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Blessed new parents share that they had a very comfortable and satisfactory pregnancy and delivery experience on Cloudnine under Dr Neeru Mehra's supervision and guidance.

Mrs. Jyoti Yadav

Dr. Neeru Mehra

Happy new parents share that they had a splendid and most easy pregnancy and delivery experience at Cloundine Malad under the supervision of brilliant doctors.

Happy new parents Astha and Vaibhav show their heartfelt courtesy and gratitude to Dr. Neeru Mehra and Cloudnine for successfully delivering their precious baby boy.

Blessed new parents Saloni and Upen share about their complicated pregnancy journey and emotional and successful delivery experience on Cloudnine Vashi.

Mrs. Saloni and Mr. Upen

Dr. Shalini Varma, Dr. Piyush Jain

Immensely happy new parents Ashi and Samantha express that they are extremely blessed to have their first little bundle of joy at Cloudnine hospital, Malad.

Mrs. Samantha and Mr. Ashi

Dr. Meghana D Saravaiya

New parents Kanisk and Manali share their extremely pleasant pregnancy and baby delivery experience on Cloudnine Malad. They heartily thank Dr. Meghna and Dr. Niyati.

Mrs. Manali and Mr. Kansik

Dr. Meghana D Saravaiya

Blessed new parents Ishaan and Jyoti express their humble gratitude to Dr. Neeru Mehra, a senior Gynaecologist on Cloudnine for their splendid pregnancy journey.

Dr. Shalu Gupta is an incredible doctor. We had a wonderful experience on Cloudnine. We received excellent service on Cloudnine. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Under Dr. Shallu’s guidance, we feel blessed to be in the right hands. I strongly recommend Dr. Shallu and Cloudnine to everyone.

Dr. Shalu is very professional and at the same time very polite and empathetic towards her patients. She is very knowledgeable and authentic in her treatment and advice. She and her team on Cloudnine stood beside us during our 4-5 years of the journey which has been now blessed with a pregnancy. (Fingers crossed) God bless Dr. Shalu and her team for all the counseling and patient treatment leading to a successful pregnancy for my wife. I am very happy. We wish to treat you all on Cloudnine once the delivery is done.

Dr. Anju is the best doctor I have ever met. She is very supportive and helpful. Throughout my pregnancy, she was very nice and humble. She would always answer my calls and give me all the time and attention I needed.

Mansi Bhutani

Dr. Anju Devi Yadav

Dr. Beena is a very professional and knowledgeable doctor. She listens to you calmly and patiently and suggests you the best course of treatment. She never asked me for unnecessary tests and scans and was always available to answer my queries.

Ishmeet Grover

Dr. Beena Muktesh

Mamta and Paras were more than happy to share their miraculous journey on Cloudnine. They highly recommend Dr. Neeru Mehra because even after having medical complications in their pregnancy, with Dr. Mehra's excellent treatment; personal guidance, and support throughout the couple's entire journey of ups and downs, they were successful in delivering their bundle of joy.

Dr. Ritu Sethi provides the support and guidance that helps her patients immensely during their pregnancy. She is fondly remembered by her patients not only for her medical excellence but also for her motherly advice in pregnancy regarding nutritious diets to be followed or advice about how much work pressure a pregnant woman should handle. All in all, Dr. Sethi makes this adventurous journey of her patients from being pregnant to holding a beautiful baby in their arms, even more joyous.

Mrs. Udita

Dr. Ritu Sethi

Deepika and Aniket's worries about the health of their newborn were put to rest after they received the best care and treatment on Cloudnine under Dr. Piyush Shah. Cloudnine's top-class facilities and excellent sanitary measures along with the service and support of staff helped in lifting their spirits.

Vinodha shares her happy experience with Dr. Sailaja and Senior Physiotherapist Shazia. Cloudnine is a one-stop destination for women with any ailments related to pregnancy. She no longer had to bear the unnecessary pain that she was going through and advises everyone to visit Cloudnine.

Mrs. Vinodha

Dr. Sailaja and Ms. Shazia

Dr. Praveena Shenoi delivered a little angel for Prisida and Anirban and is no less than a goddess for them. With 24/7 support and care during their pregnancy, they had a tremendous experience on Cloudnine.

Mrs. Prisida and Mr. Anirban

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

Soumen and Tapalina were happy to share the joyous moment of welcoming their baby boy. With the help of Dr. Praveena Shenoi, they had an awesome journey on Cloudnine, even during these difficult COVID times.

