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"I want to share my fertility journey with Cloudnine Hospital. After multiple failed IVFs and lUIs at different places, we were given a ray of hope in Cloudnine Hospital. We met fertility expert Dr. Parul Agrawal and conceived on the first IVF attempt under her personal touch. Later, I underwent a risky surgery in Cloudnine Hospital, Noida. All the staff are commendable and provided excellent support. Finally, I'm blessed with twins. I recommend Cloudnine Hospital, Noida, especially for those seeking assured fertility treatment with a personal touch. Thank you so much to the entire Cloudnine Hospital team"

Mrs. Kulpreet

Dr. Parul Agrawal

"I'm very happy with the Cloudnine staff services and Dr. Deepa Dewan. I'm blessed to have chosen her. She looked after me like a mother. Dr. Deepa Dewan understood my fears and gave me self-confidence. The Cloudnine staff were accommodating and cheerful. They understood exactly what the patient needed. They do their best for you. Thank you so much, Cloudnine"

Mrs. Rashi

Dr. Deepa Dewan

"Sincere thanks to Dr. Deepa Dewan, the team and staff of Cloudnine. They were so caring. We never felt like patients because the atmosphere the doctor created was so wonderful. It was like being treated at home. Dr. Deepa Dewan has so much expertise in her field. Even though there were problems during the journey, she treated me very calmly. The staff were very kind, and provided me with whatever I needed. Thank you"

Mrs. Megha

Dr. Deepa Dewan

Dr. Deepa Dewan had been there for us whenever we needed her. The journey has been amazing. Ours was a high-risk delivery and we were very apprehensive. But Dr. Deepa Dewan handled it so well. We were keen for a normal delivery and ma'am supported us then. Thanks to Cloudine Hospital, we are amazed by the services provided. The staff is very dedicated to their patients. Thank you Cloudnine. Thank you Dr. Deepa Dewan, for everything"

Mrs. Vartika

Dr. Deepa Dewan

"We were blessed with a baby boy, but there were some complications initially. Dr. Mohit Singhal was kind enough to take care of my child. My boy is doing very well now. The staff of Cloudnine Hospital was so helpful to me, I really appreciate it. Thank you"

Mrs. Ria Aich

Dr. Mohit Singhal

"We are blessed with a baby girl here at Cloudnine delivered by Dr. Charishma Chandh Yadav. The Cloudnine facilities have been really good and we are very satisfied. At the time of delivery, Dr. Charishma Chandh Yadav helped us a lot. The other staff were also very cooperative. It was a safe delivery. We want to say that Cloudnine is the best and Cloudnine is safe. Thank you"

Mrs. Deepanjali

Dr. Charishma Chandh Yadav K

"We were recently blessed with a baby boy under the care of Dr. Meeta Chawhan. Our experience with Cloudnine has been amazing. I have been consulting Dr. Meeta Chawhan from the start of the pregnancy. She has been very helpful and avoids prescribing unnecessary medication. The staff at Cloudnine have been very helpful in explaining about lactation. It was an amazing experience with Cloudnine. Thank you"

Mrs. Tanu Priya

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"Cloudnine's happy customers share the joy of bringing a new life into this world with us! We asked couples who are new parents about their experience on Cloudnine. Watch the video to know what Mrs. Pooja Kumari had to say"

Mrs. Pooja Kumari

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"We have been associated with Cloudnine for about a year. It's been a wonderful experience. Staffs are very supportive. During our time here, we have been well supported. The food is very good, and the housekeeping staff makes sure hygiene is always maintained. The nursing staff are very helpful. We'd give a rating of 9/10. Special thanks to Dr. Meeta Chawhan. From the start we encountered many complications, but she handled it expertly and we are very grateful. Thank you"

Mrs. Moumita

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"We are very happy with our doctor, Dr. Teena Bannihatti who helped us throughout. She is very experienced. We are very happy with the consultations and all the help with our queries. She answered all the questions we had. We are very happy to be proud Cloudnine members. Thank you."

Mrs. Shweta Shalini

Dr. Teena Bannihatti

"We have been associated with Cloudnine for the past few months. Dr. Meeta Chawhan has been very approachable from the very first meeting. She was very kind to help us and take us through every stage. It was a great experience with Cloudnine. The staff was very approachable and just a call away 24/7. We wish you all the best"

Mrs. Jaspreet Kaur

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"We were recently blessed with a baby girl and both mother and baby are doing well, thanks to Cloudnine Hospital and the care that we got from Dr. Meeta Chawhan. After references from our friends and an internet search we felt Dr. Meeta Chawhan was the best in this area. It was true. We came across multiple complications in this journey, but ma'am gave us a lot of confidence and positivity all the time. That helped us a lot. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Aarti Sehgal

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"My baby was delivered here, in Cloudnine by Dr. Dharani Bai. I was under her consultation throughout my pregnancy. It was a fantastic experience at Cloudnine with the team here. The nursing staff and all the other staff have been so helpful throughout the journey. Thank you for making it a pleasant experience for me"

Mrs. Niharika

Dr. Dharani Bai

"We began our wonderful journey of parenthood from Cloudnine Hospital. We are very happy with the services provided under the guidance of Dr. Poornima M. Gowda. It was a pleasant and successful journey with her. We will definitely recommend Cloudnine. Thank you"

Mrs. Arpita Singha Roy

Dr. Poornima M Gowda

"We were blessed with a baby boy with Dr. Poornima M. Gowda's help at Cloudnine, Whitefield. We chose Cloudnine, Whitefield because we read many good reviews about Dr. Poornima M. Gowda. She has lived up to every good review that we read. She gave very clear advice. We had encountered difficulties but her advice kept us optimistic. The nursing staff have been fabulous. We had a great experience and are very thankful to Cloudnine, especially Dr. Poornima M. Gowda"

