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Very happy with doctors, nurses, staffs, catering team at Cloudnine Kalyani Nagar for making our baby girl's delivery and follow up care process extremely smooth.

We delivered our first baby in Cloudnine. I am grateful to Dr. Vatsala for her support throughout my pregnancy. She was very friendly, co-operative and understands patient's problem very well. She used to take care of everything scans, blood tests. She was very transparent with us about the things. Also, the staffs in Cloudnine, they were very helpful and supportive. I heart-fully thank Dr. Vatsala and the team for their kind support and hospitality.

"I learned about Dr. Seema Sharma at Cloudine Hospital from my friend. We were delighted with Dr. Seema Sharma's care. The hospital has excellent facilities, and the processes are very smooth. Overall, the experience has been fantastic"

Mrs. Chhering Dixit

Dr. Seema Sharma

"The services here at Cloudine Hospital are excellent. Dr. Shanujeet Kaur was fantastic and handled the complicated case so effectively. The nurses were very caring and regularly checked up on us. We are delighted with the care we received. The experience we had was much better than we envisioned"

Mrs. Ravinder Kaur

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

"I want to thank Dr. Aastha Aggarwal and Cloudnine Hospital for giving me this beautiful gift of my life. I had a wonderful experience at the hospital. Dr. Aastha Aggarwal and the staff were very helpful. Everything in the hospital was perfect. I would recommend this hospital to everyone. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Bhumika

Dr. Aastha Aggarwal

"This was our first pregnancy and we were consulting Dr. Deepa Dewan. The initial nervousness of the first pregnancy melted away after meeting Ma'am, as she gave us the confidence we needed. Ma'am supported and answered all our queries. We loved how she listened to us fully. Our journey was much easier with Dr. Deepa Dewan's support. Thank you"

Mrs. Priyal

Dr. Deepa Dewan

"I delivered a healthy baby boy under the supervision of Dr. Hirday Kapoor. It's been a great experience delivering here at Cloudine Hospital because of the doctor's supervision, the staff's hospitality and the cooperation of everyone around. Dr. Hirday Kapoor has been very kind to us. We will recommend Cloudnine to our friends and nearest kin. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Shrishti

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"We consulted Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi at Cloudnine Hospital. We had a complicated pregnancy, but it was exceptionally well managed. We are here with our miracle baby because of the efforts of Dr. Sachna Singhal Vishnoi. We are delighted with all the hospital services and had a good experience here. The staff is skilful and very good. We would recommend this hospital to all our relatives"

Mrs. Kanika

Dr. Sadhan Singhal Vishnoi

"I consulted Dr. Hirday Kapoor at Cloudnine Hospital, Punjabi Bagh. My experience with her was excellent. I suffered from many complications and was suggested a C-section as the only alternative. She conducted my delivery normally. I followed all her advice and treatments. The staff looked after me very well. Overall, it was a beautiful experience. I suggest everyone to come here"

Mrs. Ritu

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"The entire nine-month journey with Dr. Indu Taneja was amazing. This was our first baby and we were so confused. We are glad we zeroed in on Cloudnine Hospital. Once we met Dr. Indu Taneja we stuck with her. As far as the processes and staff are concerned, we had a great experience. Thank you Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Anisha

Dr. Indu Taneja

"We began our journey with Dr. Hirday Kapoor at Cloudnine Hospital. We had complications, but Dr. Hirday Kapoor gave practical advice and managed the situation effectively. The staff took good care of my baby. We are very thankful to Cloudnine Hospital and Dr. Hirday Kapoor. It was a long, challenging journey, but we are grateful we had come to the right place"

Mrs. Akriti

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"Our baby girl was delivered at Cloudnine Hospital under Dr. Sunita Goyal's guidance, the best maternity hospital in Ludhiana City. It's spotless, all processes were smooth and we never faced problems during the pregnancy. Please visit and consider delivering your little one here. Thank you so much, Dr. Sunita Goyal and Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Manpreet

Dr. Sunita Goyal

I'm very glad to share my experience of becoming first mother to our Prince at the age of 25 with normal vaginal delivery with the guidance of Dr. Vatsala madam all the credit goes to her who was very supportive and helpful from the post delivery my doctor trusted me and gave full support throughout my pregnancy journey and thankfully Cloudnine team for their experience and process thanks you.

