff is also very cooperative and supportive. Thank you, Cloudnine" Mrs. Jasmine Cloudnine Hospital, Chandigarh Unit"

Mrs. Jasmine

Dr. Navpreet Kaur

"I was checking Cloudnine Hospital online and also, one of my friends recommended Dr. Seema Sharma. From day-1, we had a very good experience. The consultation, suggestions and friendly behaviour of the doctor were good. Also, from the time we were admitted till the last day, we had a good experience. We will recommend Cloudnine to everyone. Thanks"

Mr. Prashanth

Dr. Seema Sharma

"We had a baby boy. And our doctor is Dr. Seema Sharma. Our experience in Cloudnine was amazing. Everything - from the doctors, staff, lactation doctors, nutritionist and dietitian, everybody was very good. And, the experience was one of the best in the town. Thank you"

Mrs. Gargi

Dr. Seema Sharma

"This is our first pregnancy and I must say, we've got really good services from Cloudnine. We attended the Lamaze class and it was very informative. Dr. Preeti Kulkarni has demonstrated all the breathing exercises and techniques very effectively. Thank you so much Cloudnine"

We attended a Lamaze and prenatal exercise session with Dr. Preeti Kulkarni at Cloud Nine, SB Road. Both of the sessions were really great and we got a lot of important information from her and she addressed all our concerns thoroughly. Dr. Preeti and all the staff members at Cloudnine are very helpful and approachable. We are having our first baby, it was very much useful for us. So thank you, Cloudnine, for all the services and we look forward to more. Thank you"

Mrs. Shivani Joshi

Preeti Kulkarni

"Dr. Hirday Kapoor is the best doctor. We have been visiting her for like two years. She is a very gentle and polite person. She listens and understands things from our perspective. The staff is very cooperative and approachable. Thank you so much Cloudnine"

Mrs. Momina

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"We travelled from Kolkata to consult Dr. Ashok Mittal at Cloudnine for our baby, who was suffering from severe health problems. Dr. Mittal's compassionate nature and expertise made us choose Cloudnine. The staff's behaviour was exceptional and after following Dr. Mithal's prescribed medications, our baby recovered and is now happily playing and dancing. We highly recommend Cloudine and Dr. Ashok Mittal for their outstanding care and infrastructure. His dedication to helping patients without consultation fees is commendable"

Mrs. Deborshi Paul

Dr. Ashok Mittal

"I am consulting Dr. Ginni Sharma. She is an excellent doctor and also this hospital is a very good maternity hospital all over Delhi - Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Shivani

Dr. Ginni Sharma

"We had a great experience at Cloudnine. Dr. Anjali Taneja was our consultant during my wife's pregnancy and delivery of our baby girl. She was very detailed in her explanations and made us feel comfortable throughout the journey. The Cloudnine support staff and sessions with Dr. Kavita were also very helpful and insightful, especially the couple yoga session. The LDR staff and night staff were very cooperative and supportive during the emergency delivery. The post-delivery support from the nurse and Mrs. Manisha was also great. Overall, a wonderful experience at Cloudnine"

Mrs. Mahima Jain

Dr. Anjali Taneja

"A beautiful journey is starting now. We are consulting Dr. Hirday Kapoor. She is very good and treated us like a family. There was no possibility of a pregnancy journey because I was having thyroid problems and am quite healthy. Then, she solved all the problems. Hirday Ma'am is very good and I just want to say thank you to my doctor. Post-delivery also everyone was supporting me, including the staff, physician and pediatrician. It was a very good experience in Cloudnine. Thank you"

Mrs. Arti

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"We have been Consulting Dr. Ginni Sharma from the start of our pregnancy journey. She has been there from week one, and she is good with us from the first day onwards, guiding us every week - what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. This pregnancy was possible because of her. And thanks to Cloudnine services. The doctors are very good. The Specialist is are very good. The lactation and Physiotherapy, Dr. Priyanka provided me with proper guidance. So, thank you, Cloudnine"

Mrs. Mansi

Dr. Ginni Sharma

"We have been seeing Dr. Hirday Kapoor. She has been very kind throughout our pregnancy journey. Not only is she scientifically quite advanced but also a very good human being. She is a combination of motherly feelings and a new scientific doctor. And our baby was admitted to an ICU for two weeks. We were quite tense, but all went very well. Thanks to the entire staff, they are very cooperative and took very good care of the mother and baby"

Mrs. Megha

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"We have been coming to Birthplace for five years and had two deliveries here. During my first pregnancy, the baby was underweight. So, we came to the Birthplace. Within 20 days our baby increased her weight and she came to a normal weight. So, even for the 2nd delivery, we chose the same hospital. Dr. Girija Lakshmi is very friendly in nature and she is very cooperative with patients. Even during the 2nd pregnancy, we had complications and with the doctor's advice, we delivered without any tension. Thank you, Birthplace, for giving us a very valuable life. Thank you"

Mrs. Shiva Parvathi

Dr. Girija Lakshmi

We were referred The Birthplace by Cloudnine Hospitals, Hyderabad by our neighbor who got their child delivered via normal delivery. So from our journey in Birthplace right from day one till the delivery was very good. Dr. Maljini N was our Gyne. She did the delivery in a very precise manner. She was very friendly. She didn't give any extra medications and she did all the examinations very properly. It was a very good journey with Dr. Maljini N. A lot of best wishes to the Birthplace by Cloudnine Hospital. Thank you so much"

Two days earlier, we had a baby boy at Cloudnine SB Road and all the doctors here are wonderful. All the sisters and housekeeping staff took care of us, and we highly recommend everyone to have their babies here

