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Dr. Ila Gupta was taking care of us and she suggested we come to Cloudnine. Our overall experience is good and we appreciate Cloudnine team especially Nursing Staff.

My doctor was Dr. Rupam Arora, she is a very nice, humble, genuine and down to earth person. All the staff is very co-operative and were available throughout. I had a nice experience

Mrs. Shweta sharma

Dr. Rupam Arora

"We were consulting Dr. Rupam Arora and we are very happy with our experience. We recommend Cloudnine for every expecting couple."

Mrs. Rachna

Dr. Rupam Arora

"My whole pregnancy journey was really good because of Dr. Asha. Because of her even this surgery experience and everything was very nice."

Mr. Abhinav & Mrs. Smranali

Dr. Asha Shanbhag

"We had a baby girl all thanks to Dr. Asha Shanbhag, she's been with us since the beginning of our journey. We are really happy how she supported us all along till we got our baby."

Mr. Vishnu & Mrs. Divya

Dr. Asha Shanbhag

"This entire journey was very exciting for us. It was a roller coaster ride but Dr. Meeta Chawhan was a great help for us. She was always there for us and made this journey very easy."

Mr. Manas & Mrs. Kajal

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"We came to Cloudnine during our early pregnancy days and we met Dr. Sandhya Rani. We had a few complications but we are glad we were under correct guidance and Dr. Sandhya Rani took care of everything."

Mrs. Swapna

Dr. Sandhya Rani

"Our second delivery happened under the guidance of Dr. Sandhya Rani and we delivered a healthy baby boy. I had a lot of ups and downs throughout the pregnancy journey but she was always just a message away. We are really grateful and thankful for all her support and guidance."

Mrs. Rika Bora

Dr. Sandhya Rani

"We consulted Dr. Sandhya Rani and we did not know her much during our first visit. From day one till our delivery she has been like a motherly figure for us and we are very happy with the services here."

Mrs. Arathi

Dr. Sandhya Rani

"We had our bundle of joy under the guidance of Dr. Sandhya Rani and we had a wonderful experience. We would like to thank Dr. Sandhya and team Cloudnine for all their support".

Mrs. Srijana

Dr. Sandhya Rani

"We are blessed with a baby boy and our doctor was Dr. Sandhya Rani. We have been consulting her since the day we conceived. As a first time mother I was very anxious but she made sure the whole process was smooth"

Mrs. Nisha

Dr. Sandhya Rani

We are really overwhelmed with the services and experience we had with Cloudnine, the doctors and staff work together to make the journey a special one each time you be here, we chose Cloudnine for our first as well as the second child. Our doctor throughout both the pregnancy journey’s was Dr. Ritambhra Bhalla. She is supremely talented & with her guidance we had an amazing experience . I would also like to thank Navneet from the staff she was helpful and supportive.

Mrs. Sarita Chandra

Dr. Ritambhra Bhalla

We got our baby to Cloudnine in a critical condition with breathing problems. Dr. Jay Kishore was supervising our baby and immediately shifted the baby to NICU. They took good care of our little one. Thank you Cloudnine for making our baby safe and sound.

Mrs. Preeti

Dr. Jay Kishore

"We were under the observation of Dr. Rupam Arora. We had a very wonderful experience with Cloudnine, the doctor and support staff are very well informed. They supported us a lot during and post delivery."

"Our experience at Cloudnine Hospital has been great, the amount of services and the responsiveness of the team has been very efficient. Our doctor Dr. Madhu Ahuja has been very helpful and supportive and we really felt that we are cared for."

Mrs. Aakriti

Dr. Madhu Ahuja

"We are blessed with a baby girl, and our doctor was Dr. Madhu Ahuja. She's an awesome doctor, we both had a fabulous experience and the overall journey for nine months was outstanding. For Cloudnine it was a good experience and we didn't face any difficulty."

Mrs. Binny Arora

Dr. Madhu Ahuja

"We are blessed with a baby girl on Cloudnine. Our gynae was Dr. Mayur Dass who was very supportive and caring."