"Our experience with Dr. Indu Taneja at Cloudnine Hospital has been superb. We were under the guidance of Ma'am from the beginning of the pregnancy. The staff was very cooperative. All the procedures were hassle-free. Overall, we had a great experience, and we recommend this hospital"

Mrs. Nikki

Dr. Indu Taneja

"We have been struggling to conceive for a long time. We then heard about Cloudnine Hospital and met with Dr. Parul Agrawal. She suggested IVF, and we conceived on the first attempt. I request that all struggling to conceive consult at Cloudnine Hospital and meet Dr. Parul Agrawal. The hospital staff is very cooperative. Thank you"

Mrs. Asmita

Dr. Parul Agrawal

"We had an incredible journey with Dr. Sheetal Sachdeva. She was very supportive, and we didn't face any problems. We came to Cloudnine Hospital on a friend's recommendation. All the staff have been very supportive. I will always recommend Cloudine Hospital to all my friends"

Mrs. Manpreet Kaur

Dr. Sheetal Sachdeva

"The journey with Dr. Ginni Sharma was perfect. She was very supportive and cared for us like a mother. Cloudnine Hospital, Punjabi Bagh, was excellent, and the staff was very supportive. I had a normal delivery, which was possible only with her support. Thank you, Ma'am"

Mrs. Akansha

Dr. Ginni Sharma

"We had a very tough journey, but Dr. Ginni Sharma, supported us. She treated us so well and was with us throughout. The staff were very cooperative. Our experience at Cloudine Hospital has been excellent. We had a beautiful journey in this hospital. Thank you."

Mrs. Harsimran

Dr. Ginni Sharma

"We are really satisfied with all Cloudnine Hospital services and are very happy. We recommend the hospital whole heartedly. Thank you so much Dr. Parvinder Kaur Arora. Thanks to all the staff for always being there for us. I appreciate all the staff here. Thank you for delivering our baby safe. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Rupali

Dr. Parvinder Kaur Arora

"My gynaecologist was Dr. Indu Taneja. She treated us like family and guided us through every step. She explained everything very well. Coming to Cloudnine Hospital doesn't feel like a hospital but a celebration of every step. There's immense joy here. I had a quick recovery after my elective C-section. All the staff helped me a lot"

Mrs. Divya

Dr. Indu Taneja

"We have known Dr. Sushma Dikhit for the last seven years as she has also been the obstetrician to my family members. Ma'am has guided us throughout this journey. She's very polite and tries to resolve all our queries. Everything has been very smooth over here. Thank you so much, Dr. Sushma Dikhit, for all the support and guidance"

Mrs. Shalu

Dr. Sushma Dikhit

"My experience with Dr. Hirday Kapoor was very nice. She's like a mother figure to me and she helped me deliver normally. Even though I had a lot of complications, I delivered normally because of her encouragement. Cloudnine Hospital's hospitality has been very good. The staff are very cooperative. Thank you"

Mrs. Megha

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"We were consulting Dr. Hirday Kapoor. She has been a constant support for us. I had an emergency C-section, but she didn't let me panic and this journey was very nice. The way she speaks, manages all the problems, and deals with everyone is very good. The Cloudnine facilities, too, are very good. Thank you"

Mrs. Divjot

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"I must say that the staff, nurses, and doctors here at Cloudnine Hospital Punjabi Bagh are really top-notch. Dr. Gittika Sharma has been a source of profound support for me. For a person who's quite fearful of hospitals, everyone pitched in to make sure I was comfortable. So, I recommend Cloudnine Hospital. Thank you"

Mrs. Vernika

Dr. Gittika Sharma

"I was diagnosed as having fibroids and was told I would be unable to conceive naturally because of that. Someone suggested we meet Dr. Pooja Uniyal, who assured us we could conceive naturally with a fibroid. She treated us for 3-4 months, and we conceived in 5-6 months. We are thankful to God that we met Dr. Pooja Uniyal. Thank you"

Mrs. Harshita

Dr. Pooja Uniyal

"We were blessed with twin girls. A big thanks to Dr. Hirday Kapoor, who helped me in every scenario of my maternity journey. My babies are well and we are very thankful to Cloudnine Hospital staff and the NICU team who took care of my babies well. Thank you, Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Ritika

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"Our overall experience with Dr. Pooja C Thukral at Cloudnine Hospital was fantastic. She has been very supportive. The emotional support we received from the staff during the labour pains was the best part. We surely recommend Cloudnine Hospital to everyone for their parenthood journey"

Mrs. Shalini

Dr. Pooja C Thukral

"We have been meeting Dr. Shailly Sharma at Cloudine Hospital. She helped me a lot and with her support, I delivered normally. I recommend her to everyone who wants to deliver normally and a healthy baby"

Mrs. Kunika

Dr. Shailly Sharma

"Returning to Cloudine Hospital six days after my delivery for my baby's checkup, I could recall the exceptional care provided by Dr. Kiranjeet Kaur, who ensured a smooth pregnancy and delivery. The hospital staff's warmth and efficiency further enhanced my experience"