Mrs. Tejal Jadiya

Dr. Asmita Potdar

"I have consulted Dr. Samatha in Birthplace, Banjara Hills. She gave me very positive thoughts throughout my pregnancy. She helped me with the diet, and the prescriptions, and the labour went very well with the doctor's support. I didn't expect the labour to be very short. The housekeeping staff, nurses and everyone treated me very well in the Birthplace. I am very much satisfied with the hospital and the doctor. Definitely. I'll refer the hospital to someone. For my friends or relatives. Thank you, Dr. Samatha Kumar, for the incredible experience"

Mrs. Vedavathi Nandyala

Dr. Samatha Kumar

"We came to India from Osaka, Japan. We live in New Delhi. This is our first child and I was very worried about many things, but when I was in trouble, I was able to get a lot of help from the doctor"

Mrs. Hosaka Shun

Dr. Neha Khandelwal

We were blessed with a baby boy. We were initially unsure where to go, but a friend recommended Cloudnine. Throughout the 9 months, we consulted with Dr. Pooja C Thukral, who was very friendly and approachable. The staff was great and the food was always on time. The staff made us feel like family and supported us through the entire journey. We had a wonderful experience and love Cloudnine. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Monika

Dr. Pooja C Thukral

"We are in Cloudnine Hospital, Kailash Colony. We had a very good experience here. My wife was suffering from high blood pressure. So, we had to go for a C-section and my son had to be kept in the NICU. When I saw my son, I was worried. But, in the past four days, under the guidance of Dr. Vinay Kumar Rai, he has improved drastically and now we are very confident to take him home. We had a very good stay and we are now going home with a baby with a big smile on our faces. And I suppose we have got lots of friends over here for life now. Thank you"

Mrs. Rupali Banerje

Dr. Vinay Kumar Rai

"Dr. Heera P and Dr. Somalika Pal from Cloudnine, Kailash Colony are very cooperative. And, even the pantry staff and nursing staff are quite experienced. So, we are really very thankful to the entire team for their cooperation and their motivation. Thanks a lot"

"As a doctor myself, I had a great experience with Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi who helped us welcome our baby boy. She patiently answered all our queries and was very polite and humble. She guided us very well throughout the process and was always available to answer our calls. The hospital staff was also very good. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Sofiya

Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi

"We chose this hospital because of and Dr. Manjiri Kulkarni, who I was very satisfied with during my previous delivery. The support services and all other services provided at the hospital were excellent. Overall, we had a great experience. Thank you"

Mrs. Raima Guha Rakshit

Dr. Manjiri Kulkarni

" Dr. Nikhil D Datar made us feel comfortable and answered all our queries during our first visit. He suggested some breathing exercises and courses which were immensely helpful during labour and delivery. A positive attitude and quick decision-making is crucial at these important times and Dr. Datar was quick. We highly recommend him and Thank you, Cloudnine"

Mrs. Pranali

Dr. Nikhil D Datar

"My opinion about Cloudnine Hospital and my Consulting Dr. Nikhil D Datar - I have to tell you all that Dr. Nikhil Datar was one of the best things that I have done in my life. He had been a constant support not only to me but also to my family members, especially when I was going for my caesarean and in the operation theatre. I have been coming to Cloudnine Hospital for the past five years and I have delivered all three kids here. It's not just the staff or the doctor but the experience which we have here makes you really enjoy your motherhood experience"

Mrs. Saramma Panicker

Dr. Nikhil D Datar

"I delivered a baby boy at Cloudnine Hospital, Kalyani Nagar, Pune under the supervision of Dr. Smita Ninad Khose. My experience was very good here. Staff were very cooperative and the doctors were the best. I received the best treatment here, especially from Priyanka and Mr. Sujith. Thank you to all the nurses too. Thank you"

Mrs. Renuu Naader

Dr. Smita Ninad Khose

"I have entered my 21st week of pregnancy. This was my first aerobic session and the best part was I also didn't know that I had the stamina to dance and exercise because I always feel tired at home. Also, she was great. Thank you"

Mrs. Aakansha

Priyanka Khanna

"It was 2 years of hardship unless we met Dr Bhavna to help in our journey of conception. It was just like God tested our patience and then showed us the path to what we were looking for. With 3 IUI failures with various Sr doctors we got disheartened that we will never be able to have a baby. I still remember the first time I met Dr Bhavna, it was some inner instinct seeing her positive attitude and enthusiasm to help her patients like a friend. She gave us a comfort n believe which many Dr couldn’t give us. We started our IVF procedure under Dr Bhavna, with her knowledge, positive attitude, personalised touch, follow ups and trying best possible procedures ,it made my journey more easy as I knew I was in right hands. It wasn’t a simple case though, With low AMH and embroy collection of as low as 3 counts, only Dr Bhavna had faith that all will go well. And with her rich experience, understanding of case and result oriented approach it made possible for me to concieve. We are and will always be thankful to Dr Bhavna for giving this happiness in our life. She was a God sent angel and will always be one for us. May you shine bright and bring happiness in thousands of life. Best Regards"


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"My fairy godmother…. Thank you for bringing me to this beautiful world. I know how desperate my mom n daddy we’re to meet me, n after so many years, you brought me to their world to brighten up everything. My momma tells me that you are the only one who understood their feelings and promised them that I’ll be there with them. I wish when I grow up and am a big girl then I can be just like you n help many people like my parents to realise this wonderful dream. Always yours, Baby Jia"


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"It's been almost 12 years since being childless. Frankly speaking, reasons were unknown. My normal blood reports always pointed towards an obvious success. But things didn't work. One fine morning we decide to take help of a fertility expert to deal with my grief. With God’s grace, met Dr. Bhavna Banga. There are always sweet surprises in life and she is one among them for us. Dr. Bhavna helped us just like a family member. Always had a ‘buddy’ feeling with her. This the very reason that I could go through the fertility process to have our first child. She is the most positive person I've come across in my life journey. With an utmost instant and perfect treatment by Dr. Bhavna we are blessed with twin boys in July 2018. I am a firm believer that God comes in different forms to help us. And Dr. Bhavna was no less that God to us. Thank you Dr. Bhavna Banga for giving us the joy we were waiting for Riyansh and Anish are the true gifts to us and have made our life filled with joy"