Mrs. Priyanka Gupta

Dr. Poornima M Gowda

"We consulted Dr. Poornima M. Gowda and have been very happy. She has been very caring and gives very helpful suggestions. She has been actively guiding us. We had a very good experience with Dr. Poornima M. Gowda. We didn't face any issues and have been blessed with a healthy and active baby"

Mrs. Vadranam Shamily

Dr. Poornima M Gowda

"We have been consulting Dr. Meeta Chawhan. She is an excellent doctor. We are extremely thankful and grateful to her. Food and beverages were punctual and nutritious. We are very happy with all the services here. We definitely recommend Cloudnine"

Mrs. Sudha Shreedhar

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"We were new to Bangalore and randomly connected with Dr. Meeta Chawhan. The entire journey was very helpful. Dr. Meeta Chawhan was very understanding and cooperative. The journey has been smooth. The Cloudnine staff were very helpful and easily approachable. They listened attentively and were helpful 24/7. We are very thankful to Cloudnine Hospital. All the best and keep up the good work"

Mrs. Shivangi Kumari

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"We had a baby girl at Cloudnine under Dr. Meeta Chawhan's supervision. It has been a great experience with the doctor. Dr. Meeta Chawhan is a fabulous doctor and clear headed. Our hospital experience has been great. The services and cleanliness were good. The nursing care has been good. We did not have to worry about anything- from admission to discharge. The experience was flawless, thank you"

Mrs. Shalaka Verma

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"My doctor was Dr. Dharani Bai. She has been a fantastic doctor right from the beginning. She was like a mother to us, very supportive and accommodating. She has been very understanding and always assured us that all would be well. Overall, our experience has been very good at Cloudnine. It's been a fantastic experience. I highly recommend Cloudnine for all mom and baby related needs. it is a very good maternity hospital"

Mrs. Deeksha Hirwani

Dr. Dharani Bai

"We are really thankful to Cloudnine and especially Dr. Meeta Chawhan. She has been very kind and helpful throughout the pregnancy journey. She was patient to answer all our doubts and queries. Dr. Meeta Chawhan was, in all ways, wonderful. We are thankful to all. the doctors, nurses and all the supporting staff. Special thanks to Cloudnine for giving us such a wonderful experience for which we will always be grateful"

Mrs. Ruhee Singh

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"Our consultant doctor was Dr. Samatha Kumar. Consulting her was great. The staff here is also very good. The lactation consultant and the paediatrician were very nice. The hospital is very hygienic. We did not face any problems here"

Mrs. Shriya Reddy

Dr. Samatha Kumar

"Our experience at Cloudnine was very good. We consulted Dr. Asha Shanbhag throughout this journey. She helped me understand many things about my pregnancy. She answered all my doubts and queries. The staff were very helpful and kind. Thank you"

Mrs. Shradha Ballurgi

Dr. Asha Shanbhag

"We began our pregnancy journey from Cloudnine when we met with Dr. Asha Shanbhag. We have consulted her throughout our journey. The session, consultations and various activities which Cloudnine arranged were very useful. The doctors, nurses and staff were very supportive. Dr. Asha Shabhag was very sweet and caring. We loved our experience with her. She helped me in every possible way and was like a friend. We had a very good time at Cloudnine"

Mrs. Karishma

Dr. Asha Shanbhag

"We began our journey with Cloudnine by visiting Dr. Ananya Polam Reddy. I felt this is the best place to visit for a delivery. The doctors and staff were very polite and supportive. This is a place where couples can come even without family support. I would suggest to all that you can come as a couple and go back cheerfully with your baby. Thank you very much"

Mrs. Aswini

Dr. Ananya Polam Reddy

"We have been married for 15 years and were unable to have children in spite of IVF and other repeated treatments. We visited Dr. Aradhana Kalra Dawar after a close family member referred her. She took a complete history and briefed us thoroughly. We started IVF treatment here under her guidance. We are blessed with a baby boy through a normal delivery. This has been because of Dr. Aradhana Kalra Dawar.

"Recently we were blessed with a baby and it's because of Dr. Aradhana Kalra Dawar. We had infertility issues because of which we were unable to conceive. We researched on the internet and came across Dr. Aradhana Kalra Dawar. After a few months of medication and in the first IVF attempt, we conceived. Throughout this journey, ma'am was very helpful. She's the best doctor for IVF treatment. We are suggesting this to all who are looking for better treatment in NCR"

Mrs. Reena

Dr. Aradhana

"My consultant gynecologist is Dr. Girija Lakshmi. We went for an elective C section. Throughout the journey she answered all our queries perfectly and was very supportive. The hospital staff were very friendly and available all the time. The pediatrician and all the nursing staff were very supportive. We are happy with Birthplace. We recommend everyone to consult at the Birthplace by Cloudnine"

Mrs. Madhuri Reddy

Dr. Girija Lakshmi

"Our baby was born in Cloudnine Hospital, Kailash Colony. Unfortunately, we had a preterm baby. Our baby was fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Vinay Kumar Rai in NICU for thirteen days and he recovered so well. Dr. Vinay Kumar Rai took excellent care of our kid. I recommend Cloudnine Hospital, Kailash Colony to everyone"

Mrs. Sakshi

Dr. Vinay Kumar Rai

"My baby was delivered prematurely so she had breathing problems and very severe infection. She was treated by Dr. Vinay Kumar Rai. From the start he was very supportive and treated her very well. The behaviour of the hospital staff too, was incredible. We always felt that the baby was with her own family. I recommend Cloudnine Hospital for good facilities and cost-effective treatment"

H/O Mrs. Pooja

Dr. Vinay Kumar Rai

"After meeting Dr. Shanujeet Kaur, I began my IVF journey with Cloudnine. Ma'am was very supportive and kept encouraging me that even if it's tough it will be fruitful. She kept me strong. I could get through this journey, only with her support. At Cloudnine, the staff were very supportive. Thank you, Ma'am and thanks to the Cloudnine staff. I cannot thank Dr. Shanujeet Kaur enough for giving me this bundle of joy"