Mrs. Tapalina and Mr. Soumen

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

Mr. Suman and his wife share their second delivery experience with Dr. Praveena Shenoi, who to them is the shining star of Cloudnine, with the impeccable guidance and care she provides.

Mrs. Richa and Mr. Suman

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

Sana and Gufran were more than delighted to share the experiences of being parents on Cloudnine, and are extremely thankful to Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya who would explain and clear any doubts that they had.

Mrs. Sana and Mr. Gufran

Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya

This couple's entire journey during pregnancy on Cloudnine has been special. Especially, because of Dr. Sandhya Rani's friendly and 24/7 expert counselling, they received the assurance that they needed.

Kaustabh and Sangeeta express the contentment with the services on Cloudnine during their pregnancy. They also thank Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya for her support and guidance.

Mrs. Sangeeta and Mr. Kaustabh

Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya

As new parents, Debashree was more than satisfied with how warm and welcoming Cloudnine was. They would recommend others to gain the wonderful experience of being parents on Cloudnine.

Mahanya and Chloe find Cloudnine a fabulous hospital where, unlike other hospitals, doctors make time for their patients. They are thankful to Dr. Triveni for her guidance in their pregnancy and the way she treated them.

With the help of Dr. Praveena Shenoi, Prachi and Ashwini had a smooth delivery of their preterm baby. They were touched by the extra mile taken at the NICU to care wholeheartedly for the newborn.

Mrs. Prachi and Mr. Ashwini

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

Nikita and Jyotir share their blissful experience during their overall pregnancy and rates Cloudnine #1. They thank Dr. Shobha Venkat for her guidance and definitely plan on returning to Cloudnine for their second delivery."

With Cloudnine team's help and Dr. Praveena Shenoi's continuous support and guidance in complicated pregnancy, Sneha and Bhushan feel blessed and are overjoyed to have a healthy baby on Cloudnine.

Mrs. Sneha & Mr. Bhushan

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

Dr. Kanchi is a person who made us believe that anything is possible if we really want it with all our heart. We lost our hopes when we were not able to conceive even after trying for several years. Then we met Dr. Kanchi and she made us believe that she will help us out and indeed she did. We are now blessed with a baby boy through IVF. We thank Dr. Kanchi for completing our family and I will also recommend everyone who is facing the fertility issue to visit Dr. Kanchi and let miracles happen.

Ms. Seema

Dr. Kanchi Khurana

We had a very good experience on Cloudnine. We have been fortunate to meet Dr. Chetna. We were treated like a family throughout our journey. Dr Chetna is like a mother to me. This is the best that could happen to me.

Cloudnine is such a positive place and has helped us take the right decision at the right time. Dr. Shalu Gupta has been nothing less than a miracle in our life. She is a very rare combination of a wonderful doctor, a patient listener, and a very empathetic human being.

We have had two children through IVF and trying for the third. Dr. Shalu Gupta is a very good doctor. We are very happy with Cloudnine, its staff and Dr. Shalu Gupta.

Ms. Ayesha

Dr. Shalu Gupta

Dr. Kanchi Khurana has been a great emotional support in the whole IVF journey. She is a very positive person and we have had a great experience on Cloudnine.

Mrs. Geeta Sharma

Dr. Kanchi Khurana

Shruti and Shudhansu received the assurance and calm that a mother to be needed. Dr Shobha Venkat addressed their queries 24/7. They enjoyed this journey with ample help from Cloudnine and were blessed to welcome their baby girl into this world.

Urvashi and her husband were well prepared by the road map provided by Cloudnine for the journey of their pregnancy. They are grateful to Dr. Shobha Venkat, the entire staff and Pediasure program of Cloudnine and feel blessed to have a healthy baby on Cloudnine.

Mrs. Urvashi

Dr. Shobha Venkat

Prashant and Nihar's search for a maternity hospital ended with Cloudnine and they couldn't be more pleased with their decision. Dr. Praveena Shenoi guided them every step. Their journey throughout the pregnancy was amazing with the help of every staff member they came across.

Mr. Prashant and Mrs. Nihar

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

Cloudnine's dedication to being the best maternity hospital is appreciated by Dipaneeti and Sohum, whose very first interaction with Dr. Praveena Shenoi gave them encouragement and the support they needed. Cloudnine's support made the pregnancy a holistic experience.