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"We were just like any other couple in search of a good IVF doctor after several unsuccessful procedures and glad we met Dr Bhavna she is an expert IVF specialist. Best part about her is that she is very proactive and tracks her patients schedule really well. Very much approachable compared to some other IVF specialists I have consulted in the past. Me and few others in my close family consulted her and success rate is 100%. I would highly recommend Dr Bhavna Banga after struggling for last 5 years and consulting almost top 8 infertility specialists. Thank you for being the dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate doctor that you are! You always go above and beyond and work tirelessly towards a healthy outcome. I feel so blessed to know you and have you as my doctor. Mudit and Aditee"


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"Right at the outset we as a family thank you for making it possible. I and my wife were living at a different location for our jobs. I and my wife tried to start a family naturally for two years, but we were not succeeding. After much thought we decided to go for IVF. We searched for best IVF Doctor most of searches directed us to Dr. Bhavna Banga. We booked our appointment and reached to her. When we first saw you, somewhere we knew that it is you who would make our family complete. IVF Journey can be daunting, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially tiring at times. It is no magic that you walk in with money one day and next day a baby will be in hand. Our whole year long journey was made easy and well supported by you and your team. We can’t thank you enough for making our dreams complete. A doctor like you will always have a very special place in our heart"


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"We just had our delivery with Dr. Nikhil D Datar at Cloudnine and the experience was absolutely flawless - right from day one when we had our first appointment. We knew that Dr. Nikhil is the one we want to go to. He made me feel comfortable and was really supportive. He made sure to explain everything to us so that nothing came as a shock and there was no moment we felt panic or uncomfortable. At Cloudnine, whether it's the staff or anyone else, everyone was really helpful and the doctor helped us a lot. Thank you, Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Sam"

Mrs. Honey Singh

Dr. Nikhil d Datar

"Dr. Nikhil D Datar is patient and knowledgeable. He answered all of our queries satisfactorily and provided assurance throughout our pregnancy journey. The supporting staff at the hospital were helpful and polite. Thank you, Cloudnine for your healthcare needs and we highly recommend you"

Mrs. Umesh

Dr. Nikhil D Datar

"We were delighted to connect with Dr. Nikhil D Datar during our seventh month of pregnancy after being referred by a close friend. As Canadian expats, we were pleased with the service and support provided by Dr. Nikhil, who hardled all of our concerns and helped as immensely. We appreciate the excellent support we received from the entire staff at Cloudnine, including the nurses"

Mrs. Prachi

Dr. Nikhil D Datar

"We consulted Dr. Hirday Kapoor and had a very good experience with Cloudnine, Starting from the booking experience, delivery, doctors, nurses, housekeeping staff and admin were very good and it's been a very nice journey, Hopefully, we'll deliver our next baby also very soon here,Thank you"

Mrs. Shubhra

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"I would like to thank Cloudnine and Dr. Rupam Arora for a wonderful experience on the Journey of giving birth to a child. And it was so relaxing. The doctors, staff and facilities here are good. Thank you, it was very satisfying. Thank You"

Mrs. Chinky

Dr. Rupam Arora

"We were blessed with a baby girl under the care of Dr. Hirday Kapoor. Our journey with her was fantastic with no complications during the C-section. We are very happy with the treatment we received and grateful for the positive experience. Thank you"

Mrs. Manisha

Dr. Hirday Kapooe

I was suffering from abdominal pain. During my consultancy with Dr Archit Pandit, I came to know that I was suffering from endometriosis and adenomyoma. Dr.Uma (gynecologist) referred me to Dr Bhavana Banga in 2017. After first meeting with doctor, I found she is energetic and caring for patient. Dr Bhavna, started the procedure in 2017 and embryo was formed. My first FET was done in August 2018 which was not successful. After that the problem reoccurred and I went under two more surgery for endometriosis and adenomayoma in next five year. That period was so depressing for me. During this period Dr Bhavna kept in touch with us with full support and provided necessary consultancy. Next FET was conducted in Nov 2021 which was success. During this five year Dr Bhavna supported and advised us, she kept in touch with us , she even provided the consultancy on whats app. Her positive attitude gave me a positive result. But best and most important part was that my doctor was with me at every moment of time...from day one of consultancy, to embryo formation and even after the delivery. She is very sincere and so transparent. She guided me at every step since day one, sharing full responsibility and detailing of every step of procedure. During the whole journey she was there for me. I always wish best of best for Dr. Bhavna and great successful life. Thank you doctor for being so kind and generous towards us.


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"We just had our delivery with Dr. Nikhil D Datar at Cloudine and the experience was absolutely flawless - right from day one when we had our first appointment. We knew that Dr. Nikhil is the one we want to go to. He made me feel comfortable and was really supportive. He made sure to explain everything to us so that nothing came as a shock and there was no moment we felt panic or uncomfortable. At Cloudnine, whether it's the staff or anyone else, everyone was really helpful and the doctor helped us a lot. Thank you, Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Sam"

Mrs. Chirasree Chanda Roy

Dr. Nikhil D Datar

"I'm very happy I have conceived in my first attempt. My experience was amazing with Dr. Bhavna Banga, no ideas for improvement. She is a wonderful, caring and kind doctor. She has been so supportive throughout the whole process of IVF. She make sure everything was explained, and I felt comfortable the entire time. She made my dreams of expanding my family come true and I cannot thank them enough. If you’re looking for the best care for IVF, I highly recommend Dr. Bhavna Banga"


