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How To Manage C Section Births?

Your birthing journey is like no other. Even if you give birth multiple times, each birth is bound to be a unique experience. Right from the nine months of blissfully housing your baby inside your womb, protecting the baby, nurturing him or her to the day when he or she will arrive into the world, your pregnancy and delivery will surely be a significant memory you will create.

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While natural or vaginal births are the most preferred, yet, there might be several reasons why you might have to go for a cesarean birth.

If that is the case, the first thing you need to need to soak in is: it’s being done because it’s best for your health and your baby’s safety. There is no harm in going in for a C Section when required as the obstetricians at the Birthplace are fully equipped to handle any situation - whether delicate or normal. So, if you are having a C Section, take a deep breath and trust your doctors - this is just the first step you are taking into meeting your beautiful little one.

Why Might You Have A C Section?


Like mentioned above, there would be certain factors that could cause you to have a cesarean birth. This could either be a planned C Section, or one caused due to an emergency.

Planned C Section

Planned cesarean sections happen because of some of the following reasons:

  1. Previous C Section births
  2. Baby in transverse lie position
  3. Pre-existing maternal conditions
  4. Placenta previa
  5. Multiple pregnancy

Emergency C Section

As the term suggests, even though a vaginal birth might be the original plan, sometimes, certain conditions can cause you to need to get an emergency section. Let’s look at some of those situations.

  1. Your pregnancy is not progressing
  2. Your baby is in distress
  3. Your baby is in an uncomfortable position (transverse lie or breech)
  4. You have a health concern or a medical condition like active genital herpes at the time of labour
  5. If you have a large fibroid obstructing the birth canal

What Happens Before And During A C Section?

In the case of a planned C Section, you will have enough time to prepare yourself. In case of an emergency - try to relax and place trust in your doctors and the support staff. It’s easier said than done, but it’s the best thing you can do.

As a part of the preparations, you might have to undergo a few blood tests to check for the type and the hemoglobin levels. You will also be checked for other health conditions and infections. You will be given an anesthetic - either spinal or epidural - and this anesthetic is mostly a regional one, so only your abdomen will be numb. You will be awake through the birthing. A catheter will be inserted into your bladder to drain urine and you will be put on IVs for medication and fluids.

Once you are prepped for surgery, your doctor will cleanse your pubic region and prepare for incisions. Don’t worry, you are a step closer to a date with your little one!

There are two kinds of incisions that happen - one just above the pubic bone, which is horizontal or a vertical one just below the navel to the pubic bone; and a uterine incision. The first incision will help the doctor navigate through fatty tissues and connective tissues to access the abdominal cavity.

Once that’s done, it’ll be time for your uterine incision. Once the incision is complete, your baby will be delivered and fluids will be removed from his or her mouth and nose if required, and they will be whisked away into the cleaning station after you say a quick hello to the little one.

Then the placenta will be delivered and you will be sutured up and shifted to the recovery room and then to your room after a few hours of observation.

Things To Keep In Mind After A C Section

Even though you will not feel anything while the birth happens, yet, C Section deliveries are considered to be major surgery. At the Birthplace, we will be there at every step to guide you and to help you manage yourself after your delivery is done. However, the post-delivery best practices are very different when you have a cesarean birth.

The first thing you need to understand is that you might experience some pain, maybe for up to a week. Even though you will be prescribed a pain killer for better pain management, yet, it’s best to consult with your obstetrician to understand how to manage pain better without having to take too many medications.

You will need to keep a close eye on the incision and watch out for any signs of infection. You must also take care of your stitches and get in touch with your doctor in case of any problem.

Having a newborn can be very stressful and demanding. When you give birth through a C Section, you must manage your time well to ensure that you are well-rested. Try to breastfeed as much as you can, but choose positions that are comfortable for both you and the baby.

It’s also essential that you eat healthy. You should avoid spicy and oily food and have a diet that’s easy to digest. Do not forget to include fibre in your diet as constipation is one of the most common complaints after delivery. Since your incision would be sore and it would be difficult for you to relieve yourself if there are signs of constipation, it’s critical that you have a wholesome diet that’s easy to digest and pass.

Take walks gradually, be emotionally strong and do not hesitate to ask for help whenever you feel like. Watch out for fever.

At the Birthplace, we understand that different mothers would have different needs, which is why our doctors, nurses and other support staff are all very well-trained to manage all your needs, whenever you need.

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