Mrs. Sunita

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

"My nine-month journey at Cloudnine's Birthplace was amazing. Maljini ma'am helped me a lot. I wanted a normal delivery only and Dr. Maljini N made it happen. All thanks to her. I was worried about the baby's weight, but Dr. Maljini N reassured me that everything would be fine. The nurses and doctors are all very good. Thank You"

Mrs. Pravalika

Dr. Maljini N

"My child is 40 days old. All the staff were very good. Dr. Vinay Kumar Rai was very helpful. When my baby was born, we were worried about him but today he is in very good health. All the doctors were very helpful and supportive. All the staff and doctors cared for our baby very well because of which he is healthy and well today"

Mrs. Syed Nooria

Dr. Vinay Kumar Rai

"We met Dr. Deepa Dewan when we found out about the pregnancy. Our experience with her has been very good. Dr. Deepa Dewan is very humble and guided us at every step through the pregnancy. The staff here, at Cloudnine, were very cordial. All our family members were very happy with Cloudnine services. I highly recommend all would-be-parents to come and experience Cloudnine"

Mrs. Ankita Tripathi

Dr. Deepa Dewan

"We have been consulting Dr. Pooja C Thukral and we had a very good experience. We just became parents to our baby boy. Our journey for the last nine months was very smooth. During the delivery also, we were very comfortable and relaxed. Thanks Cloudnine for your support"

Mrs. Divya

Dr. Pooja C Thukral

"Dr. Deepa Dewan provided unwavering support throughout the pregnancy. Her guidance made us feel incredibly secure, keeping us informed and positive throughout the entire journey. We are immensely grateful to her and the entire team at Cloudnine. We would recommend people to choose Cloudnine for a truly pleasurable experience"

Mrs. Anuja

Mrs. Deepa

"It has been an amazing journey at Birthplace with Dr. Samatha Kumar. From day one she was extremely caring. We blindly trusted her expertise and her advice. That is the level of confidence we have in her. The experience at Birthplace has been very comfortable. The staff have been very friendly and helpful. During the delivery, my husband got to be there with me throughout the process. That was an amazing experience for us. We are extremely thankful to Dr. Samatha Kumar and Birthplace"

Mrs. Bhavani G

Dr. Samatha Kumar

"My delivery was conducted by Dr. Kanupriya Jain at the Cloudine Hospital in Ludhiana. The way she conducted the delivery was so good. The nursing staff cared for us so well. Hospital staff would come regularly and check on us. Everything was so good here. Thank you"

Mrs. Aditi Jain

Dr. Kanupriya Jain

"My doctor was Dr. Sonia Naik. I'm here at Cloudnine Hospital. The staff, the doctors, Dr. Sonia Naik and all the others were so cooperative. They are so polite. The billing section staff and the pantry staff was so cooperative. The nursing staff were cooperative, polite and helpful. The massage therapist is also very nice. I'm highly thankful and blessed to be in such a nice hospital. Thank you"

Mrs. Anu

Dr. Sonia Naik

"We'd first of all like to thank Dr. Manisha Arora and her team. The nursing staff and the housekeeping staff were available 24/7. They treated me as one of their own family. Dr. Manisha was a blessing. It was a very difficult pregnancy but she made it so easy for me. Her guidance was so valuable. If this pregnancy is successful it's only because of Dr. Manisha Arora. Thanks to Dr. Manisha and the Cloudnine staff, we had a normal delivery. We would highly recommend Dr. Manisha Arora and Cloudnine Hospital, Thank you"

Mrs. Ankita

Dr. Manisha Arora

"Thank you to all the hospital staff and Dr. Veenu Agarwal. She really helped us. As promised, she delivered the baby normally. She really helped. She came to the hospital early in the morning. She gave her 100% to help us through a normal delivery and not a C Section All things went really well. The experience was really good. Thank you"

Mrs. Namita

Dr. Veenu Agarwal

"We met Dr. Pragya Goel at Cloudnine Hospital. She's the best. We randomly came to Cloudnine and then we met Dr. Pragya Goel. I felt she's the best. Everyone in the LDR room were so good. After I was shifted to my room too, the services here were very good. I highly recommend Dr. Pragya Goel"

Mrs. Sonali

Dr. Pragya Goel

"Dr. Pragya Goel was our doctor. She guided us throughout the pregnancy like we were family. We felt very safe with her. She kept us updated throughout the whole pregnancy. We were never in doubt and we felt very positive with the whole pregnancy. If I ever have to plan a second baby, I'd come to her, for sure! We'd like to thank her and thank the team at Cloudnine. Everyone in Cloudnine was really supportive. It's been a pleasure to deliver our baby at this hospital"

Mrs. Surbhi

Dr. Pragya Goel

"I had visited 2-3 top hospitals in Chandigarh as my case was complicated because of which I was tensed. I consulted Dr. Pragya Goel and explained my worries to her. She helped me out and it resulted in a successful pregnancy. She helped me with my complicated surgery. All the staff at Cloudnine were very supportive and caring. Because of this I had a smooth delivery even though there were complications"

Mrs. Akanksha

Dr. Pragya Goel

"Our experience with Dr. Kanchi Khurana has been amazing. Our experience from start to end has been very smooth. In the beginning there were plans for a caesarean Section but at the end we had a natural delivery. So it was a very good experience, thank you"

Mrs. Anuradha

Dr. Kanchi Khurana

"Our doctor was Dr. Asha Shanbhag and we had a really amazing experience with her. She was one of the reasons we continuously visited this hospital. She helped a lot during the whole pregnancy. I had a normal delivery because of her. I'm really happy and I respect her a lot"

Mrs. Shivangi

Dr. Asha Shanbag

"We visited the hospital just to have a look, fortunately we got to meet Dr. Manisha Arora. She made everything so easy and comfortable for me, like I'm talking to someone from my family. She gave me the right type of counselling as to which type of delivery would be good for my baby and my health. I would like to thank Dr. Manisha Arora and her team. Here, I have seen the best nursing staff, and the best housekeeping staff. Thank you to Dr. Manisha Arora for making sure that our baby is healthy. Thank you everyone"