Dr. Bhavna Banga

Words cannot express how thankful we are for all your support, guidance and help to make our dreams come true. You are extremely knowledgeable and caring, and were always available to answer our many questions throughout this emotional roller coaster of our precious pregnancy. We are simply grateful and can't wait to share our views. Dr. Bhavna ma'am, I hope you realize the difference you make in people's lives everyday. For us you have been an angel doing godly works and I can't express how emotionally connected now we are with you. While writing this to you, I get very teary eyed and emotional. I was introduced to you an year ago, and looking back, what an emotional journey my wife Ritu and I have endured. It was on our first attempt with you we were blessed with our twins baby boy. While all these four years with other hospitals had literally traumatised us. As I reflect back on our journey with you I remember the first day we met you and you have convincingly assured us that "Ritu definitely you will become pregnant" and here came this day on 1st Feb 2016 when you gave us the gift our lives. With this few word we would like to thank you from our bottom of heart and on behalf of our whole family we wish you good health, happiness and sucess from almighty. We are so thankful we found you. We are so grateful and will cherish these never ever perishable memories. How can I thank you with words for giving us the gift of life? There is no thank you or form of appreciation that could ever do justice to what you have done for us. Your were relentless, confident and committed to making it happen even when we were doubtful. Your positive attitude was much needed and will never be forgotten. You have been a true blessing to our family and now we count all of you as a part of our family. We could not be more thrilled to be parents. We adore our both baby boy and sincerely request you to always shower your blessings on to us. Thank you so much. Looking forward for personal and many more associations with you mam


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"I had an amazing experience at Cloudnine with Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi and the staff. She's a very polite doctor and the medications she gave me were fabulous. The treatment was great and the hospital is very clean. I highly recommend starting your journey here. Thank you"

Mrs. Gourika

Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi

"I had an incredible experience with Dr. Hirday Kapoor. She was available 24/7 on WhatsApp, always polite and treated me as a priority. Although I hoped for a normal delivery, a C-section was necessary due to complications. Dr. Kapoor explained everything to my family and even came back to the hospital from home to check on me after hours. Her care and concern were amazing and I'm grateful for her help in bringing my baby into the world"

Mrs. Rachana

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"We are grateful to Dr. Hirday Kapoor for our baby boy. Despite many complications with POD, Dr. Kapoor gave us hope and guided us through the journey. Cloudnine Punjabi Bagh provided great hospitality, 24-hour care and cooperative staff. le highly recommend Dr. Kapoor and give Cloudnine five stars. Thank you"

Mrs. Paridhi

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"Our experience with Dr. Ginni Sharma - We were consulting her for a long time. She's the best in everything. I got help from her even through the phone and even at midnight. The experience was good and even now, we are consulting her post-delivery as well. She's very cooperative. The Cloudnine staff were very good and they were helping us a lot. There are no negative points about them. We give 5 stars to Cloudnine and every staff member is very good here"

Mrs. Himani Sharma

Dr. Ginni Sharma

"The journey with Cloudnine was very good, special and memorable, especially Dr. Aanchal Agarwal. So far the journey has been perfect. Our baby is in the ICU and the baby is taken care of with special care. Special thanks to Dr. Abhishek Sir. He is guiding us a lot and the care of the baby was good. We are very thankful to him. Our family is very happy that we chose Cloudnine for our delivery. We are thankful to all of you. Thank you"

Mrs. Shurbhi Sharma

Dr. Aanchal Agarwal

Our journey with Dr. Ginni has been really good. She has been very helpful and she was explaining our queries and I think our overall journey was smooth. Dr. Ginni Sharma has been a blessing because we were not happy with our first caesarean experience, but Dr. Ginni had answers to our questions. We are very satisfied with our Cloudnine experience. I think it has been a great experience. Thank you"

Mrs. Mahek

Dr. Ginni Sharma

"We are blessed with a baby boy on the 3rd of April in Cloudnine Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Ginni Sharma. She handled our case very well. We had some issues and approached many doctors due to this. Then, we came to know about Ginni Sharma Ma'am. She gave us hope and positivity that everything is going to be smooth and in the end, gave birth to our child and he is now fit and fine. We are very happy with this and thank you"

Mrs. Priyanka Bhalla

Dr. Ginni Sharma

"We were worried for four years because we were not able to conceive. So, one of our relatives referred us and said that Dr. Priya Varshney, IVF Consultant, told us to meet her once. We were worried about what if she can't treat us or what if she says like other doctors. But, when we came here, in the first meeting with the doctor, we really felt very good. She was explaining to us in detail - what problems we have and how we can get out of the situation. After 4 months, we succeeded. We really thank her and we are really happy"

Mrs. Anshika

Dr. Priya Varshney

"Our doctor was Sadhna Singhal. We had a great experience throughout our pregnancy. The doctor always guided like a Mother. She treated me very well and I didn't expect that I would deliver a baby with normal delivery. Thanks to Mrs. Sadhna Ma'am. The facilities of Cloudnine were very good. We delivered a baby here. We are very happy with all the staff. The doctors are very highly educated and highly knowledgeable. We recommend everyone to choose Cloudnine Hospital for delivery. Thank you"

Mrs. Ekta Gupta

Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi

"It's been seven years since we got married. But till now, we couldn't conceive a baby. We visited many places and consulted many doctors in Gujarat and Mumbai and then came to Delhi for treatment. Here, we came to know about Dr. Hirday and because of her, we could conceive a baby. I want to thank Dr. Hirday Kapoor Ma'am and our whole family wants to thank her too. Thank you"

Mrs. Sabhnam

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"Dr. Jyothi Lakshmi helped us with everything, including diet, medical, etc. and supported us in every manner. When it comes to Cloudnine, from the registration day to the last and at the time of discharge they helped us a lot, including baby diapers, food, cleaning service and more. Cloudnine has treated us with love and the administration, nurses and doctor were friendly and helpful. The overall experience with Cloudnine is the best. Thank you". Cloudnine Hospital,