Mrs. Sihrin

Dr. Kiranjeet Kaur

"I had a fantastic experience at Cloudine Hospital with Dr. Indu Taneja, from my initial consultation to my discharge today. The housekeeping, nursing, and food service staff provided excellent care. I highly recommend Cloudine Hospital as they don't compromise on their services"

Mrs. Palak

Dr. Indu Taneja

"After my miscarriage, for the subsequent pregnancy, I consulted Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar at Cloudnine Hospital. I faced challenges during my 14th week of pregnancy, but Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar supported me well. I thank Cloudine Hospital for delivering our bundle of joy and helping us with proper medication and dietary instructions"

Mrs. Swati Shrivatsava

Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar

"After two failed IVF cycles elsewhere, we came to Cloudnine Hospital, Patparganj and met Dr. Shipra Singla. She is a dedicated doctor who helped us conceive on the first try. Things got rough during my first trimester with a severe complication, but Ma'am supported me well. We're so grateful to Dr. Shipra Singla and the Cloudnine Hospital team"

Mrs. Nandini Sharma

Dr. Shipra Singla

"Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi has been our incredible doctor! We followed her because of the smooth experience with our first child. She expertly managed any minor complications during this pregnancy. The Cloudine Hospital's care made the whole journey memorable"

Mrs. Anu Mayank

Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi

"Ours was a critical pregnancy, and Dr. Hirday Kapoor in Cloudnine Hospital made the stressful situation much smoother. We're thrilled to welcome our baby boy home. The entire staff, from nurses to housekeeping, were supportive and helpful. If you're facing a challenging pregnancy, Cloudnine Hospital's care is top-notch"

Mrs. Manpreet Kaur

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"Cloudnine Hospital was a great choice for our high-risk pregnancy. Dr. Hirday Kapoor provided excellent care and support, especially when my baby arrived early. The NICU team was taking care of our baby for 15 days until she was healthy enough to come home. We're so grateful and highly recommend Cloudnine Hospital to anyone facing a similar situation"

Mrs. Mahima Bagga

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"Cloudine Hospital was perfect for our first pregnancy! Dr. Hirday Kapoor was outstanding, and the whole team made us feel supported. We even received lactation and dietary guidance. Our little angel arrived happy and healthy. I highly recommend Cloudnine Hospital-they get a 10 out of 10 from us"

Mrs. Archana

Dr. Hirday Kapoor

"Dr. Ginni Sharma provided excellent care throughout my pregnancy. The entire A team has been with me since my first child and helped welcome our second child, a baby girl, on Women's Day. I have not seen any hospital as good as Cloudnine Hospital, which has 24/7 effective service"

Mrs. Rupali Khurana

Dr. Ginni Sharma

"I had a wonderful experience at Cloudnine Hospital. The entire staff was incredibly supportive, especially Dr. Ginni Sharma (Gynaecologist) and Dr. Manisha (Paediatrician). Their encouragement helped when my baby was in the NICU. I would highly recommend Cloudnine Hospital to all my family"

Mrs. Deepika Chhabra

Dr. Ginni Sharma

"We are thrilled to welcome our second baby girl, delivered by Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar at Cloudnine Hospital. Her care has been like family's for the past 8-9 years. Dr. Jyoti guided my wife on everything from diet to exercise, making us feel well-supported throughout. Thank you"

Mr. Mandeep

Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar

"We thank Dr. Anjali Taneja and the Cloudine Hospital team for their support throughout our pregnancy journey. My baby was born just 3 days ago under Dr. Anjali Taneja's guidance. She ensured a comfortable pregnancy journey. We also thank the staff of Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Saloni

Dr. Anjali Taneja

"After two failed IVF cycles elsewhere, we came to Cloudnine Hospital, Patparganj and met Dr. Shipra Singla. She is a dedicated doctor who helped us conceive on the first try. Things got rough during my first trimester with a severe complication, but Ma'am supported me well. We're so grateful to Dr. Shipra Singla and the Cloudnine Hospital team"

Mrs. Nandani

Dr. Shipra Singla

"I was pregnant for the first time and very apprehensive about everything, but Dr. Nidhi Agrawal explained everything to me very politely. She is the best gynaecologist anyone could recommend. The staff at Cloudnine Hospital were also helpful during my stay, and I had a pleasant experience there"

Mrs. Swati

Dr. Nidhi Agrawal

"Dr. Madhu Ahuja delivered my son at Cloudine Hospital. Her care and expertise were invaluable, and the staff, from nurses to housekeeping, were incredibly supportive. Cloudnine Hospital feels like a second home, and we can't be thankful enough"

Mrs. Garima

Dr. Madhu Ahuja

"Cloudnine Hospital was a fantastic choice for our second baby's arrival! It has a welcoming environment that doesn't feel like a traditional hospital. Dr. Sheetal Sachdeva was friendly and always available to answer my questions during pregnancy. We highly recommend Cloudine Hospital to anyone looking for a comfortable birthing experience"