Mrs. Priyamvada Pathak

Dr. Manisha Arora

"We had a wonderful experience here. Our doctor was Dr. Kiranjeet Kaur. She listened to our concerns and patiently answered them. Ours was a high risk pregnancy. Dr. Kaur was very friendly, very professional, very approachable and her guidance and support made the journey hassle free and comfortable. The hospital staff are very friendly. I definitely recommend Cloudnine and specifically the doctors and their team. So everything in Cloudnine is very memorable and our journey has been wonderful. Thank you"

Mrs. Bhavna Jain

Dr. Kiranjeet Kaur

"Recently we delivered a baby girl. Thank you Cloudnine for helping us throughout. I would like to thank Dr. Neha Khandelwal for her support. The entire team at Cloudine the housekeeping staff, the nursing staff everybody was very supportive and caring. They were guiding us throughout. It was very systematic and planned. So, a big thank you to everyone"

Mrs. Vatsala Sahani

Dr. Neha Khandelwal

"We began talking to Dr. Teena Bannihatti at Cloudnine from day 1. We just got some initial recommendations, and we visited once. We were so happy. While we had to go through the same procedure for our first kid, we never got so detailed information, The way we came to know about things while going through consultation with Dr. Teena Bannihatti, it was really amazing. We are really thankful to Dr. Teena Bannihatti for such an experience. She clears all our doubts very nicely. Thank you very much"

Mrs. Priya Singh

Dr. Teena Bannihatti

"We are very happy with the care which everyone has taken-the doctors, the nurses and the supporting staff. We are very happy with the treatment that has been given by the team. We had a good experience with Dr. Poornima M. Gowda. We are very much happy and thankful to the team"

Mrs. Nithya

Dr. Poornima M Gowda

"We had come to Cloudnine Hospital after a reference from my friend. We have been taking treatment from Dr. Poornima M. Gowda. We had a normal delivery. It's because of Dr. Poornima M. Gowda and my wife's efforts. In Cloudnine , the staff supports us very much. Our gyaecologist Dr. Poornima M. Gowda did a wonderful job. Because of her the kid is so healthy. My special thanks to Dr. Poornima M. Gowda"

Mrs. Monika

Dr. Poornima M Gowda

"It was a very nice experience. Dr. Teena Bannihatti was polite. She handled our case beautifully. We had to struggle for 11 years. It was a painful journey. We met with Dr. Teena Bannihatti and it was a beautiful experience. I am thankful to all the management staff, all the nursing staff, housekeeping staff. Overall, it was a very caring and nice experience we got here in Cloudnine. I suggest that everyone come to Cloudnine and experience this hospitality"

Mrs. Seema

Dr. Teena Bannihatti

"We wanted to say a lot of thanks to Dr. Poornima M. Gowda. We were consulting at Cloudnine. This is our first child and we honestly don't have words to describe what she has done for us. She has been our guardian angel. I was having a lot of issues which other doctors could not diagnose. There was a specific set of treatments that only she recommended. We went through those treatments, and we were finally able to have this baby. We are lucky and we feel blessed. We thank God that we got someone like her. Thank you"

Mrs. Ritika

Dr. Poornima M Gowda

"The experience with Dr. Meeta Chawhan was really amazing. She was very cooperative and friendly. She supported us in all situations. The last moment, there was an emergency as the baby passed motion internally. So, ma'am supported us, and I had a C-Section Delivery. And we are blessed with a baby boy. Everything was normal, and we both are very happy. Family members are very happy with the services at Cloudnine. Thank you Meeta ma'am"

Mrs. Jyoti

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"I started visiting Dr. Meeta Chawhan when I was six weeks pregnant. My pregnancy journey went very well. I was not expecting that. The best thing I liked about Dr. Meeta Chawhan was the way she encouraged me to state my problems. She changed my way of thinking during pregnancy. She made a difficult decision like choosing a Normal or Caesarean delivery, very easy. I just blindly trusted her. I'm happy with whatever happened, and we are blessed with a healthy baby boy. Thank you Dr. Meeta Chawhan"

Mrs. Vasavi Bojja

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"We visited Dr. Dharani Bai. She made things so clear for us making this pregnancy journey fruitful. We had that hope of delivering a healthy baby and she gave us all the confidence. I feel really grateful. The service at Cloudnine Hospital is really good. I suggest all moms to consider Cloudnine. Here they take care so well- all the doctors, nurses and staff. We are really thankful to everybody. Special thanks to Dr. Dharani Bai"

Mrs. Nivetha

Dr. Dharani Bai

"We are very happy with Cloudnine's services. After coming to Cloudnine it was a beautiful experience. Special thanks to our gynae, Dr. Teena Bannihatti and Dr. Sampat, the pediatrician. They have given excellent care to both, baby and me. Thanks to the nursing staff. They have really done a great job taking care of me and my baby. It was really challenging as I was alone here. Thank you so much. Thank you Cloudnine. Keep it up"

Mrs. Neelu

Dr. Teena Bannihatti

"We started our journey at 6 weeks of pregnancy with Dr. Bharati Kamoji. From day one she always encouraged us for natural or normal delivery. We were very happy with all the services. The labour lasted for seven hours in total. During labour we got a lot of encouragement from all the staff around. We were together during the entire labour. The breathing exercises really worked. Thank you everyone for making this journey beautiful and we are really happy to be a part of Cloudnine"

Mrs. Dhanashri

Dr. Bharati Kamoji

"We were blessed with a baby boy at Cloudnine Hospital in Whitefield under Dr. Teena Bannihatti was very supportive and helpful throughout our pregnancy journey. She was always helpful and forthcoming in resolving our issues. She helped us with our entire birthing plan and explained how our journey would be. She made us completely aware and created a completely supportive environment whenever we went to her. Thank you"