Husband of Mrs. Rashmi M

Dr. jyothi Lakshmi T M

"We are blessed with a baby girl! The main reason behind that is Cloudnine Hospital - Thank you, Cloudnine and consultant Dr. K Sushmita. About the doctor - She is very knowledgeable and super friendly. About the hospital - Everything's amazing starting from the appointments to the staff, scans and blood reports. About the nine month journey - It was really very good. Each month, we got particular information and guidance. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Sindhu

Dr. K Sushmita

"We are consulting with Dr. Latha Shankar for the last nine months and it was a great experience with Cloudnine and with Latha Shankar. She is very friendly and cooperative in all manners. We were well supported by Cloudnine as well. Cloudnine is a Luxurious Hospital in Bangalore. Everyone was very cooperative and the staff was very friendly, including the nursing staff photographer team and cleaning staff. I liked Cloudnine & I recommend it to all. Thank you"

Mrs. Girija Vyas

Dr. Latha Shankar

"This is my thirty-fourth week of pregnancy and I feel really energetic post the aerobic session. Priyanka Ma'am and Denisha Ma'am were amazing and instructed us really well. 1 am looking forward to more such sessions. Thank you so much Cloudnine"

Mrs. Neha Singhal

Priyanka Khanna

My experience attending the aerobic session was amazing. It was a fun-filled session and I absolutely loved it. Dr. Priyanka Khanna instructed us really well and overall I had a good experience"

Mrs. Riya

Priyanka Khanna

"It's my fourth week and this was my first workout session. I really enjoyed working with Dr. Priyanka Khanna and Sabriya ma'am was also very good. It helped me a lot very much and the overall experience was great. Thank you"

Mrs. Mansha

Priyanka Khanna

"Dr. Vanika Bhaskar is my saviour. Besides, the radiologist, nursing staff and everyone from Cloudnine were super friendly and helpful. I am grateful to each and everyone of them for giving me this wonderful experience"

Mrs. Anshika Pandey

Dr. Vanika Bhaskar Prim & Dr. Saurabh Kataria

We opted for treatment in India like Chennai, Nepal, Punjab and Delhi but they were of no use. So, we finally came to Bangalore. We came to know about Dr. Prashant Joshi at Cloudnine Fertility, Jayanagar and for 3 months, we are taking treatment. Just today, we got positive results. We are very happy. Thank you, Cloudnine Fertility. Thank you Dr. Prashant Joshi"

Cloudnine Patient

Dr. Joshi Prashant Shripad

"It's our first baby so for delivery experience we come to our good madam. So after checking they also had a good experience. We felt good here after that madam delivered and with her trust we do it if I really care about the baby and the mother"

Mrs. Ashwini Gaikwad

Dr. Pooja Vyas Bansal

"It feels like Dr. Hriday Kapoor is one of our family members. She is very friendly, supportive and guided us every single step. Post-delivery my baby was taken care of by Dr. Manisha Kapoor and Dr. Priyanka Khanna, who were again extremely supportive and friendly. Thank you Cloudnine and all the doctors who have been there for us throughout our journey and beyond"

Mrs. Priya Kumari

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

Dear Dr. Bhavna, We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and love to you for helping us live our most precious dream - having our own little bundle of joy, all possible due to your untiring efforts! I remember when we first met you, how patiently you went through all my previous reports and then explained us the reasons why things possibly could not click for us! You were positive from the very first meeting itself about the end result for us and reassured us that one day we would be holding our own baby in our hands, and that was the kickstart which assured us that we were seeking just the right person! Going through our reports, you explained us all the approaches to get the best result in optimum time. After much deliberation we started our line of treatment under your expert guidance. You not only encouraged us but also extended unconditional support at each stage. You were highly confident that one day I will surely conceive! Both me and my husband had full faith in your approach and trusted you completely! Though my first procedure went unsuccessful but we did not lose hope and decided to go foe a IVF procedure for the next attempt. With god’s grace and your untiring efforts, things clicked this time. On the day of checking for the result I was quite nervous but all my fears changed into tears of happiness when I saw a positive result! We were able to see this day only because of you and all your dedication Dr. Bhavna and thank you from the bottom our hearts. You have been a beacon of hope in our lives Dr. Bhavna! Your flexibility, dedication towards your profession, out of the box approach, individualized attention for your patients and promptness in replying towards all queries make you stand as exceptional doctor! You care for your patients as your family and the love, support and warmth you extend is unconditional! Today I am 37 weeks pregnant and eagerly awaiting to welcome our little one into our life. I truly pray to God to bless you with the best in life always! May you continue to rise and shine with all your good work, more power to you! Lots of love and regards.


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"Dr. Vanika Bhaskar is my saviour. Besides, the radiologist, nursing staff and everyone from Cloudnine were super friendly and helpful. 1 am grateful to each and everyone of them for giving me this wonderful experience"

Mrs. Anshika Pandey

Dr. Vanika Bhaskar Prim

"Our journey with Cloudnine was a good one. All the staff and the doctors especially Dr. Vandana Sharma and Dr. Sourabh kataria were highly supportive and took care of us really well Everything about Cloudnine was great starting right from the nurses to the food. Thank you so much Cloudnine. Highly recommended"

Mrs. Chanchal Bhargava

Dr. Saurabh Kataria

"We consulted Dr.Heera P and I am glad that we did. We are extremely happy with the care and the medical attention we receive Besides, the entire staff of Cloudnine was helpful and supportive. 1 highly recommend Cloudnine to everyone"

"I recently gave birth to a baby girl under the observation of Dr. Neha Khandelwal. She is an excellent doctor who kept me motivated and explained everything to me in detail. Speaking of the staff, they treated us very well and took care of us to the fullest"

Mrs. Meenakshi

Dr. Neha Khandelwal

"We are consulting Dr. Mamatha Shetty and she was extremely supportive and helpful. Even the staff was very helpful and we appreciated all of them for their effort. Thank you everyone for this wonderful experience"

Mrs. Navya

Dr. Mamatha Shetty

"Thank you Dr. Rupam Arora and all the other doctors who gave us this beautiful gift. We would also like to thank the nurses and the entire staff of Cloudine for being there for us. Everything was excellent and the stay at Cloudine hospital felt like home".