Mrs. Dipaneeti & Mr. Sohum

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

Razamiya and Sreenivas feel that Dr. Praveena is a legend and their hero. They are thankful to Cloudnine for enabling them to complete their family with the healthy delivery of their baby girl. They are happy for the guidance and support they received through their pregnancy by the Cloudnine.

Priyanka and Pankaj feel lucky that they came to Cloudnine for their first baby. Dr. Modhulika B guided them throughout the pregnancy and were hand held through the entire journey right from documentation process to complete medical care.

Mrs. Priyanka and Mr. Pankaj

Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya

Dinesh Kumar and his wife feel lucky to have a healthy baby on Cloudnine and are thankful to a friend who suggested they come to Cloudnine. They are extremely pleased with the professionalism of the staff and how they take the extra mile to ensure that the newborn baby is healthy.

Cloudnine met all the expectations of Amit and Shikha. They are extremely satisfied with the care and medical attention they received with their rushed preterm labour. They are thankful to the doctors and nurses of Cloudnine for the delivery of their healthy baby girl

In an unforeseen complication, Dr. Triveni's quick thinking and action helped Anita and Hardik. The situation was kept under control with the help of the surgical team. Both the mother and the baby are healthy. Anita and Hardik are grateful for the support and kindness they received from the entire staff of

Aanya and Manav had a smooth and wonderful experience with Dr. Shobha Venkat. They are thankful to Cloudnine for the healthy delivery of their first and second baby. They now feel blessed that they have a complete family.

Mrs. Aanya and Mr. Manav

Dr. Shobha Venkat

Imon Mazumdar and Nushratuh are delighted to welcome their baby girl into this world. They express their deep gratitude to Dr. Praveena Shenoi, whose jovial nature, assurance and guidance helped them through the pregnancy

Diya and Altrum are thankful to Dr. Praveena Shenoi for having their backs through the ups and downs of their pregnancy. They are grateful to the entire team of Cloudnine for the complete medical care they received during the delivery of their healthy baby.

Mrs. Diya and Mr. Altrum

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

The nine months of pregnancy was a blissful experience for Smriti and Vivek who have delivered a healthy baby girl on Cloudnine. Dr. Pravina Shenoi's help and assurance throughout the pregnancy and delivery and the support of the staff of Cloudnine made their experience a wonderful one.

Mrs. Smrita and Mr. Vivek

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

Smiranjan and Savita's joys know no bounds with the arrival of their first baby boy. They applaud the Cloudnine team, Dr. Praveena and Dr. Triveni for their continuous support and guidance. Smiranjan and Savita will prefer to have their second baby on Cloudnine as well.

Mr. Smiranjan and Mrs. Savita

Dr. Praveena Shenoi, Dr. Triveni

Smriti had a wonderful experience delivering her little girl on Cloudnine. Her journey was made even more memorable by Dr. Praveena Shenoi, who Smriti vouches for, as one of the best doctors she has ever come across.

Mrs. Smriti

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

In these unprecedented times, when uncertainty looms over us all, Anupama and Baishakh were treated and guided by Dr. Praveena Shenoi, throughout the pregnancy, ensuring the birth of their healthy baby boy.

Mrs. Anupma & Mr. Baishakh

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

We have had a wonderful journey on Cloudnine with Dr. Parul Chopra. Cloudnine has filled our pregnancy experience with precision moments.

Mrs. Ankita Mittal

Dr. Parul Chopra

I thank Dr. Shanujeet Kaur. She is really polite and loving. I love her so much. Love and thanks to Cloudnine staffs, especially Parvez and Dr. Shilpa. It was one of the best decisions to come on Cloudnine.

Mrs. Shilpa

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

My experience with Dr. Shanujeet Kaur has been really good. I am very satisfied with Cloudnine’s services. The doctors on Cloudnine are very helpful. I also thank Dr. Shilpa and Parvez.

Mrs. Amanpreet Kaur

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

Cloudnine is the best IVF Center with skilled doctors and staff. I highly recommend Cloudnine to every couple. Special thanks to Dr. Shanujeet Kaur, Dr. Shilpa and Parvaiz for guiding and helping throughout the journey.

Mrs. Sarbjit Kaur

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

Whoever is reading this, I highly recommend you to visit Cloudnine. I thank Dr. Chetna for giving the happiness of a baby girl to me and my family. Also, Dr. Amit, thank you for giving me strength during the operation. The whole staff of Cloudnine is really good, especially the nurses, they are amazing.