Mrs. Shailaja Manglik

Dr. Teena Bannihatti

"We have been consulting Dr. Poornima M. Gowda, here at Cloudnine Hospital and our experience has been really awesome. She has guided us from day one. it has been very genuine, it has been one-to-one and it has really helped us. Thank you"

Mrs. Neha Chauhan

Dr. Poornima M Gowda

"All the facilities at Cloudnine were really good. Everything was just a call away. We didn't have to worry about anything as our needs were met even before our call. We were consulting Dr. Poornima M. Gowda. She was really good throughout the journey of 9 months. She guided us very well. We followed everything she suggested to us. All the staff are very cooperative. We really enjoyed our stay. We are happy with Cloudnine and our consultant, Dr. Poornima ma'am. Thank you"

Mrs. Pooja Sharma

Dr. Poornima M Gowda

""Our experience with Cloudnine was wonderful and Dr. Meeta Chawhan was really a blessing to us. She has helped us with everything and we are very thankful for that. I would recommend Cloudnine to everyone and Dr. Meeta Chawhan to everyone. She's a very skillful and highly experienced doctor in handling all kinds of cases. We are really blessed to have her in our maternity journey. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Vyjayanthimala T

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

"We had a baby boy at Cloudnine Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Ananya Polam Reddy and we got excellent treatment here. All the facilities are excellent and cleanliness is top notch. The services are also good. The staff were always available for us. Overall, it was a big thumbs up"

Mrs. Snigdha Pal

Dr. Ananya Polam Reddy

"Cloudnine had always been our first choice. From the beginning we wanted our baby delivered at a good hospital and we haven't seen anything as good as Cloudnine. Starting from consultations, all our requirements were fulfilled here. At Cloudnine, Dr. Pooja C. Thukral was our first choice as she's very famous in the city. The best part was that she facilitated our normal delivery. She counselled and guided us very well. We are very satisfied with Cloudnine. Each and every service provided here was perfect. We will definitely recommend Cloudnine. Thank you"

Mrs. Neha

Dr. Pooja C Thukral

"We had an excellent journey, There was an emergency which was very well handled by Dr. Neha Khandelwal. We had the best experience with her. She's a very positive doctor. The baby had to go to the NICU. Dr. Somalika Pal, again, is one of the best child specialists thave seen or spoken to in my life. The best set of people work here and in the case of emergency, the staff, Dr. Neha Kandelwal and Dr. Somalika Pal and everybody else just took two minutes to get the OT ready. i am very impressed & i do recommend them"

Mrs. Richa Kharbanda

Dr. Neha Khandelwal & Dr. Somalika Pal

"We consulted Dr. Dharani Bai throughout our pregnancy. She helped throughout the nine months. She cleared all my doubts. After the ninth month, during follow up, we were told that we had to undergo C-Section. She was very helpful in all ways. During our 3 day stay we were taken care of very well. The staff took care of the baby very well. Overall the service was good. We thank Cloudnine hospital, Whitefield and all the staff were wonderful. We recommend Cloudnine to all our friends and family. Thank you"

Mrs. Sushmitha

Dr. Dharani Bai

"The journey with Cloudnine is very memorable. Starting with Dr. Priya Varshney, our journey throughout has been very very smooth. All the scans and all the tests, they all went very smoothly throughout the journey. We have seen many ups and downs throughout the journey. The doctors and the supporting staff helped us to overcome that. The result of all those ups and downs is our baby girl. We really had a great experience with Cloudnine and we are very happy. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Harjot Kalra

Dr. Priya Varshney

"The hospital services were very nice. The staff were very punctual. All the visits and all the checks were timely. We really liked that. Dr. Manmeet Batra is very helpful. We get positive vibes from ma'am. We really like what she tells us and the way she speaks. Dr. Manmeet Batra ma'am is very positive. We came to Cloudnine. because of ma'am. We really liked the experience here. Thank you"

Mrs. Priyanka

Dr. manmeet Batra

"We are blessed with a baby boy here in Cloudnine Hospital, Ludhiana. Staff members are so cooperative, humble, helpful and punctual. We came here in Cloudnine due to Dr. Schumailla Bassi. She's so intelligent, humble, cooperative, dedicated and friendly doctor. Her treatment is so nice and diagnosis is also perfect in our experience. She's an honest doctor. She attends to her patients at late hours too, with dedication. Special thanks to Dr. Schumailla Bassi and Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Meena

Dr. Schumailla Bassi

"We were consulting Dr. Kanupriya Jain since day 1 and wanted to continue consulting with her only. I would really recommend everybody who's consulting here in Ludhiana, this is a very good place and the staff here are excellent. They're really caring. The staff are well equipped, they have all the necessary information. We were really happy that we took the decision of shifting to Cloudnine. We would like to thank Dr. Kanupriya Jain also for giving us such a good experience. Thank you Cloudnine"

"Cloudnine's happy customers share the joy of bringing a new life into this world with us! We asked couples who are new parents about their experience on Cloudnine. Watch the video to know what Mrs. Sukirti Jain had to say"

Mrs. Sukirti Jain

Dr. Kanupriya Jain

"Our experience at birthplace has been awesome. Everyone, from counselling to nursing staff, are really kind and helpful. The services are really very nice. The doctors are amazing. They give me lot of confidence and have a very positive attitude. My doctor, Dr. Samatha Kumar, she's an amazing doctor. Even five minutes with her makes me feel so much at ease. She has supported me at every step throughout my pregnancy. We feel grateful that we chose to deliver at birthplace. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Humerah Pathan

Dr. Samatha Kumar

"We got to know about Dr. Samatha Kumar from reviews and from our friends. I saw a couple of videos and they were really great. I was waiting to meet doctor from so long. I came to meet her in my seventh month. My first visit was really great. She calmed me down. I was able to overcome the anxiety and fears of treatments. It was a really great experience. She made me so comfortable. I'm really fortunate to have met her. I highly recommend Dr. Samatha ma'am to everyone. She's very cool and calm, and she's a good listener. Thank you"