Mrs. Deepika

Dr. Mayur Dass

"We are blessed with a baby girl, we have been given treatment under Dr. Rupam Arora since our beginning of this beautiful journey and our experience with her and other team members of Cloudnine has been very good"

Mrs. Soumya

Dr. Rupam Arora

We have got our treatment from Cloudnine, Chandigarh and the experience was very good. Dr. Ritambhra Bhalla is very good and talented.

Mrs. Priyanshi

Dr. Ritambhra Bhalla

We have been part of Cloudnine for the past nine months, my doctor was Dr. Seema Sharma and we had a really great journey. Every time we meet the doctors they treat us very nicely.

Mrs. Shifali

Dr. Seema Sharma

We had a very good experience with Cloudnine, also with the hospital staff and specially with Dr. Ila Gupta. Everything is on time and cleanliness is very good. We didn't face any issue.

Mrs. Mohini

Dr. Ila Gupta

I'm blessed with twin baby girls in Cloudnine under Dr. Rupam Arora and would like to really appreciate what she has done for me, she is very experienced doctor.

Mrs. Aditi Agarwal

Dr. Rupam Arora

Dr. Shalini has been very cooperative and friendly throughout our journey. We have had a lovely experience on Cloudnine. We would highly recommend Cloudnine to every expecting parent.

Mrs. Kanika

Dr. Shalini

"We are blessed with a baby boy. Dr. Sahana Deshpande looked after from day one."

Mrs. Divya

Dr. Sahana Deshpande

"We are really happy to be on Cloudnine. Dr. Ila Gupta and the entire Cloudnine team have been great support throughout our pregnancy journey."

Mrs. Meghna Gupta

Dr. Ila Gupta

"We are blessed with a baby boy on Cloudnine. Our Gynae, Dr. Sushma supported us throughout these 9 months of our journey. The entire team is very supportive, be it the Lab Test team, Scan team, or the nurses."

Mrs. Swarnali De

Dr. Sushma Dikhit

"We are blessed with a baby boy on Cloudnine, and our experience here was very good. All doctors and staff are humble and co-operative."

Mrs. Nabia

Dr. Ila Gupta

"Dr. Vinutha treated us and cared for us like her own family. Cloudnine is a very good hospital, very neat, with great hospitality and we are very satisfied with our experience here."

Mrs. Swetha

Dr. Vinutha

"We were consulting Dr. Usha during our pregnancy and felt she is very gentle and approachable. Our pregnancy went smooth just the way we expected. We feel coming to Bangalore for our delivery was the right decision."

Mrs. Sahana

Dr. Usha

"We've had a great journey on Cloudnine. Dr. Rupam Arora and the entire staff here have been a great support to us. We are delighted with Cloudnine's services. Thank you Cloudnine."

Mrs. Shiboni

Dr. Rupam Arora

"We had a wonderful experience on Cloudnine with Dr. Madhu. She's been a great help throughout our pregnancy journey. We are highly satisfied with the doctor and the hospital."

Mrs. Shakshi Kaushik

Dr. Madhu Ahuja

"We are glad to be on Cloudnine. We have had a smooth and sailing pregnancy journey. Thanks to Cloudnine and Dr. Sushmita"

Mrs. Ramya

Dr. K. Sushmita

"We have had a wonderful experience on Cloudnine. Dr. Sushmita has been a great help. In fact, the entire Cloudnine team is very supportive and friendly."

Mrs. Lakshmi

Dr. K. Sushmita

"Dr. Devika Rani is a really supportive and polite person. She has been with us throughout the journey. Also, the services on Cloudnine are extraordinary. Everyone is very helpful and friendly here."

Mrs. Dhanalakshmi

Dr. Devika Rani

"We have had a great experience on Cloudnine. Dr. Mukta has been a great doctor. She's a very calm, composed and friendly doctor. We would recommend Cloudnine to others as well."

Mrs. Natalie

Dr. Mukta Nadig

"This was our first interaction with Cloudnine and we must say we are overjoyed with its services. Dr. Rupam also has been a great support for us. We highly recommend Cloudnine to every expecting parent."