Mrs. Meeta Yadav

Dr. Chetna Jain

Without any doubts, Cloudnine is the best in its domain. Dr. Chetna is amongst the best in the NCR region. She handled our care in an exemplary manner.

It was a very good experience on Cloudnine. The staff is very professional and polite. Dr. Chetna is an amazing doctor. She is caring, understanding and a very good person.

Mrs. Nikita Sawhney

Dr. Chetna Jain

I have conceived in 1st cycle only. All the staff and Doctors are very helpful here. Dr. Shalu Gupta treated me like a mother and she is a wonderful lady.

We've had a great experience with Cloudnine and with Dr. Sandhya Rani for the last seven years!

We had a lovely experience on Cloudnine. Dr. Sandhya helped us by counseling my wife, easing her throughout her pregnancy, explaining each and every stage, telling how the baby is doing, guiding her for the labour.

Our baby was born at approximately 26 weeks and was admitted to the NICU for around 45 days. They ensured that only the relevant person was allowed and they assured us.

We consulted Dr. Sandhya Rani during our pregnancy journey and it was a pleasure to have her as our doctor. She is very generous and we had a lovely experience

Dr Nitika has supported me spiritually, medically and emotionally. Due to all those supports I feel that I have no questions in my mind. How will everything go well? Whether it will be good or bad? There were no questions in my mind. So, it was the trust and faith in the almighty and the angel (Dr. Nitika Sobti). I will say yes, the virtue mother was definitely Dr, Dr Nitika ma'am for my baby. So it was all possible because of her.

We consulted Dr. Shobha Venkat. The entire pregnancy course was handled well full stop our son was born 2 days ago and we had our first son here too. I will surely recommend Cloudnine.

Mrs. Swarna and Mr. Sayed

Dr. Shobha Venkat

Where consulting Dr. Triveni here at Cloudnine. She is very supportive and a very helpful Doctor. We haven't faced any problems here at Cloudnine. In terms of the delivery, the support and the help that we have gotten from the whole Cloudnine team was very good. And I really appreciate the great work and this has made our life beautiful.

The Cloudnine hospital is very good and Dr. Arundhati is a very good person with a good nature. The nurses at Cloudnine are very friendly and accommodating. The information and services provided to us was very good. We will surely recommend Cloudnine hospital to a friends and family.

Mrs. Varalakshmi

Dr. Arundathi

We thank Cloudnine and Dr. Shobha Venkat. She has been an incredible support system for us. She delivered our beautiful baby girl on the 9th of October. This entire journey she has been very supportive very warm and very calm as a person. I would strongly recommend that you should go with Dr. Shobha Venkat if you are visiting Cloudnine hospital.

Mrs. Swathi

Dr. Shobha Venkat

This is our second baby. She was born on the 30th of September. We consulted Dr. Praveena Shenoi for both of our babies. She has been super supportive from the beginning until now. Without her, this would not have been possible.

Mrs. Shesmy and Mr. Akbar

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

We are very thankful to our doctor, Dr. Praveena Shenoi. After our first child, we were planning a second child for 1 to 2 years. It was difficult for us to conceive. My first daughter is 9 years old. Dr. Praveen Shenoi was really very helpful and helped us get our second child. We are very happy.

Mrs. Ragini

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

We were very worried as this was our first time so we wanted to be with the best. One of my husband's friend recommended Dr. Praveena Shenoi. The experience has been amazing.Thank you Cloudnine!

Mrs. Ruchi and Mr. Pravesh

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

We are a part of Cloudnine for the past two years and it has been a great experience. The doctors and the staff members are all good. We had a home-like experience at this hospital.

So, Cloudnine was referred by our pediatrician, Dr. Meena Venkataraman. She referred Dr. Modhulika and she has been very amazing. She has never been to push about the treatments and whatever their advice that is given by her was followed by my wife on the time. I think that helped us to have smooth and simple delivery and never expected such a smooth delivery for my second kid. I think we really had an amazing experience with Dr. Modhulika. She has been a very good guide for us throughout our delivery experience

Mrs. Priyanka and Mr. Vimal

Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya

My name is Pooja Gupta. We are blessed with a baby girl. And we are very happy with this Cloud nine service. Though this is our second child, the experience has been amazing. The timely input given by Dr. Praveena Shenoi helped us. I never felt we are out of home. We are really thankful to everyone here.