Mrs. Prashanthi Harinath

Dr. Samatha Kumar

"Dr. Kanupriya Jain referred me to Cloudnine hospital. She's a very good doctor. From the beginning she encouraged me to have a normal delivery. So, I too began to put my efforts into it. She was very patient with me. I had a normal delivery. It was a very good experience. The staff here manage everything systematically. Everyone put a lot of efforts for me. After I was shifted from the delivery room, they were very encouraging and helpful. Special mention to the dietician and lactation consultant. They always enquired about my needs for each meal"

Mrs. Lavisha Jain

Dr. Kanupriya Jain

"I've been taking treatment under the guidance of Dr. Pragya Goel. | still remember when I actually met her for the first time. I had a lot of complications during my pregnancy. But she motivated me throughout the pregnancy, not only during the pregnancy but after the pregnancy as well. When I actually felt demotivated she guided me throughout the pregnancy. I've given birth to this beautiful baby all because of her. I will definitely recommend Dr. Pragya Goel to every couple who wants a seamless pregnancy experience. Thank you"

Mrs. Sakshi Koushik

Dr. Pragya Goel

"Hi don’t know from where to start but still I want to share my journey fo pregnancay I am having PCOS and never had my periods on time no idea of my ovulation but still we tried a lot of conceive but but failed we met few doctors but did not get positive results luckily we me Doctor Bhavna Banga. She started our treastment with few tests and medicines based on our case. I can’t explain simply wow…. very supportive, dedicated, compassionate, soft spoken doctor I have ever met… within 2 months we got pregnant with IUI in every first attempt.. and delivered a cute and healthy baby girl in 2016. After 6 years we planned for second baby.. but this time we had 2 challenges (PCOS + Thyroid).. again few attempts and the results were nil. So we decided to visit Dr. Bhavna Banga for the 2nd time. This time she suggested us for an IVF treatment and started the medicines.. she has been very supporting through out the whole procedure of IVF we got success in 2nd attempt.. with lots of ups and down and full support and guidance of Dr. Bhavna Banga mam we completed our journey and blessed with smart, handsome, dashing baby boy in 2023. Now my family is completed.. she made our dreams to become a happy parents come true.. So if any couple struggling to become a happy parents must.. must visit Dr. Bhavna Banga.. we highly recommend Dr. Bhavna Banga. You cannot buy happiness. Happiness is born get ready for lots of laughter and noise as you hold your little bundle of joy. Eyes blinking in the sudden light, when those tiny little fist hold you tight may you experience life all new"


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"I have been coming to Dr. Himanshu Prabha for the past two years for my IF treatment. The services we have experienced here, at Cloudnine, are very good. The staff are helpful and very responsive. Dr. Himanshu is very helpful, she understands the problems we have been facing and is very supportive. She wouldn't prescribe unnecessary tests and thinks from a patient perspective as well. We do reach out to her for other queries as well and she always"

Mrs. Deepika Ajmera

Dr. Himanshu Prabha

My wife and I embarked on this challenging path in 2016, after enduring two operations one for ovarian cysts and endometriosis, and another for an oopherectomy. We faced the heartbreak of a failed IVF cycle, leaving us disheartened and dispirited. The medical advice we we received was discouraging, with suggestions to pursue the donor egg program in our next attempt. It was at this moment of despair that we had the privilege of meeting Dr. Bhavna Banga. Initially, we had intended to inquire about the donor egg program, but Dr. Bhavna Banga’s presence alone radiated confidence and hope. Her warm and reassuring demeanor instantly put us at ease, and her words breathed new life into our weary spirits. Dr. Banga’s proactive approach to our case was truly remarkable. Her unwavering faith in our chances, combined with her extensive knowledge and expertise, convinced us to give it one more try. Throughout the entire process, she meticulously monitored every details, no matter how small, leaving no room for doubt or uncertainly. Today I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to say that my wife and I are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy, all thanks to Dr. Bhavna Banga. She is nothing short of a godsend, a beacon of hope in our darkest moments, and a dedicated professional who has made our dreams come true. We can never thank Dr. Bhavna Banga enough for her unwavering support, guidance, and expertise. Her passion for helping couples like us achieve the miracle of parenthood is truly extraordinary, and we are eternally greatful for her role in our journey. Dr. Bhavna Banga is not just a doctor, she is a guardian angel who has blessed our lives in the most profound way imaginable.


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"Dr. Shanujeet Kaur is very good. After coming to ma'am, I got a positive result who's sitting on my lap now. I had many complications after conceiving. During that time, ma'am was very positive and would motivate me. My time with her was very good. The staff here are very good and supportive. All the doctors are good. Dr. Shanujeet Kaur has been very helpful and always been there for me in times of need. I will recommend everyone to come to Cloudine, the doctors and staff are very friendly. I will specially recommend Dr. Shanujeet Kaur because my experience with her has been very good"

Mrs. Vineet

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

"At 25 weeks we had preterm labour. Out of nowhere our life changed and we had a 750 grams young boy. Generally the survival of a 25-week-old baby is considered quite slim. But with faith in God and the facilities at Cloudnine Panchkula we began our journey. Dr. Saurabh did the CPR. Then Dr. Sahil Bansal took care of him for 75 long days. Dr. Sail Bansal entertained every little call of mine. With God's grace and Dr. Sahil's great effort my son pulled through. The loving nurses of this hospital are wonderful. I thank this hospital which has state-of-the-art facilities, and excellent sepsis control. I thank the doctors, the nurses and the facilities at Cloudnine"

Mrs. Sumedha

Dr. Sahil Bansal

"My doctor is Dr. Seema Sharma. She's a very nice and gentle lady who has always helped me and motivated me throughout my pregnancy. She has helped me a lot during the labour so that I can deliver the baby normally. She was the one who motivated me for a normal delivery. Today I'm sitting here fine all because of her motivation. The staff are very professional in their job. Our experience was wonderful with Cloudnine. We would recommend all the couples who are going to have a baby in future, they can definitely trust them. Thank you so much Cloudnine"

Mrs. Parul Aggarwal

Dr. Seema Sharma

"We had a very good experience in Cloudnine. Ours was a high risk case. Our case was handled by Dr. Shanujeet Kaur. She was available round the clock. She handled the case really well. She understood her patients' complaints and gave personal care to her patients. She's very kind. She's not only a good doctor but a good person too. She guided us in each and every way. The staff also took care of mother and baby very well. We recommend every couple to have their delivery in Cloudnine. Thank you".