"We had a wonderful experience on Cloudnine. Thank you, Dr. Rupam Arora and Cloudnine."

Mrs. Nishat

Dr. Rupam Arora

"After years of failure our luck landed us on Cloudnine to have our dream of parenthood realised. It has been an amazing journey on Cloudnine."

Mr. Jintender

Dr. Parul Agrawal

"Dr. Parul is quite an experienced fertility expert. She is very kind and supportive. I would highly recommend Dr. Parul and Cloudnine to every aspiring parent"

Mrs. Swati

Dr Parul Agrawal

"We had an awesome experience on Cloudnine. Dr. Sushma has been a great support for us throughout the entire journey."

Mrs. Nitika Thakur

Dr. Sushma Dikhit

"We had a smooth and sailing pregnancy journey on Cloudnine. Everything here's perfect be it the doctors, staff or the services. We would highly recommend Cloudnine to every expecting parent."

Mrs. Simran

Dr. Rupam Arora

"We are really happy with Dr. Mayur Dass and Cloudnine. She has been a great doctor. She's very supportive and friendly. Even the staff members and facilities on Cloudnine are first-class. Thank you, Dr Mayur and Cloudnine."

Mrs. Surbhi

Dr. Mayur Dass

"We have had a very good experience on Cloudnine. Be it hygiene, facilities, staff, they have it all taken care of. The doctors and staff members here are very supportive."

Mrs. Priya

Dr. Rupam Arora

"Dr. Rupam Arora & Dr. Neha Kapoor provided motherly care. The overall service was excellent."

Mrs. Ruby Ansari

Dr. Rupam Arora

"Dr. Pooja Bansal and Cloudnine's entire team made the journey very memorable and worthwhile. We had a mazing service and experience."

"Dr. Monica Agarwal provided good support. The entire staff coordinated efficiently."

Mrs. Vinita & Mr. Nitin

Dr. Monica Agarwal

"Dr. Seema Sharma and the entire team of Cloudnine are great. We are happy to be associated with Cloudnine."

Mrs. Parul & Mr. Nitish

Dr. Seema Sharma

"Dr. Pragya Goyal and the entire team is very fantastic throughout. Best wishes for the future."

"All thanks to Dr. Pragya Goyal, the top experienced doctor at Cloudnine. The staff were very professional and the service was amazing."

"All thanks to Dr. Ritambhra Bhalla and the entire team of Cloudnine. We were very excited and had lots of fun."

Dr. Anu Joseph and the entire team members on Cloudnine are very caring and friendly. We had a wonderful experience on Cloudnine.

Mrs. Mercy Elias

Dr. Anu Joseph

Dr. Lavanya is very supportive and motivating. The entire services and the staff members are very good. We had an awesome experience here.

We are very grateful to Cloudnine. The doctors, nursing staff, and the other staff members are all very helpful and supportive. We would definitely recommend Cloudnine to everyone.

Dr. Lavanya and the entire team on Cloudnine are very friendly and caring. The services are really good. We had a fantastic experience here.

Thanks to Dr. Julie and the entire staff members on Cloudnine for being so cooperative and caring. We had a good experience here.

My experience with Dr. Julie was really nice. She guided me well throughout my pregnancy journey. The entire staff at Cloudnine are very cooperative. We had a great experience here.

"We are grateful to our doctor and the entire Cloudnine team. We had an amazing journey on Cloudnine."

Mr. Divish & Mrs. Rashmi

Dr. Shobha Venkat

"We are really thankful to the Cloudnine administration and Dr. Poornima. Dr. Poornima is really supportive and caring. She treated us like her own family. Thank you Dr. Poornima. Thank you Cloudnine."

"We are really thankful to Dr. Mayur Dass. She has been our constant saviour through all the ups and downs in our entire pregnancy journey. She was literally there for us all the time."

Dr. Supreet Kaur

Dr. Mayur Dass

"We are very happy with the services Cloudnine has showered us with. Dr. Shalini is marvellous. She has been very supportive and invariably guided us throughout the pregnancy."