Mrs. Pragati

Dr. sheetal Sachdeva

"Our consulting doctor was Dr. Samatha Kumar. I had a few complications towards the end of the pregnancy, but Dr. Samatha Kumar was a pro and handled them superbly. She assured us that everything would be OK and helped calm us. We have a healthy baby, and we can't thank her enough for all she has done for us"

Mrs. Monica Simon

Dr. Samatha Kumar

"It's a pleasure to share our journey with Dr. Sowmya Choudri Valluri. She helped us in every phase of the pregnancy and simplified all tough situations. Cloudnine Hospital provided excellent services. They were transparent about everything and helped us be comfortable. Dr. Sowmya Choudri Valluri expertly handled pregnancy complications. Thank you all for everything"

Mrs. Sindhuja

Dr. Sowmya choudri Valluri

"We were referred to Dr. Shipra Singla as we had been struggling to conceive for the last five years and faced many problems. After our investigations, she advised us to consider IVF. She explained the entire process in detail and reassured us. We conceived in the first IVF cycle. We had our whole journey here at Cloudnine Hospital. Thank you, Dr. Shipra Singla and Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Anjali

Dr. Shipra Singla

"As first-time parents, we were apprehensive about the new experiences we would have to face and the various aspects of baby and self-care. Dr. Rupam Arora guided and informed us about every aspect of care through this journey and supported me a lot during the delivery. She included us in the decision-making and provided all the necessary information for an informed decision. She's the best gynaecologist I've ever met"

Mrs. Priyanka

Dr. Rupam Arora

"We had been consulting Dr. Mayur Dass. She's a very professional and experienced gynaecologist. She has been with us through this journey as a family member and mentor. We are really thankful to all the hospital staff, who are very professional. We are very grateful to Cloudnine Hospital and Dr. Mayur Dass. Thank you"

Mrs. Megha

Dr. Mayur Dass

"Our journey with Dr. Aanchal Agarwal at Cloudnine Hospital has been incredible. She gave very clear guidance, and my pregnancy journey was very smooth. Our experience at the hospital has been very smooth. The staff promptly answered and helped us with all our needs. We will definitely recommend Dr. Aanchal Agarwal and Cloudnine Hospital to everyone. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Nikita

Dr. Aanchal Agarwal

"We came to Cloudnine Hospital based on a recommendation. Dr. Aanchal Agarwal treated us and we conceived soon after. We are delighted with the hospitality here. Cloudnine Hospital and Dr. Aanchal Agarwal have fulfilled our dream of having a child. We are very grateful"

Mrs. Archana Panwar

Dr. Aanchal Agarwal

"I delivered my baby boy under the guidance of Dr. Sunita Goyal. I will definitely recommend her because she is highly experienced and polite. Everything was good over here. We are extremely satisfied with Cloudnine Hospital's services. Thank You."

Mrs. Anamika

Dr. Sunita Goyal

"We are extremely happy that we chose Cloudnine Hospital and Dr. Sunita Goyal for this journey. The staff and the service are excellent. This hospital is the best choice for anyone who wants to have a baby. The staff and doctors think through and take care of everything very nicely. Thank you."

Mrs. Ritu Sharma

Dr. Sunita Goyal

"We have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy. We are really thankful to the team at Cloudnine Hospital for giving us such a comfortable service here. We are very thankful to Dr. Sunita Goyal. The whole pregnancy was perfect over here. The Cloudnine Hospital team fully supported us. We will tell everyone to come to Cloudnine. Thank you"

Mrs. Silvia

Dr. Sunita Goyal

"We delivered a baby boy at Cloudnine Hospital under the guidance of Dr. lla Gupta. She is an experienced and patient doctor. Dr. lla Gupta has been a considerable support, especially since we did not have a smooth journey. Our experience with Cloudnine Hospital has been excellent. I highly recommend Cloudnine Hospital for all normal and high-risk pregnancies"

Mrs. Monica

Dr. ila Gupta

"I've known Dr. Aanchal Agarwal since she delivered my first child. It is a blessing to meet her. She's an excellent doctor. She completed my family. Cloudnine Hospital is impressive, and the staff are cooperative. Overall, it's been a perfect journey"

Mrs. Mehak Verma

Dr. Aanchal Agarwal

"Our journey was excellent, mainly because of Dr. Sadhna Singhal Vishnoi. Whatever she suggested for us was the best. It was our first experience at a hospital solely for maternity services, and it was the best. Ma'am was always careful and prepared for all situations. We were treated like family. She was understanding and explained everything in detail. The Cloudnine Hospital members were helpful in every aspect. Thank you"

Mrs. Sandhya

Dr. Sandhna Singhal Vishnoi

We are blessed to have Dr. Sushma Dikhit as our gynecologist. She's like a mother figure. Cloudnine Hospital is a beautiful place to deliver your child. Dr. Sushma Dikhit offered excellent care and the staff here are very good. I never encountered a problem. Wonderful services, fabulous session. I suggest to all expecting mothers to be a part of this hospital. I really enjoyed the journey. Thank you so much, Cloudnine Hospital. I am thrilled to be a part of this beautiful place."