Mrs. Sarika

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

"We are very happy to be a part of the Cloudnine family now. We had a lovely experience with Dr. Ginni Sharma. She was so kind and caring. She gave us all the information that we never knew. before. She was very loving and was always available on the call. During any trouble she was always there for me. Though this is our second pregnancy, compared to our first pregnancy, we are very satisfied at Cloudnine. Dr. Ginni Sharma was very cooperative and supportive. We are happy with the staff as well.They were always there on call. We would recommend Cloudnine they are very caring.Thankyou"

Mrs. Ayushi

Dr. Ginni Sharma

"We had a baby boy at Cloudnine Hospital, Punjabi Bagh. We had an amazing experience. The staff are very cooperative. They are available at a single call of the bell. Even the food facility is very good. Our doctor was Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi. We had a great experience with her as well. We felt that we are in safe hands and we didn't worry. The baby is fit and fine and healthy. Thank you"

Mrs. Parul

Dr.Sadhna Singh Vishnoi

"Our doctor Ginni Sharma was really kind and supportive from day one. During the delivery day the nurses and the staff they were really cooperative. The warmth and the care they gave us was really amazing. It was the best idea to choose Cloudnine. I'm really thankful to Dr. Ginni Sharma for being there always, especially in the OT during the C section because I was very scared. The way she motivated me, that meant a lot. I cannot thank her enough. This is our first child, and it was difficult, but the staff made us really comfortable, and the journey was so smooth. So, l'm very thankful to each and every one. Thank you"

Mrs. Umang

Dr. Ginni Sharma

"I met Dr. Veenu Agarwal at Cloudine Hospital. Dr. Veenu Ma'am is very good. She treated me very well. I gave birth to a baby boy. The staff here are very good. The food is very good. I'm well and my baby is healthy too. Thank you so much Dr. Veenu Agarwal. Because of YoU'll I have become a mother of a healthy baby. I am very happy. Thank you so much to all of you'll- to all the staff that works at the hospital. They have looked after me and my child very well Thank you so much"

Mrs. Sudha Kumari

Dr. Veenu Agarwal

"Dr. Anshika Lekhi is a very good doctor. She treated me very well. She explained each step in great detail. When I got pregnant, Dr. Anshika looked after me very well. I became a mother because of her and gave birth to a baby boy. Thank you so much Dr. Anshika Lekhi. Because of you'll I have become a mother. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Sudha Kumari

Dr. Anshika Lekhi

"Happy to state our happiness over the most recent joy that happened in the history of my entire family. Pregnancy is a gift from God which we suffered for the last 24 years with out positive result, after several attempt to success which includes visit to different hospitals, consultation by native and medical doctors, prayers and so on , all to no avail. Until of recent discovery of a professional, consultant and versatile gynae doctor (Dr. Bhavna Banga) who is a director of the IVF centre hospital india introduced to me by Mr. Mehboob Sadal Khan. The treatment process of our infertility issues was done by Dr. Bhavna through vigorous review of our status and a solution was provided. Note that we have done IVF at six different intervals with different hospitals in Nigeria and all failed. But fortunately and technically we were able to have a new approach for the first attempt and with god intervention positive result was achieved at the long run which I can’t believe my self. Remember first circle with a success result. Today my wife is 47 years old while I am 51 years but we can now say we are parent of a child. Our joy so far is that we started the process with Dr. Bhavna in september 2022 and now we are in September 2023 which is exactly one year with our baby in our hands. On this note, I want to commend the effort of Dr. Bhavna, the team Mr. Mehboob Khan and in particular for making our dream to come true. Let me say a big gratitude to you Dr. Bhavna for your professional and selfless service, you are a doctor with a difference, your technical know how makes you to be a mother, we therefore salute your relentlessness for your courage and sacrifice, you are quite upright, down to earth, human doctor, cold minded, and above all your superlative display of your procefessional ethics. Mam keep it up. I want to call on people with similar issues like ours to try same with Dr. Bhavna Banga and see wonders, you will be proud indeed. We expect more from you mam. Thank you and god bless you more"


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"The overall experience with Cloudnine has left me short of words. Right from the day we went on this beautiful journey, we did the right thing of coming directly to Cloudnine. We met Dr. Shanujeet Kaur. I don't have words to express my gratitude. I have never seen such a humble, polite and patient doctor. Dr. Gitika and Dr. Shanujeet Kaur handled our queries very well. They cleared all our doubts about the baby. Thank you Shanujeet ma'am. Thank you Dr. Gitika and Cloudine Hospital. The nurses were humble and polite. Cheers to everybody. Thank you".