Mrs. Sakshi

Dr. Rupam Arora

"We consulted Dr. Illa Gupta and she is an excellent doctor. Additionally, the entire staff of Cloudnine is helpful and very friendly. Overall, our experience with Cloudnine and Dr. Illa Gupta was great. Highly recommended"

Mrs. Mansi

Dr. Ila gupta

"We consulted Dr. Triveni Arun and it was the best decision we made so far. She is an amazing doctor and the way she guided can't be described in words. Cloudine made the experience even better starting right from the baby shower to insightful online sessions. Thanks to the entire team of Cloudnine and especially Sangeetha who made this journey wonderful for us".

Mrs. Madhuri

Dr. Triveni Arun Akkiraju

"We came here to Cloudnine for maternity and delivery of our child. We are thankful to Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi. She is knowledgeable and I want to thank her because, despite so many complications, we delivered a healthy and beautiful child. The overall journey in the hospital was pleasant and the staff was cooperative, including nurses, other staff as well as housekeeping also. We will surely recommend Cloudnine to our relatives and friends as well. Thank you"

Mrs. Shrishti

Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi

"Our experience with the staff, as well as the doctor, was quite brilliant. The way they treat us is excellent. We felt at home and we were never alone. The quality of the food, as well as the service by the staff, is excellent. It was a great experience. The OT team and the doctors and the gynae consultant were excellent and we are very satisfied with the service. We give 100 upon 100 to the hospital. Thank you"

Mrs. Tara

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"With Ma'am, my experience from starting till now was awesome. She cared for us a lot. Ma'am's care and the way she spoke with us was very nice. Other doctors also used to explain to us very well no matter how many times we ask. I am happy and have no problem with anything. Thank you"

Mrs. Snehil Patil

Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi

"I am twenty-two weeks pregnant and today I got an opportunity to attend Dr. Priyanka Khanna session on aerobics. It was really wonderful and very energising. I request Cloudnine to conduct more such sessions for us"

Mrs. Vanika

Priyanka Khanna

"I am twenty-ninth weeks pregnant and I had a great session with Dr. Priyanka Khanna. She asked me to do a couple of exercises and it really helped me out. Her energy is really good and she is a great doctor"

Mrs. Tripthi

Priyanka Khanna

"I am twenty-five weeks pregnant and my sister-in-law recommended me Dr. Priyanka Khanna and I am totally impressed I would recommend her to all expecting mothers. Also, regarding Cloudnine they are providing excellent services"

Mrs. Nandini

Priyanka Khanna

"I am currently thirty-six weeks pregnant and today I took the session which was very interactive, energetic and lovely by Dr. Priyanka Khanna. Looking forward to more such informative sessions"

Mrs. Manisha kapoor

Priyanka Khanna

"I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. Today, I had a great session with Dr. Priyanka Khanna Ma'am. It was a very good session and I really want Cloudnine to conduct this type of class and enrich us with her knowledge. Keep up the good work Cloundine"

Mrs. Hudabiya

Priyanka Khanna

"We are blessed with a baby girl. We are so happy and I just want to share my journey with Cloudnine. The hospitality, the services, the doctor and everyone is cooperative. My doctor was so nice and she was calm and polite. Dr. Pannam Sharma is an excellent doctor. I suggest everyone to this doctor and even Dr. Priyanka is also very kind and humble. We are very happy with the services from Cloudnine. I just recommend everyone to come here and get their delivery done. Thank you"

Mrs. Shriya Kapoor

Dr. Pannam Sharma

"We are having a very happy journey with our Cloudine staff. We received very good services from Doctors, Nurses and Staff, especially we are thankful to Dr. Sadhana Singhal Vishnoi, Nurse Sapna and the housekeeping staff. We will recommend everyone to have services from Cloudnine. Thank you"