Mrs. Puja and Mr. Manish

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

We were consulting Dr. Praveena Shenoi for the past 4 months. My delivery was done by Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya and we wanted to have a pleasant experience at the hospital. During delivery, when our baby was in ICU, the support given by the team was excellent. Our overall duration stay was very pleasant. We are happy we could find Cloudnine as a partner in getting a new member of our family. Thank you!

Mrs. Manisha and Mr. Varun

Dr. Praveena Shenoi, Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya

I have delivered my baby on 5th Oct and it was a normal delivery. So first when I came to meet Dr. Shobha Venkat. I had heard a lot about the doctor from so many people. So going through her portfolio, I decided to meet the Doctor when I got pregnant. From that time, she motivated me to do exercise and all. So I was in Indira Nagar. So I came here when we shifted to Hebbal. But still I was coming from that far too because she... The way she motivates me and tells like Pregnancy is not a disease and all . So I am impressed of those things. And we are like, we'll go with the doctor and we asked if it's far? But she told No no it's not far, you can come. She is always motivating us, she is always saying you can deliver your baby normally. Don't worry, everything going to be good. We heard a lot about her and yes, we highly recommend people to go with Shobha Venkat. I had diabetes also in between the pregnancy but the way she told go for exercise and all those things really helped. And the way she motivates me , I highly recommend her because in my delivery time also she came and the way she motivates me during labor pain like I can't explain those feelings. The way she treated was second mother like. Thank you Doctor, thank you Cloudnine.

We are consulting Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya here Cloudnine, Old Airport Road. Our world has changed now and we could not thank the entire Cloudnine staff enough. Starting from the reception, doctors, nurses, lactation counselor. Even my parents are astonished and amazed at such high-quality service we got. We felt like we are here as a family and we really are taking back memories to home.

Mrs. Deepali and Mr. Amit

Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya

So like I started showing here from 7 months. I had already decided that I will deliver in Cloudnine. My journey was really beautiful, last moment they were complications where Dr. Jyotsna Madan was very helpful and took up the decisions very quickly. Within 10 to 15 minutes she had arranged an OT for me. She helped me in delivering a healthy baby. The support from the nurses staff and housekeeping was amazing. Even at midnight 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. whenever I had called them for help they are always available with a smile. I wish you all good luck and continue the same. Thank you!

Mrs. Ankita and Mr. Manohar

Dr. Jyothsna Madan

We're so happy that we came to Cloudnine. And here every staff are very cooperative and very friendly. I recommend everyone to come here and they can also share their experience. The doctors are very nice and they help you in every difficult situation. Dr. Praveena Shenoi is very nice and other staff is also nice. I don't know how to treat a baby, but they are very helpful. And I thank Cloudnine!

Mrs. Ambika and Mr. Sanjeev

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

So initially when I came to Bangalore we are not sure as to where to go for which doctor to consult. One of my colleagues recommended Cloudnine hospitals. Frankly, when we came here, we feel like home and the delivery was under Dr. Meeta Chawhan. And the same time post-delivery, I feel that this particular post it could be better. But overall, the experience was absolutely awesome. And starting from the staff to the doctors to the nurses is like a family out here. And now even after post six months, everyone recognizes us so this is something absolutely wonderful. I would like to take the name of one of our administrative staff and she has been really wonderful. Her name is Rebecca Joseph. So before the delivery, the process was very smooth. Post-delivery I ran into complications with the baby. The team over there was very helpful. Being a new mother was difficult for me to adjust but people here help me to adjust. So I really want to thank Cloudnine for this experience!

Mrs. Adrita and Mr. Aryan

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

I have been consulting Dr. Poornima from day 1 and I am very happy with her I really had a great experience with Cloudnine hospital, right from the staff, the doctor, everything included. And I am very happy that I chose Cloudnine for my motherhood and after delivering, it is a very homely kind of atmosphere over here. I never felt like I am in outside home and the care and concern given by the nurses and the staff and the doctors and the timely attention with periodic checkup and visits really keep you confident. Especially when you are like experiencing it for the first time and maybe if I plan on another one I will definitely come to Cloudnine again!