Mrs. Impreet Kaur

Mrs. Shanujeet Kaur

" I came here when I was 24 weeks pregnant. The scan showed that the cervical length was shortening. But I was given that confidence by Dr. Rhythm Bhalla to move step by step. They not only gave me medical support but complete emotional support as well. The doctors, nursing staff, GDA's they all made this happen. When I reached 31 weeks an emergency C section was done. Dr. Rhythm Bhalla's a wonderful doctor and an amazing person. I must say she's been an angel to me. I want to mention about the NICU facilities. The team of doctors are wonderful. We are going home with the healthy babies, we are happy. Our dreams have come true. Thank you"

Mrs. Ayesha

Dr. Rhythm Bhalla

"We have had a wonderful journey with Cloudine. It has been a great pleasure and experience here with Cloudnine staff and with Dr. Girija Lakshmi. Birthplace has been really kind. All the staffs are helpful here. This was our first baby, and everything has gone very well, thanks to the Cloudnine staff, Dr. Girija Lakshmi and all other doctors who were involved in the delivery. From the initial scan stage to every small detail, it was very well briefed to us. Specially Dr. Girija Lakshmi who's been amazing and really professional, and I have only good things to say about her. We are glad that we were under your care and support. Thank you so much!"

Mrs. Tanushree Ghosh

Dr. Girija Lakshmi

"We have been married for eight years and had some fertility issues. We saw reviews of Dr. Prashant S. Joshi and also got his reference from friends. On our first visit itself we gained confidence. He found the actual problem and corrected this with medicine. He is very friendly and we can contact him whenever we have a doubt. Finally we got positive news and we are happy. Before meeting Dr. Prashant we had met many doctors. Dr. Prashant always approaches people in a positive manner. 1 recommend whoever is having issues with getting pregnant to meet Dr. Prashant Joshi"

Mrs. Meena Velayutham

Dr. Joshi Prashant Shripad

What do I say about her !! I just got lucky we went to her. She always managed me to keep me positive all the time by giving the assurance that you will have a baby, you will have a baby girl like you. She was may guardian angel in this difficult time. And by your blessings Dr. Bhavna I am blessed with a baby girl after 9 months. We are so much thankful to you Dr. Bhavna. You are such a gorgeous and sweet doctor. Love you Ma’am for this precious gift.


Dr. Bhavna Banga

"I would really like to thank Cloudnine Hospital, Sec-47. Mine was a high-risk pregnancy, and an emergency C-section was done. Dr. Ragini Agarwal and her team including Dr. Chandan and others handled it very wisely. Even if I was given a small prick, I would be informed in detail, about what would go in my body and how I would feel. After my delivery my daughter was in the NICU. The type of care they provided is commendable. I thank the pediatric and NICU team for the way they handled my baby. I really thank Cloudnine team, for everything they were at my doorstep. The food and hygiene were all up to the mark. Five stars for that. Thank you, team"

Mrs. Kushboo Agarwal

Dr. Ragini Agarwal

"I've known Dr. Manisha Arora since my second pregnancy. I had a lot of complications in that pregnancy, till I came to meet Manisha ma'am. This time I had no complications in this pregnancy. We have been with ma'am and Cloudine Hospital for throughout this pregnancy. We had a very great experience here. The staff here are very good and very caring. I had a normal delivery this time too. I am very happy with the staff here and with ma'am. Thanks a lot Manisha ma'am and thanks a lot Cloudnine"

Mrs. Deepika Khatana

Dr. Manisha Arora

"Dr. Manisha Arora is one of the best gynecologists I have seen. She could understand our requirements, explain to us well and ensure a smooth pregnancy and delivery. She's a wonderful doctor, very patient friendly. She patiently listens to all your queries and answers them. I feel anyone who is planning for a pregnancy should surely come and visit her. Overall, it was a wonderful experience with her and Cloudnine. Dr. Manisha Arora has a very positive vibe around her. She was with us every step of the way, Hats off to her. Thank you to her and to Cloudnine"

Mrs. Bhavishya Raghuraman

Dr. Monica Agarwal

"Dr. Ginni Sharma, delivered my baby here at Cloudnine. My experience with Cloudine has been very good throughout my time here. All the staff, the nursing staff, housekeeping, management, cafeteria were so polite with us. They were very understanding, humble and kind people. Dr. Ginni Sharma has also supported us throughout the journey. Whenever I had a problem, she was there to guide me. Overall, our experience at Cloudnine has been very good and I will recommend more people to come and get themselves treated here. We will give it a 10/10 rating because everything was exceptional. Thank vou"

Mrs. Shruthi

Dr. Ginni Sharma

"I had a very good experience at Cloudnine. I would like to make a special mention of my doctor, Dr. Parul Jain. This was the best pregnancy experience I could have had. She took care of me with the utmost responsibility and proactiveness and I'm very very thankful that she helped me start this new chapter in my life. I very strongly recommend Dr. Parul Jain. Cloudnine services have been stellar. The staff, the nursing care, the food, everything has been wonderful and very efficient. I had zero trouble. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Vasudha

Dr. Parul Jain

"Dr. Monica Agarwal was our doctor. Even before conception ma'am guided me properly regarding the tests etc. Throughout the pregnancy she was very positive. She's very calm and she knows how much information needs to be given to the patient. The labour experience was also good, the support staff were very helpful. They supported and motivated me throughout labour. Monica ma'am was undoubtedly great. I can't explain what a smooth and great experience it was. I really thank Monica ma'am and all the supporting staff. Thank you"

Mrs. Rachita Sharma

Dr. Monica Agarwal

"We have been taking treatment from Dr. Ritambhra Bhalla from the OPD days till the delivery. She's a very skilled and experienced doctor. It was a high risk pregnancy. Dr.Ritambhra ma'am managed all the issues very well. As far as facilities are concerned Cloudnine is a very good hospital. All the staff, paramedical staff, and doctors are well trained and well behaved. Bhalla ma'am was like a mother figure to us. She stood with us through our crisis and supported us far beyond the level of a doctor. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Swapnil Kashap

Dr. Ritambhra Bhalla

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Infertility may seem like a rippling problem. Fortunately, our experienced specialist doctors take a more holistic approach to infertility treatment. This allows you to feel relaxed and calm, making your body more responsive to the treatment. With time, you will soon be a part of our steadily growing success rate. Cloudnine is here to help you achieve your dreams of starting your own family. Many couples, who lost hope, have been able to welcome home a miracle baby. If you wish to say hello to your miracle baby, contact us today.
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