Mrs. Deepika Mishra

Dr. Shalini Agarwal

"Dr. Sandhya Rani cares like one's own mother. She has been very supportive to me both on a mental and emotional level."

Mrs. Sudha

Dr. Sandhya Rani

"We are very much satisfied with Cloudnine's services, Dr. Modhulika handles everything very nicely".

Mrs. Dodla Kavya & Mr. Amar

Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya

"We are out of words to express the services provided by Cloudnine. The entire staff is well experienced and nice."

Mrs. Monica & Mr. Dinesh

Dr. Arvind Shenoi

"Dr. Modhulika is a very nice doctor. Her way of explaining, guiding and caring are really nice it was a wonderful experience to be on Cloudnine. The services on Cloudnine are really good. They have a very friendly and well trained staff."

Mrs. Nivedita

Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya

Dr. Pooja Bansal and her team are very helpful and cooperative. We had a great experience here. We would recommend Cloudnine to every expecting couple."

"Dr. Modhulika has been very helpful from day one. She's an extremely amazing doctor. She has been a great guide throughout my journey. It's because of her that today we have been blessed with a baby boy."

Mrs. Sushrita & Mr. Soumyadeep

Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya

"I would like to thank Dr. Sushma for giving us a home-like feeling. We feel lucky to be a part of Cloudnine."

Mrs. Palak Jain

Dr. Sushma Dikhit

"We had a great experience on Cloudnine throughout our pregnancy. Dr. Radhika has been very supportive. We are thankful to Dr. Radhika and Cloudnine."

Mrs. Divya & Mr. Seshank

Dr. Radhika Sheth

"Thanks to Dr. Rupam and the entire Cloudnine family for being so cooperative. We would recommend Cloudnine to every expecting parent. We had a great experience here."

Mrs. Shakti

Dr. Rupam Arora

"It was a great experience to be on Cloudnine. The doctors and the staff members are very cooperative."

Mr. Rahul Bhatia

Dr. Meenakshi R Kamath

"Dr. Sandhya Rani is one of the best doctors. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. Also, the services on Cloudnine are very nice. We had a great experience here and we would recommend Cloudnine to every couple."

Mrs. Gayatri

Dr. Sandhya Rani

"The doctor and the entire team are very helpful and friendly. We would recommend Cloudnine to every expecting parent. We are glad to be a part of Cloudnine."

Cloudnine's entire team are very expert and cooperative. We are thankful to Dr. Pooja Bansal for and the staff members.

Mrs. Shabira Pathan

Dr. Pooja Bansal

"We want to thank Dr. Modhulika for being beside us throughout our pregnancy. She is an exceptional doctor. The entire Cloudnine team has been very helpful. We highly recommend Cloudnine to all the expecting parents."

"Dr. Modhulika has been very helpful from day one.. She explains everything in a very nice manner. She is a very genuine person. My experience with Cloudnine staff has also been very pleasant. We are really satisfied with Cloudnine's services. I highly recommend Cloudnine to expecting mothers."

We've had a very good experience on Cloudnine. Dr. Shobha has been a great help throughout our pregnancy. She handled everything in a very sophisticated way. Cloudnine staff has also been very helpful.

Dr. Shobha Venkat is a very positive person. She would always take care that all our doubts are clarified. Thank you Dr. Shobha Venkat.

Dr. Triveni is very kind and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Triveni to every mom-to-be. I also thank Cloudnine staff members. We've had a great pregnancy journey on Cloudnine.

Dr. Shobha Venkat guided us throughout our pregnancy. She has always been there with a positive attitude. She made our pregnancy journey smooth.

Mrs. Arpita & Mr. Basker

Dr. Shobha Venkat

We had our second baby on Cloudnine. Thanks to Dr. Modhulika for her support and guidance. We are immensely happy with our journey on Cloudnine. Thank you Cloudnine.

Mrs. Neha

Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya

My pregnancy journey on Cloudnine was very smooth and relaxed. Dr. Sandhya was very cooperative and friendly towards me. I would recommend Cloudnine to every expecting parent.