Weekend know about Cloud nine services. When you ask me from the time when my wife was conceiving from that moment till today while we are discharging from the hospital. The facility the Ambience and the total service that they had given is absolutely world-class. Actually, if you ask me the thing why I am saying world-class is because the first thing they give family atmosphere they welcome you as a family member. They help you they guide you and they teach you about what you're going to experience during labor and about how it is how being a father feels like you should be with your wife and help her out. Even while delivering on labor day I was like this is our first child we got a baby boy so I am very happy. All I can see is my beautiful wife in pain I don't want her to cry but she was in pain and she is already crying and I was like OK what should I do. I see the complete members of Cloudnine service because here all the staff members from the person who cleans to the surgeon all very friendly. The person who guided me told me you have to be strong and the person who was mopping the floor she told me because she was there and she had seen so many deliveries, so she told me you have to be positive, hold her hands, put pressure on her palm so that she won't focus on the labor pain and that is you know the pain she had while delivering our baby that is comparatively more. But at least some bit what she told me was helpful and even doctors are very helpful. They told me what to do even in the future what we need to do. And if we have any queries they say you can always come over so the overall experience was good and look at us we both are very happy. I just feel normal from the day I came here train today. I don't feel so I am carrying a baby I should do this I should do that. They have been very friendly they taught me what to do and what not to do they made me feel like a normal person so it's very nice. I would definitely recommend Cloudnine and we are very happy with the service.

Our first baby was also born in Cloud nine the best thing about the hospital is Dr. Praveena Shenoi she is like the mother of all and she is very good at her work and why we like this hospital is because of the treatment we get here is like a homely treatment. It is just like having a baby in your own house. Yeah, it is a great experience being here and all the staff members are just like family. Thank you so much all of you for giving a such a beautiful gift.

Mrs. Mahiya and Mr. Syed

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

So it's been a good journey so far where we are guided well about what are the do's and don'ts during pregnancy. And thankfully everything went pretty well. The last 3 days were challenging for us because we become first-time parents. and I think Cloud nine did everything to make it special as well as easy for us. I think the best thing was everybody knew what had to be done and the large credit goes to the nurse faculty because everyone talks about the doctor. I give big thumbs up to all the nurses in cloud 19 and a thumbs up again to the hospital as well for keeping all three of a happy safe and helping us to start a new life.

Hello! We have consulted Cloud nine Whitefield hospital. We got her first child. I would say our overall experience was very good. I have contacted Dr. Poornima Gowda and she is very nice I would say. I will recommend the doctor as she has taken care of this very well. Overall, Cloudnine is a very good hospital as you all are aware. In short, I can say it is a very good hospital staffs are good or processes good food which was given was very good. And so I would say you can go for Cloudnine!

Mrs. Dolly and Mr. Ashutosh

Dr. Poornima M Gowda

I conceived in the month of February. I came to know about Dr. Swapna through my friend so when I came and method from day one she was very polite. and the way she explains everything all the things and during the delivery time and before that also should give good advice about how the delivery would be and all the things she clearly explains. She gave clear instruction and was very clear in everything and what she said full stop during the labor also I was in a very painful situation and she was suffering so she was screaming out from labor pain. And we thought of doing a c-section but we were unable to see her screaming. Doctors and nurses were encouraging her constantly saying pain is normal in normal delivery it is just pain you have to go for it. They encouraged her, helped us make the right decision and she delivered a baby boy in the evening at 6:45 p.m. on Friday. And in the delivery room Dr. Swapna, the duty doctors and the labor room morning shift nurses everywhere, were very supportive. They were like it was like they are supporting their own sister, helping me and encouraging me. By god's grace, I delivered a baby boy on 15 November. Thank you

We have become proud parents of a cute-cute baby girl on the 6th of November and we are so happy that we are blessed with a baby girl. Dr. Praveena madam as you know the entire pregnancy was made memorable. Every time we came here with lots of worries and tension and with lots of questions as well she made us so comfortable that we never felt that this is a difficult journey she has taken her very almost every time whenever we just. We come here with a tense face and just leave with a big smile. I would say in one line that she is a winner. She is the ruler of our hearts. Thank you Praveena madam, you made our life so bright cheerful, and happy. Thanks a lot!

Mrs. Khusboo and Mr. Bhavin

Dr. Praveena Shenoi

We are blessed with a baby girl and under Dr. Anuradha Sadashivamurthy. our daughter was born on 17th November 2019 and we had a great experience in the Cloudnine Hospital with all the facilities and amenities present here. We have a premature baby, she is a 34 weeks baby. Everything was quite good for me and the rooms were affordable, good and convenient. So you can choose Cloudnine. I would rate out of 10, I will give 9.5. So this is the very perfect place to have motherhood.