Mrs. Shrishti

Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi

It’d been three years of trying when we decided to get checked up by an infertility expert. We asked our gynaecologist for the same and she referred us to Dr. Bhavna Banga. When you were trying for such a long time and with so much information available on internet about IVF and its processes your mind will feel like very clear what you intent to do still its clouded. We visited Dr. Banga in start of 2022 and in the first visit she asked for couple of checkups for both of us and ended up suggesting Laparoscopy to be done. As I said, the mind always plays a game though clear but clouded, we decided to hold for a month and let’s go for it in the next month. I had to be in the day care for the same and the laparoscopy raised the curtains what was going on inside my body. She explained tiny bit of the results with utter detail and guided us for the next step. While all the communication was going on, she was quite active in responding to queries, that too on WhatsApp and for any query I hardly remember a day it ever took time for her to respond. We were not available for couple of months, so the IVF cycle we went through in almost mid of 2022. When you are already riding a roller coaster and few unwanted queries come from someone you hardly know leads to shoot up the level of anxiety you are already going through. One patient right beside me asked, this is your first cycle, the second question my mind asked meaning there could be multiple and you need to be ready for multiple failures. Though was trying to make my mind understand the same, it’s really difficult in the situation I was in. Only the person can understand who is actually going through the same. Still I held my feelings, mouth zipped, didn’t talk to my husband even about the same, I was already anxious, why to make him anxious too with such unwanted thoughts when one is already in it. Bhavna Ma’am suggested to get the FET done in next month or may take a break of a month or two, get refreshed, have a calm mind and then get it transferred. But we didn’t want to wait at all, so we requested to get the FET done in the said month itself. The day arrived, when FET was done, post the procedure we met Bhavna Mam and she asked for some do’s & don't s. I knew the drill after the FET so was ready with the pregnancy test kit, didn’t tell my husband that I am going to do the test, same reason curiosity and anxiety. Right before the day of the pregnancy test, Bhavna ma’am messaged to do the urine test as well as beta HCG. We did the test, it was one dark line, the 2nd line was so dull and we were totally devastated. Still my husband was not ready to accept, he said beta HCG is still pending and that will confirm the actual result, so let’s wait for the lab to open (7:30 AM). We threw the test result tube in the dustbin and went for beta HCG to be done. The lab was still not open, the opening time was 8:00 AM on that day. At the same time we messaged Bhavna mam about the urine test and informed that we are going for Beta HCG. She asked us click a picture of the urine test tube and send it to her. I took out the tube from dustbin and clicked a picture and sent it around 7:45 AM and now was waiting for her reply. In the meanwhile we did beta HCG and asked for the result by when can it be available, he replied, it should be there by evening, meaning we need to wait the entire day to know the results. Her reply came, it said “This is positive”. We both were in tears and words will fall short in explaining the same. The hospital remains closed on Sunday, she had some work that day so she asked if we can visit her. Around mid day we were there. While we were waiting and she was attending another patient, the Beta HCG report came from the lab and yes it was positive as ma’am said. And YES It was our FIRST FET and it was successful. Post three months of guided checkup we returned back to the gynaecologist for further checkups of pregnancy period. Then, hooh, we met Bhavna mam with our little munchkin after his first vaccination and she was so happy to meet him. An amazing, full of tears, full of joy, full of hope roller coaster ride of almost 1 and a half year. THE HURRY AND THE WAIT!! We are so grateful to her for everything.


Dr. Bhavna Banga

I really don't know how to express our feeling through this text mail. "Thank you" would be a very small word for the wonderful gift that you have given to us. I would like to take you through my journey to may be motivational for other childless couples. It’s a journey of 11years to reach us here. We got married in the year 2008 and after a period of year, started trying for baby. Since it was not happening naturally then we started consulting Doctors in Lucknow. We consulted with very renowned Doctors of lucknow but did not get the desirable result. In 2012, we shifted to Noida due to work. As we were craving to extend our family so we started again consulting Doctors and through one of the gynecologist we were referred to consult Dr. Bhavna Banga. After meeting Dr. Bhavna Banga we felt so motivated. After knowing our case history she suggested for IVF. We finally started the treatment in the year 2015 and got our first IVF cycle done. Though it failed but Dr. Bhavna Banga assured us that we would surely become parents. Dr. Banga was so hopeful and positive and she suggested for another cycle of IVF. Though due to some unavoidable circumstances in family we could not continue the treatment. But again in the year 2019 we approached her and this time with blessings of god and expertise of Dr. Bhavna Banga we became proud parents of beautiful little princess on 4th march 2020. Dr. Bhavna you are truly amazing positive....full of energy and approachable....we really can't explain in words what bundle of joy you have given to US. Ma'am you are the best Doctor and we wish you lots of success in your professional and in personal life too. I would definitely recommend all childless couple’s to consult Dr. Bhavna Banga for the treatment. Thank you so much....we will personally come and meet, once the lockdown is over and situation becomes under control


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"After a long hour of labour, we did manage to have a normal delivery and thanks to Cloudnine Sahakaranagar Hospital and Dr. Triveni Arun Akkiraju who has been a great support for us. The guidelines provided by the hospital in terms of everything like insurance, doubts about the tests, consultation and everything else have been a great experience. We highly recommend Cloudnine as a hospital, which every parent must consider. The postpartum consultations with the physiotherapist have been a great help. We are grateful to the hospital and to the doctor who made this experience and journey so beautiful for us. Thank you"

Mrs. Deepa Ramachandran

Dr. Triveni Arun Akkiraju

"We are happy to share the news that we welcomed our daughter on 7th April into this world under the supervision of Dr. Neha Khandelwal. She supported us in our entire journey of pregnancy & delivery. Despite her encouragement for normal delivery, things did not fall into place at the last moment and we had to opt for LSCS. We would also like to share the wonderful experience we had at Cloudnine Hospital. The number of experts that visited us during our stay and the patience with which they explained things was enlightening as well as reassuring. Last but not the least we would also like to thank Dr. Neha for her coordination. It really made our visits hassle-free"

Mrs. Priya Mittal

Dr. Neha Khandelwal

"We are pleased to share that we have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl on this auspicious occasion of Navratri. I want to share my special thanks to Dr. Neha ma'am, my co-ordinator and the entire team of Cloudnine, Greater Kailash for making us meet our bundle of joy in a such comfortable environment. We have been so grateful throughout the entire journey under her guidance that not even once, had I any doubts or questions. I was in extreme labour pain that I even considered going for a C-section but Dr. Neha believed in me that I would have a normal birth. So I want to once again thank the whole team who were a part of this wonderful journey of my pregnancy in these entire nine months. I am definitely going to enjoy and cherish this journey so much and it's all thanks to you all"

Mrs. Pooja Parashar

Dr. Neha Khandelwal

"We are pleased to share that we have been blessed with a beautiful angel Shanaya Malik, all thanks to Dr. Neha with the Midas touch. The journey of the last nine months went so smoothly as Ma’am has always been a great guide and support. I google everything and I can't believe that I never had to google a single thing in the last 9 months as Ma’am was just a message away to clear my doubts. She is so positive in her approach that I used to eagerly wait for the next appointment. Thank you so much for everything. We would like to thank Dr. Neha for her immense support and warm gesture. We would like to thank the entire Cloudnine team for making this journey beautiful and smooth. To begin with, the one woman who clears all your (non-medical related) doubts be it anything or everything is Miss Moumita, she is very nice. The pediatricians and lactation consultants are very helpful and the nursing staff at the hospital is supremely supportive, special thanks to Anita, Madhu and Premlata. The dieticians and F&B team are very caring, they ensure that the new mother is fully pampered and gets to eat whatever she wants, my special thanks to Rajeev and Lalit"