Mrs. Shifali Dua

Dr. Sushma Dikhit

"We consulted Dr. Shilva, and she's amazing! She's excellent. She became like family, giving us strength each day. She was always available for us. I also want to thank Cloudnine hospital staff and all the doctors for their guidance throughout this journey. Thank you so much for giving us our beautiful daughter, our little angel."

Mrs. Isha

Dr. Shilva

"We are blessed with a baby girl. Thank you, Dr. Rupam Arora and the entire Cloudnine Hospital team, for helping us have this beautiful child. The doctor is very supportive. She helped us through every step. The journey has been incredible because of her. Thank you all"

Mrs. Anuradha

Dr. Rupam Arora

"Our journey with Cloudnine Hospital and Dr. Rupam Arora has been incredible. We received tremendous support from her and her team till the end. She always pushed for a normal delivery. She showed faith in me, my husband, and the entire process. We recommend her to couples looking to deliver. She's very calm and composed, which calms the patient too. Because of the faith Dr. Rupam Arora showed us, we could go through a normal delivery. Thank you"

Mrs. Anumiya

Dr. Rupam Arora

"We have been visiting Cloudnine Hospital for the last year. Our experience with Cloudnine Hospital, especially with Dr. lla Gupta, has been great. She has been supportive. We liked the kind of guidance she provided. Our queries were well handled. She was always available for us, always just a call away. It was an incredible journey with a supportive team at Cloudnine Hospital. Thank you"

Mrs. Rishika

Dr. Ila Gupta

"We delivered a baby girl under the guidance of Dr. lla Gupta. Her consultations are thorough and she's very good at what she does. My wife had a cyst before pregnancy that had us worried, but she was very reassuring. During the Caesarean Section, she removed the cyst. All this has been possible at Cloudnine Hospital. Words are not enough to describe Dr. lla Gupta or thank her. The services of Cloudnine Hospital are excellent and the doctor is the best"

Mrs. Jyoti

Dr. Ila Gupta

"We have been married for 7 years but were unable to conceive. We got Dr. Shipra Singla's reference from another doctor. Within a year of consultations, we were blessed with a baby girl at Cloudnine Hospital. The doctor was very motivated and friendly. Ma'am was always reachable, online or offline. The staff were amicable and helpful. Thank you, Cloudnine Hospital. Thank you, Shipra Ma'am"

Mrs. Neetu Das Paul

Dr. Shipra Singla

"We were referred to Dr. lla Gupta. Ours was a high-risk pregnancy. We faced a few complications, but the problems were diagnosed on time, and we received good guidance and treatment. The treatment and care we received from Cloudnine Hospital and Dr. lla Gupta is why we have a beautiful baby boy. We are 100% satisfied, thanks to Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Sakshi Singh

Dr. Ila Gupta

"I delivered at Cloudnine Hospital and our experience has been excellent. My doctor, Dr. Mayur Dass, was very supportive. She encouraged a normal delivery throughout and I'm happy I had a normal delivery. We have been consulting at Cloudnine Hospital throughout the journey and the experience has been good"

Mrs. Neetu

Dr. Mayur Dass

"We delivered in Cloudnine Hospital, Banjara Hills, under the guidance of Dr. Samatha Kumar. Samatha Madam has taken care of us for the past nine months. In my ninth month, I had to undergo emergency delivery. We were apprehensive, but Dr. Samatha Kumar managed everything so well and the baby was healthy. All the staff took care of my baby and me very well. thank you samath madam & Team"

Mrs. Harsha Likitha

Dr. Samatha Kumar

"I have been consulting Dr. Divya Wadhawan at Cloudnine Hospital, Kailash Colony. Dr. Divya Wadhawan has handled all our queries patiently throughout this journey. It was a very smooth journey. Cloudnine has provided excellent facilities during our stay. The treatment here has been very beneficial to us. Kudos to the staff here. They have been very helpful and supportive. Thank you"

Mrs. Komal Sharma

Dr. Divya Wadhawan

"We are very thankful to Cloudnine Hospital. We are very grateful to Dr. lla Gupta as the nine-month journey with her was very smooth. Her care and guidance throughout was excellent. The experience with all the departments was outstanding. The staff were very supportive. We definitely will recommend Cloudnine Hospital. Once again, we'd like to thank Dr. lla Gupta"

Mrs. Priyanka

Dr. Ila Gupta

"The experience at Cloudnine was truly exceptional. My personal interaction with Dr. Kaishreen was nothing short of wonderful. The entire staff was incredibly approachable, and we received timely assistance without any hassle. I wholeheartedly give this hospital and its services a 5-star rating. Thank you, Team Cloudnine, Kalyani Nagar!"