We have just received our bundle of joy. The day before yesterday on the 7th of November I was under doctor Praveena Shenoi and throughout my pregnancy, it was a seamless journey for me and we have received such a beautiful experience over here and we are super happy to have a baby and hospitality and everything. Thank you all for your support and yes, the doctor was amazing she always having a funny face, she is always encouraging, she is amazing. Yeah I will recommend Dr. Praveena Shenoi to everyone I know for a smooth experience.

Hi! I am Bijoy Krishna, she is my wife Sonali Das and this is our little baby angel. Just got it from Cloud 9 and thanks to Cloudnine hospital Whitefield. We consult Dr. Reshu Saraogi and very thankful for that. We started consulting her from day 1 and until now she has been so helpful and professional. she is to the point she will not jump around not run around the bushes soldiers give you to the point information. that is very good for recent hard times that we faced and she was the one who suggested Cloudnine Whitefield. We came for all the scans over here. Thanks to Dr. Hima, she was very helpful during the scan and it was an enjoyable experience I must say. And then came the day when we had to get admitted here. the rooms are very good management is very good staff was very good sisters are very good she could you know sisters are like family members they will tell you to feed and they tell you to do everything. Very thankful to the entire staff. And Mr. Varun from our support staff has been very helpful. Thank you! Thank you very much.

Mrs. Sonali and Mr. Bijoy

Dr. Reshu Saraogi

We are under consideration of Dr. Triveni here Cloud nine. She is a very supportive and very helpful doctor. we haven't faced any problems in the last 10 months. We have visited here at Cloudnine regarding the delivery. We had also planned our delivery here Cloud nine itself. And the support we have found from the whole Cloud 9 team was very good. And we appreciate for great work for making life wonderful

We had a baby girl. The first time, we had a baby boy here itself. We are so happy that you have given birth to a baby girl under Dr. Poornima Murthy. She is very supportive and has helped us a lot. Without her cooperation, It wouldn't have happened. Doctors the way they helped, all the nurse staff and everyone are good here we liked it. Thank you!

We have delivered twin babies on the 4th of November 2019. It's a boy and a girl. we started consulting Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya and she has been an excellent guide and support throughout the journey. She referred Dr. Manju Nair who treated my wife for a certain issue and we are blessed with twin babies. Both the doctors Dr. Manju Nair and Dr. Modhulika had really gone above the power and treated and guided us whenever we faced issues. The doctor handled it very well and the nursing support was too good here in HRBR layout and Old Airport Road. The insurance process and various other processes were seamless and we are happy and getting discharged today. Thank you Cloudnine for your excellent care and support.

Mrs. Heena and Mr. Harish

Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya, Dr. Manju B Nair

I admitted my wife to Cloudnine hospital on the 21st. My wife delivered a baby under the consultation of Dr. Leela Bhagwan. Coming back to the hospital we have had a wonderful experience with. And Dr. Leela Bhagwan is an amazing doctor. I in fact I had the opportunity to get into the OT and see the first glimpse of the child. And coming back to Leela Bhagwan she is a very amazing doctor with 41+ years of experience and in fact, she was referred to me by one of my family friends. I had a very wonderful experience in terms of facilities in terms of providing that support and the way they took care of the child as well as my wife. It is an overall amazing experience. Recommended most of my colleagues and friends to get admitted and use the amazing facilities that are being provided by Cloudnine. Thank you!

Mr. Bharani

Dr. Leela Bhagvan

We went through a lot of stress prior to the delivery so Cloudnine has distress us in every aspect. So we are very happy with the service provided here and Dr. Anuradha is a wonderful person and a wonderful gynecologist. She is very cool calm and composed. She distresses every stressful situation. So overall thank you so much we are very happy parents in Cloudnine.

I would like to thank Bellandur Cloudnine. I got a baby girl. I have had a very good experience with the doctor Dr. Harsha and in ultrasound Dr. Swapnil. It's my second kid. I lost my first baby at Cloudnine Bellandur it was because of in urea cycle disorder. But that time around Dr. Harsha and other Cloud nine staff supported us and told us all the reasons and why it happened. they gave us all of the precautions that we should follow for the second pregnancy full stop the guidance about genetics and in second pregnancy we did our genetic analysis and throughout the pregnancy, Dr. Harsha was very nice to us she really guided as well. in terms of staff and nursing staff when you come here you need not worry about anything. Cloudnine Bellandur takes care of everything very well.