Mrs. Nidhi Kapoor

Dr. Neha Khandelwal

We are excited to share the arrival of our baby Miraha. It has been a perfect pregnancy journey for us with the complete guidance of Dr. Neha. 9 months passed by really soon and smoothly. Monthly doctor visits were so pleasant and positive. Dr. Neha has been very kind and accommodating towards my requests and concerns. Thank you doctor for supporting my delivery mode decision. And we are very glad to have chosen Cloudnine Hospital. The facilities and the staff here are superb. I felt very confident. Can’t thank you enough for making this a smooth ride

Mrs. Manisha Tuli

Dr. Neha Khandelwal

I love to share my experience with you… I was married in 2012.. and after one year i was expecting for child but when we didn't got anything positive.. i started to visited doctors..i changed many doctors but none of the doctors even recognise the actual wife had several problems and many of them told that she couldn't be able to got motherhood. In 2018 my friend suggested me to visit to Dr. Bhavna banga. When i meet to Dr. Bhavna, i was surprised that her diagnosis was very much precise and she suggested me which kind of treatment we must follow..… From that point our disappointed convert into new hope and in 2022 we got a beautiful baby girl in my home.. I sincerely convey my thanks to Dr. Bhavna mam for her valuable suggestions and her diagnosis.. Once again thanks for your support


Dr. Bhavna Banga

We got married in 2015 and decided not to have kids for at least four years, time passed and we started planning to have kids. We started worrying as after trying for more than one year, we were unable to conceive. We went to several doctors but got no fruitful outcome or clear path. One of our friend told us about Dr Bhavna as they got the IVF done from Dr. Bhavna, and in first attempt they got success. We approached Dr. Bhavna Banga. She clearly understood our problem and guided us through the path that should be taken. We got our tests done, everything seemed fine, so she recommended us IUI, but it failed. After that we tried our first IVF cycle, we got 5 good embryos. Dr. Bhavna Banga transferred 3 embryos, but it failed. We were so hopeless & heartbroken even Dr. Bhavna Banga was surprised. We changed the doctor and wasted next 2 years taking other useless treatments & medicines. In mean time the AMH sank and other doctors recommended to get donor. But all thanks to Dr. Bhavna Banga she never left us, she used to message us regularly and ask about any good news, throughout these two years, and she always motivated us that it will happen. It might take time but she ensured that we will become parents. Finally one day we called Dr. Bhavna Banga again, and asked her about our frozen embryos, she asked us to come and meet. Then we planned the transfer of frozen embryos, and by god’s grace and Dr. Bhavna Banga & her team’s efforts, we got pregnant. And now we are proud parents of two super cute baby girls. Dr Bhavna is a gem of a person, caring, and great personality. She is very compassionate about what she does. Infertility is very hard time for the family and it’s so great if you find amazing support and help. She really is god mother of our children. We are grateful that we came across her. Thank you so much Dr. Bhavna Banga


Dr. Bhavna Banga

It gives me great pleasure in writing this testimonial for Dr Bhavna Banga. She truly has been a blessing. A fairy godmother in our lives giving us our beautiful twin babies. We had been trying for 3 years with absolutely no luck. Changing doctors after doctors. Pumping my body with all sorts of medicines. Putting my body through all sorts of tests the mental torture. The doctors literally had no idea what the reason was for the infertility. We had lost all hope that’s when we met Dr Bhavna Banga. She is the sweetest person ever. She’s the only doctor who sat me down and told me that I’m going to have a little baby in my hands. The assurance and the hope that she gave us was everything we needed at that point of time. Her bubbly, charming and positive personality was an instant winner. Her confidence was next level. She kept telling me that I’m going to have a beautiful baby someday. Having been to so many doctors I can for sure say it’s very difficult to find a doctor who is caring and is motivated to get the results for you. Thank god we found one. Thank you Dr Bhavna for giving us not only a beautiful daughter but also a beautiful baby boy. I’m forever thankful to you for making this day possible.


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"This is the second time that my wife is delivering at Cloudnine Hospital. The experience was amazing and hats off to the efficiency of the doctors and the entire staff of Cloudnine. We are blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby"

Mrs. Simranjeet Kaur

Dr. Priyanka Hans

"Dr. Pragya Goel is an amazing doctor. She listens to her patients with full attention and guides them in the right direction. This was our second child and I was stressed out, but Dr. Pragya made me feel comfortable. Overall, our experience was great with Cloudnine Hospital and Dr. Pragya Goel"

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The thousands of testimonials from happy moms and dads across the country are proof that Cloudnine is the first and last name when it comes to maternity care. We have been delivering healthy babies into the hands of delighted parents for several years. All our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. 

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Cloudnine has time and again proven to be the favourite among parents across the country with its medical care that is on par with international standards. At Cloudnine, we have a stringent sanitization policy in place as well. We ensure that you and your bundle of joy remain safe every step of the way.
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Infertility may seem like a rippling problem. Fortunately, our experienced specialist doctors take a more holistic approach to infertility treatment. This allows you to feel relaxed and calm, making your body more responsive to the treatment. With time, you will soon be a part of our steadily growing success rate. Cloudnine is here to help you achieve your dreams of starting your own family. Many couples, who lost hope, have been able to welcome home a miracle baby. If you wish to say hello to your miracle baby, contact us today.
It’s not only you, we ensure that your little human is in safe hands. The Pediatrics Department at Cloudnine is well-renowned for its advanced technology and experienced doctors. Our staff are well versed in child health and will take every step to make sure that your little one grows up healthy and strong. You are no longer alone in the journey of parenthood.
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