Tanushree Ashtekar

Dr. Kaishreen Atteeque Ahmed

"We have been under the care of Dr. Anjali Taneja. We had a good experience and received proper guidance from her. We had several complications during this journey, but Dr. Anjali Taneja managed them effectively. The services at Cloudnine Hospital have been the best. The staff were always available and arrived immediately whenever needed special thanks to all the staff for their support. We are delighted with Cloudnine Hospital and Dr. Anjali Taneja"

Mrs. Deepika

Dr. Anjali Taneja

"My gynecologist was Dr. Sushma Dikhit, one of the best in NCR. We trusted her completely and she never let us down. She never takes a risk with the patient or the baby and chooses the best option for them. I would refer her to any couple looking to start a new journey of parenthood. The overall experience has been good. It is a happy moment as we are proud parents of a baby boy. Thanks.

Mrs. Faria

Dr. Sushma Dikhit

Dr. Rupam Arora delivered my bundle of joy at Cloudnine Hospital, Patparganj. We have been consulting her from day one of the pregnancy. Dr. Rupam Arora is the best. She has ben by my side and encouraged me throughout this pregnancy. She patiently explained and reassured me through every problem, just like a mother. I am very thankful to her and cannot contain my happiness. Thank you, Rupam Ma'am!"

Mrs. Jyotsna

Dr. Rupam Arora

"We have been following up on the 4th month of pregnancy at Cloudine Hospital Patparganj and were recommended Dr. Mayur Dass by a neighbour. We had a great experience with her. She's very polite. She is the best doctor we can recommend. She supported us emotionally, too. Both of us, mother and child, are healthy. Cloudnine Hospital at Patparganj is the best. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Sonali

Dr. Mayur Dass

"We loved our experience at Cloudnine Hospital. All the facilities provided were comfortable. The team was always available in case of anything. Our pregnancy journey was full of ups and downs. Everything went smoothly only because of Dr. Shailly Sharma and Cloudnine Hospital. i could deliver my baby normally because of Dr. Shailly Sharma's motivation. Thank you"

Mrs. Shweta

Dr. Shailly Sharma

"We met Dr. Pallavi Pasricha, a fertility specialist at Cloudnine Hospital, Panchkula. She is generous and friendly. Here, we were blessed with a baby boy. I will recommend Cloudnine Hospital Panchkula to everyone. Thank you"

Mrs. Rahul

Mrs. Pallavi Pasricha

"We consulted Dr. Mayur Dass at Cloudnine Hospital. We were apprehensive of a C-section, but she counselled and reassured us of a normal delivery. We had a normal delivery here at Cloudnine Hospital. We are delighted with the care. All the staff were very cooperative and accommodating. We felt we were with family members. We will definitely recommend Cloudnine Hospital to everybody"

Mrs. Priyanka

Dr. Mayur Dass

"My experience with Cloudnine has been excellent. I was consulting Dr. Nidhi Agrawal. Whatever I say about her will not suffice. She's the best doctor. She's available whenever you reach out to her. The hospitality at Cloudnine was outstanding. All the staff, including the nurses, were excellent. My experience with Dr. Nidhi Agrawal and Cloudnine Hospital has been superb. Thank you"

Mrs. Monal

Dr. Nidhi Agarwal

"We began consulting with Dr. Teena Bannihatti. We are thankful that we chose to deliver at Cloudnine Hospital. We are grateful and thankful to all the members of Cloudnine Hospital, including the nursing staff, hospital staff and the management. They were available 24/7 and were very helpful. Special thanks to Dr. Teena Bannihatti for helping and guiding us throughout this journey. Thanks to the whole Cloudnine Hospital team"

Mrs. Jangyaswari Behera

Dr. Teena Bannihatti

"A family doctor referred us to Dr. Sushma Dikhit, and we had an excellent experience with her. During our admission process, the staff at Cloudnine Hospital were accommodating. They helped with all the processes and all the facilities were organised and fabulous. We didn't have to worry about anything even though our family was not with us at that time. We want to thank the cooperative staff here at Cloudnine Hospital. Thank you"

Mrs. Aakriti

Dr. Sushma Dikhit

"I met Dr. Sheetal Agarwal on the 17th week of my second pregnancy when we discovered that there were some issues with my Congenital Anomaly Scan. She was very accommodating and answered every question we had. She made sure we received the best care. During my delivery, everything was organized and systematic and everyone supported me during my birthing. I highly recommend Dr. Sheetal Agarwal because she will always be there for you every step of the way"