Mr. Shrishti Dutta

Dr. Harsha V Reddy

We just had our first delivery in Whitefield Bangalore. We had a very pleasant experience. My doctor Dr. Reshu Saraogi and is a fantastic doctor. The duty doctors here are very communicative so I did not get tensed about the labor and the rest of the process we had a very peaceful experience. Including the baby care and after the delivery the communication between the doctors and staff nurses was really supportive. So, yes we have taken this kind of package and I think it was worth it. There was a baby shower and everything! We really enjoyed the experience here. I would just like to summarise that we had a very pleasant experience at Cloudnine Whitefield. So thank you to each and every sister, the housekeeping staff, and everyone else involved. We would especially like to thank Sister Ankita who is a lactation expert. The housekeeping staff Vandana and Bhagya also and of course Mr. Barren. So thank you, everybody!

We were consulting Dr. Mukta Nadig Cloudnine Malleswaram. Our experience has been really good. I think every step was handled very professionally and we have been guided very well by the consultants and the nursing staff. Thank you for this great experience and finally, we are taking our baby girl home. We are very happy.

We live in Whitefield. this is the second time visiting Cloudnine hospital. We got to know about Dr. Praveena Shenoi through common friends of ours and this is how we landed here. Our experience in Cloudnine was very wonderful. Dr. Praveena Shenoi helped me throughout my pregnancy and she is a wonderful doctor. Getting admitted here in Cloudnine and having a baby was a wonderful experience. The team and staff were very cooperative and very encouraging, so a big thumbs up to the whole Cloudnine team. Thank you

We do not know what to say as we are experiencing mixed emotions because it is our first child. We had an amazing experience here. Starting with Dr. Meeta Chauhan who has taken care of his across is 9 months. She has taken very good care of my wife and she suggested all the required things for healthy maternity. When we got admitted for the delivery, the staff were very helpful and we experienced a very friendly atmosphere. Due to some unexpected cases, my family was not here to take care of me so, at the time, the nursing team has really helped us. We don't know how to take care of the baby. The staff not only took care of me and my wife but also taught me how to take care of my baby. They taught things such as changing the diapers wrapping up all these things extra. I am very experienced within a matter of two days of the experience of handling a baby and all thanks to the nursing team. And the next time I wanted to share my experience about is the housekeeping team they were also very amazing and very professional and they take care of people very nicely. I would especially like to name Bandana, she was good at taking care of things. Lastly the insurance team, I was very confused about all the documentation because we had never experienced these things. But the insurance team really helped. Thank you so much Cloudnine.

Mrs. Mary and Mr. Rahul

Dr. Meeta Chawhan

Our doctor was Dr.Anuradha and it's been a very good experience here everything was very convenient. I definitely recommend this hospital to my friends and family.

We have been coming to Cloudnine for the past eight months full stop where consulting Dr. Anuradha. The doctor is great and very approachable. She has patience and answers all the questions which make a pregnant woman very comfortable. all the staff members and nurses really supported us and had a wonderful experience

Thanks to doctor Manjunath who helped me a lot. And we are very thankful to Cloudnine.

It was a very good experience in Cloudnine since we registered and we are now going home with her baby boy. I really want to thank all the staff nurses and everyone will stop we had a very good experience but Dr. Sriprada Vinekar. he was a very easy delivery as compared to my first one and the doctor made her very calm and is thus through the entire process. Not only the doctors but all the staff and sisters and I would definitely recommend cloud9 to everyone.

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The thousands of testimonials from happy moms and dads across the country are proof that Cloudnine is the first and last name when it comes to maternity care. We have been delivering healthy babies into the hands of delighted parents for several years. All our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. 

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Cloudnine has time and again proven to be the favourite among parents across the country with its medical care that is on par with international standards. At Cloudnine, we have a stringent sanitization policy in place as well. We ensure that you and your bundle of joy remain safe every step of the way.
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Infertility may seem like a rippling problem. Fortunately, our experienced specialist doctors take a more holistic approach to infertility treatment. This allows you to feel relaxed and calm, making your body more responsive to the treatment. With time, you will soon be a part of our steadily growing success rate. Cloudnine is here to help you achieve your dreams of starting your own family. Many couples, who lost hope, have been able to welcome home a miracle baby. If you wish to say hello to your miracle baby, contact us today.
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