Mrs. Sumana & Mr. Pramod

Dr. Sandhya Rani

We are blessed with a baby boy on Cloudnine. Special thanks to Dr. Monika and the entire members of Cloudnine for being so cooperative and motivating. Thank you Cloudnine.

"We heartily thank the entire team of Cloudnine for gifting us our little princess. Dr. Shobha Venkat is the best doctor I have ever met in my life. We are very satisfied with Cloudnine's services. The entire process was very smooth. Thank you Cloudnine."

"It's our third delivery on Cloudnine. We have consulted Dr. Shobha Venkat during all three pregnancies. She is a wonderful doctor and we have always been confident about her."

"Dr. Modhulika is a best doctor. She is very patient and caring. She managed everything so perfectly. We will recommend her to everyone."

We are blessed with a baby girl under the guidance of Dr. Triveni. The entire process was very smooth. Thank you Cloudnine.

Dr. Radhika Sudarshan Kamuni has been a tremendous help throughout my whole pregnancy journey. The entire process was very smooth and relaxing. We had the best experience here and we will recommend Cloudnine to everyone.

Dr. Pragya Goel is an amazing doctor. She has motivated us, strengthened us and stood by our sides through the pregnancy. Also, the staff at Cloudnine is very supportive. We are very thankful to Cloudnine and Dr. Pragya Goel

Our experience in cloudnine throughout my pregnancy was amazing. Got reference of Dr. Pragya Goel through one of my friend and thankfully with the efforts of her and grace of god we are blessed with a baby girl on 20th February, 2022 through normal delivery. Dr. Pragya Goel is extremely dedicated, caring and very supportive gynaecologist. She treats her patients like her own family members. She always encouraged me for normal delivery throughout my journey. I would highly recommend her to every expecting mother for her journey! We are really happy that we chose cloudnine and Dr. Pragya Goel in this journey. All other staff especially the nursing team were equally supportive and took good care of me. Thank so much for giving us such a wonderful experience

We are blessed with a baby angel Girl. Me and my Family had delightful experience with Dr. Pragya and team. We visited Cloudnine in my first trimester thereafter, Dr. Pragya's guidance has been helping us throughout. Being through the pregnancy phases is critical and it is amalgamation of numerous emotions. I really want to thank Dr. Pragya for making us feel comfortable at each and every step. No doubt my husband and all the family members have been very understanding, however, Doctor's prescriptions and motivational talks has equally benefited. There are number of instances which I call recall between me and my Dr. Pragya where myths were sorted out for clarity with full information. I also want to appreciate the support provided by Dr. Priyanka Arora, her communication skills actually touched me personally. Q Furthermore, all the Cloudnine staff and team who helped us at backend - Guys! Many Thanks from Arora Family.

I, Praveen Kumar Rai My wife Priya Rai After eight years of my marriage, I got a son Ratna on December 11, 2021, in the middle of this eight years of marriage, my wife was conceived three times but there was no success, both of us hoped for this happiness. I am from Uttar Pradesh but when I came to Chandigarh, I came to know about Dr. Pallavi Pasricha Madam, so we started the treatment from February 2021 under the supervision of Dr. Pallavi Pasricha Madam and in April 2021 my wife is pregnant. Delivery took place on 11th December 2021 in Cloud Nine Hospital, Panchkula under the supervision of Dr. Pallavi Madam. Dr. Pallavi Madam took very good care from beginning to end of the treatment, both of us are very satisfied with the treatment, behavior and nature of Madam. Whatever words I will say or write for Dr. Pallavi madam, everything is less. With the grace of God and the blessings of you people, we have got the happiness of becoming parents to husband and wife. Once again I wish Dr. Pallavi Pasricha Madam on behalf of myself and my family, healthy life, long life and bright future.