Mrs. Angelica Roy

Dr. Sheetal Agarwal

"We gave birth here in Cloudnine Hospital. We are very thankful to Dr. Somalika Pal. The thing that we liked about her was the leadership, dedication and composure that she showed. We were fortunate to have had her take care of our baby. We could not be more glad that she was available. We cannot thank you enough for everything she and her pediatric team have done. Anyone would be lucky to have their children cared for by Dr. Somalika Pal"

Mrs. Angelica Roy

Dr. Somalika Pal

"I had a uterine prolapse and consulted with Dr. Shailly Sharma. She explained about the condition and the procedure in detail. The surgery was successful and I have got good care from the staff here. Dr. Shailly Sharma is very good and has looked after me very well"

Mrs. Kamlesh

Dr. Shailly Sharma

"I consulted Dr. Girija Lakshmi because she supported me physically and mentally for a smooth pregnancy experience. This is my second pregnancy under her guidance. I'm very comfortable with her and have gained a lot of trust. That trust factor gave me a lot of confidence. Cloudnine Hospital's staff and its facilities are excellent. Both our babies were born at Cloudnine. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Divya Spoorthi

Dr. Girija Lakshmi

"We visited Dr. Mayur Dass at Cloudine Hospital. She's a great doctor. Right from the first day of our consultation to the delivery, we were delighted with her services. Their facilities at Cloudine Hospital are good and the staff are cooperative. The excellent service they provided has blessed us. The journey throughout has been perfect and we are very satisfied. Thank you"

Mrs. Nidhi

Dr. Mayur Dass

"Our baby girl was delivered under the guidance of Dr. Manmeet Batra. Cloudnine Hospital is the best hospital for delivery in Ludhiana. The premises were spotless. We never faced any problems during our pregnancy journey. We delivered normally without any issues. Everyone should consider Cloudnine Hospital to have their little one. Doctors and staff are the best. Thank you so much, Dr. Manmeet Batra and Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Ramandeep Kaur

Dr. manmeet batra

"My entire pregnancy journey has been under the care of Dr. Mayur Dass. It has been a lovely experience. She took the time to answer all my queries. Our experience at Cloudine Hospital has been excellent. All the staff, the facilities and the services provided have been wonderful. We are delighted with the care we received at Cloudnine Hospital. Thank you"

Mrs. Ruchi

Dr. Mayur Dass

"We first visited Cloudnine Hospital and learned about Dr. Charishma Chandh Yadav K. The doctor was very polite and very understanding. She suggested medications based on my health conditions. She was very friendly, cooperative and supportive. She was a God-send to us"

Mrs. Haripriya Kanungo

Dr. Charishma Chandh Yadav K

"We opted for Cloudnine Hospital for our first pregnancy. My consulting doctor was Dr. Asha Shanbhag. She's a very cheerful person and she has been a great support throughout. It was because of the support of Dr. Asha Shanbhag and her entire team that I was able to go through a normal delivery. The entire Cloudnine Hospital staff are very professional. I must say "thank you Cloudnine Hospital" and I will recommend Cloudnine Hospital and its entire team"

Mrs. Reshma

Dr. Asha Shanbhag

"My pregnancy and delivery were in the care of Dr. Aparna Shintre. The doctor was very professional, and the nursing staff was super friendly. Dr. Aparna Shintre was very good and also cared for my minor problems. Cloudnine Hospital is known for its friendliness and care and is the no. 1. All the facilities, including the cleanliness and food, were maintained at high standards. I recommend this hospital and give it a 5-star rating. Thank you, Cloudnine Hospital, for making us so happy"

Mrs. Kiranmai

Dr. Aparna Shintre

"We heard of Cloudnine Hospital from friends who had delivered under Dr. Monica Agarwal. She was patient and listened to all our desires. When things didn't go as planned, she knew how to handle the situation. Knowing she was there during the delivery gave us peace and comfort. The nurses were incredible. We are so thankful to the team here at Cloudnine Hospital and the doctor. We highly recommend Dr. Monica Agarwal and this team"

Mrs. Amber Mason

Dr. Monica Agarwal

"We were under the treatment of Dr. Pallavi Pasricha at Cloudnine Hospital, Panchkula. We have been married for 7 years and underwent treatment elsewhere but couldn't conceive. We got Pallavi Ma'am's reference from a family member and underwent IVF under her guidance 11 months ago. Dr. Pallavi Pasricha is very hard-working and extremely good. Her decision-making skills are exceptional. Thank you, Dr. Pallavi Pasricha and Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Poonam

Dr. Pallavi Pasricha

"It has been a phenomenal journey here. The staff and doctors have been fantastic. Dr. Indu Taneja has been a motherly figure for us. The way she expertly handled our challenging case has been excellent. The entire Cloudnine Hospital team is outstanding. I appreciate everyone. I'm very thankful to everyone here, especially Dr. Indu Taneja. Thank you so much"

Mrs. Arpita

Dr. Indu Taneja

"I don't have words to describe the experience we had with Dr. Kanupriya Jain. I want to thank the entire Cloudnine Hospital team. Everyone here was extremely helpful. Cloudnine Hospital provides the best quality care in Ludhiana. So, we are very thankful to the entire Cloudnine Hospital team"

Mrs. Pritam Jain

Dr. Kanupriya Jain

"Cloudnine Hospital was recommended to us by our doctor, Dr. Seema Jain. After our first visit to the hospital, we decided to deliver our child here because the atmosphere was perfect. All Cloudnine staff were accommodating. All thanks to Dr. Seema Jain - she never gave me excessive medications and was very friendly. I got admitted as an emergency, but the doctor was always with me, and encouraged me to deliver normally and was very calm. I will recommend Dr. Seema Jain and Cloudnine Hospital to all"

Mrs. Shweta Waghmare

Dr. Seema Jain

"We were married for the last ten years but did not have children. We tried different treatments at different hospitals, but unfortunately, none worked. We then contacted Dr. Aradhana Kalra Dawar. - In the first IVF attempt, I successfully conceived and am blessed with twins. Thanks to Ma'am's treatment and support, I had a normal delivery and am a mother to twins today. Thank you doctor Thank you Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Swarana

Dr. Aradhana Kalra Dawar

"We chose Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar at Cloudnine Hospital for our consultation and delivery. Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar guided us at every step of the journey. She was very helpful and made the process joyful and easy for us. The Cloudnine Hospital nursing staff provided exemplary care for my baby and me. Cloudnine Hospital provided us with excellent service at every step. Thank you, Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Manpreet Kaur

Dr. Jyoti Bhaskar

"My experience with Dr. Mayur Dass was excellent. My baby has also been taken care of very well. Dr. Mayur Dass was very friendly and was approachable at any time. She knows all our difficulties and has personally taken care of me well. The staff are well behaved. Thank you, Ma'am and Cloudnine Hospital"

Mrs. Geetika

Dr. Mayur Dass

"Dr. Sushma Dikhit is a very nice doctor. She and her team are well experienced. She's very friendly and helped me deal with my pregnancy stress and anxiety. The Cloudnine Hospital staff are very cooperative in nature. The nursing staff and the junior doctors are very good. Thanks to Cloudnine Hospital and Dr. Sushma Dikhit"

Mrs. Monica Kohli

Dr. Sushma Dikhit

"I had chosen Cloudnine Hospital because of its facilities when I had to plan my pregnancy. I consulted Dr. Veen Agarwal. She's a fantastic doctor. She clarified all my doubts and ensured I had a smooth pregnancy journey. During my C-section and post-surgery recovery, she guided all the activities very well. The Cloudnine Hospital staff were very cooperative and cared for me throughout the journey. I recommend Cloudnine Hospital to everyone out there. Cloudnine Hospital deserves a big thumbs up"

Mrs. Shubhi Raj

Dr. Veenu Agarwal

Why Choose Cloudnine?

The thousands of testimonials from happy moms and dads across the country are proof that Cloudnine is the first and last name when it comes to maternity care. We have been delivering healthy babies into the hands of delighted parents for several years. All our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. 

Get Associated with the Best
We also have an enviable panel of expert doctors in each speciality. Our staff are well qualified and experienced in offering top-notch medical care to all of our patients. After all, we have been credited as the No.1 Maternity Hospital in the country.
Safety First
Cloudnine has time and again proven to be the favourite among parents across the country with its medical care that is on par with international standards. At Cloudnine, we have a stringent sanitization policy in place as well. We ensure that you and your bundle of joy remain safe every step of the way.
Best in line for Treating Infertility
Infertility may seem like a rippling problem. Fortunately, our experienced specialist doctors take a more holistic approach to infertility treatment. This allows you to feel relaxed and calm, making your body more responsive to the treatment. With time, you will soon be a part of our steadily growing success rate. Cloudnine is here to help you achieve your dreams of starting your own family. Many couples, who lost hope, have been able to welcome home a miracle baby. If you wish to say hello to your miracle baby, contact us today.
It’s not only you, we ensure that your little human is in safe hands. The Pediatrics Department at Cloudnine is well-renowned for its advanced technology and experienced doctors. Our staff are well versed in child health and will take every step to make sure that your little one grows up healthy and strong. You are no longer alone in the journey of parenthood.
Cloudnine is here to offer support and medical care every step of the way.
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