First of all if I would like to review Cloudnine Hospital, I would give a 5-star. Reason behind this is I checked on Google Maps and came to know about the hospital. As my husband and Me have been suffering from infertility for the last 5 years and consulted Dr. Pallavi Pasricha. Today is my third day consulting ma'am she is very polite and I get positive vibes within me while talking to her. I liked the way she treated me as a patient. She is very friendly. Even I met Dr. Prabhleen for the second time she is also very polite and friendly. And thanks to the team Cloudine hospital.

We were referred to Dr. Pallavi and I had a good conversation with her I will visit here again soon

Had an overwhelming experience at cloud nine hospital. All thanks to Dr. Pallavi for her invaluable care and guidance.

My husband and I have great trust in Dr. Pallavi, Dr. Prabhleen guided us well and we are starting the treatment as soon as possible It has been a great pleasure and satisfactory experience visitng Cloudnine Hospital - Panchkula

Dr. Shalini and the entire Cloudnine has been very supportive throughout our entire journey. Thank you so much, guys.

Mrs. Ankita

Dr. Shalini Agarwal

Dr. Mayur Dass is a great doctor. We've had a very good time on Cloudnine. Everything here is excellent. Thanks Cloudnine.

Mrs. Bulbul

Dr. Mayur Dass

Superheroes don't wear capes, they wear aprons and save us in our hard times. I can never thank you enough for all your services. Your experience and excellence played a big role in boosting up ray confidence for normal delivery. Sending my gratefulness to the best Dr. Pragya Goel who delivered me my healthy baby. You've given me a new life. Thank you for your excellent treatment and also grateful for your friendly staff members. So grateful for your service!

Mrs. Megha Rana

Dr. Pragya Goel

I have a great experience with Cloudnine hospital. This is all because of Dr. Pragya Goel ma'am and all staff members of Cloudnine hospital. The staff of this hospital is so humble and well-mannered. I'm lucky to been treated by Dr. Pragya Goel ma'am. She is a great doctor with beautiful nature and kind heart .She was not only available 24x7hrs during my pregnancy but also ensures me that she we'll be available after my delivery for further queries. I highly recommend her name. Thank you so much ma'am.

Mrs. Raksha Jha

Dr. Pragya Goel

I delivered my baby in Cloudnine Chandigarh on 21st of Oct and It is a great hospital. The nursing staff is very caring and the doctors are really really good. I was personally taking my consultation from Dr. Pragya Goel and she guided me throughout my pregnancy very well which resulted in a healthy normal delivery. She encouraged me till the last min of my delivery which helped me to stay calm till last min and deliver normally. If you need a hospital which truly cares about you and your little one, go for it. Highly recommended.

Mrs. Monika Singla

Dr. Pragya Goel

Why Choose Cloudnine?

The thousands of testimonials from happy moms and dads across the country are proof that Cloudnine is the first and last name when it comes to maternity care. We have been delivering healthy babies into the hands of delighted parents for several years. All our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. 

Get Associated with the Best
We also have an enviable panel of expert doctors in each speciality. Our staff are well qualified and experienced in offering top-notch medical care to all of our patients. After all, we have been credited as the No.1 Maternity Hospital in the country.
Safety First
Cloudnine has time and again proven to be the favourite among parents across the country with its medical care that is on par with international standards. At Cloudnine, we have a stringent sanitization policy in place as well. We ensure that you and your bundle of joy remain safe every step of the way.
Best in line for Treating Infertility
Infertility may seem like a rippling problem. Fortunately, our experienced specialist doctors take a more holistic approach to infertility treatment. This allows you to feel relaxed and calm, making your body more responsive to the treatment. With time, you will soon be a part of our steadily growing success rate. Cloudnine is here to help you achieve your dreams of starting your own family. Many couples, who lost hope, have been able to welcome home a miracle baby. If you wish to say hello to your miracle baby, contact us today.
It’s not only you, we ensure that your little human is in safe hands. The Pediatrics Department at Cloudnine is well-renowned for its advanced technology and experienced doctors. Our staff are well versed in child health and will take every step to make sure that your little one grows up healthy and strong. You are no longer alone in the journey of parenthood.
Cloudnine is here to offer support and medical care every step of the way.
Welcome to the Cloudnine family!

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