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Masters in Baby Affairs

A comprehensive online course for expecting and new parents
Exclusive 100% scholarship offer for Cloudnine customers
Be a pro in taking care of you and your baby, with India’s 1st maternity classes
Moms and Pops, it’s time to accelerate On Cloudnine, India’s #1 maternity hospital

What do you learn at Cloudnine’s Masters in Baby Affairs (MBA)?

Understanding your body through pregnancy
  1. All the changes your body goes through during your pregnancy journey
Baby development
  1. Week-by-week guide of the growth of the baby
Eating habits and lifestyle changes
  1. Dietary requirements
  2. Lifestyle changes like travel, attire, sleep etc.
Staying active, relaxation techniques & Lamaze
  1. Breathing and fitness exercises, Lamaze classes
Medical care and safe pregnancy
  1. Your journey with the doctor
  2. Do's and don'ts
Bonding with baby bump
  1. Nurturing a relationship with the baby from the womb
Maternity and baby shopping
  1. All your shopping needs for the mama and the baby
All about childbirth and Breastfeeding
  1. Preparing for the D-day and lactation
Preparing for the baby's arrival and newborn care
  1. Handling the newborn and getting everything ready for its arrival
Why should I enrol?

Our MBA course has been designed to give a holistic approach to pregnancy and birthing. During the tenure of this course, you will learn baby basics like changing diapers, dealing with anxiety and pre-pregnancy fears and developing skills to take care of your infant, understanding vaccinations and how to go about it effectively.

Pregnancy is said to bring a couple closer together, as you both learn to navigate your way through 9 months of ups and downs. Our pre-parenting classes not only let you explore different aspects of yoga, breathing, lamaze, nursing, and lactation but also lets you discuss important questions on parenting techniques and methods. This course will further strengthen your bond as partners, build confidence to face challenges, and overcome them easily.

Why should I enroll?



For Moms-To-Be


  • Trimester 1
  1. Understanding your body through pregnancy
  2. Eating habits and lifestyle changes
  3. Staying active, relaxation techniques & Lamaze
  • Trimester 2
  • Medical care and safe pregnancy
  • Maternity shopping
  • All about childbirth
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For Moms-To-Be

For New Moms

  • New Mom
  • Baby development
  • Bonding with baby bump
  • Baby shopping
  • Breastfeeding
  • Preparing for the baby's arrival and newborn care
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Why Cloudnine?

#1 Maternity and Paediatric hospital in the country
Instant Chat with Doctors via Cloudnine's app
5 Lakh+ Happy Customers
10 Cities
24 Centers
across India
NABH Certified*
Trusted Experts with 35+ years of Experience


India’s No.1 Maternity, Obstetrics & Gynecology
India’s No.1 Pediatrics facility
IT Excellence Award from The Indian Express Group - Its Our Baby App. (2019)
National Best IVF Facility Hospital
No.1 Fertility in Bengaluru, Gurugram, Pune

Cloudnine Group of hospitals are India’s leading chain of maternity & fertility hospitals with numerous accolades.
Cloudnine is always delighted to be at your service. Our sole purpose is to see you and your family happy!


Wherefrom, can I attend these LIVE sessions?

These sessions are online, so you can attend them from the comfort of your homes or anywhere you wish. All you need is a steady internet connection and a smartphone or a laptop/tab/desktop.

How do I prepare for the LIVE session?

Check the preparation section above. This will enable you to make the most of the session. We also encourage you to use a laptop instead of a mobile to connect to the session.  A stable internet connection would be a prerequisite to avoid lagging issues.

How do I join the meeting? How do I ask a question?

Lactation, Nutrition, and Physiotherapy sessions will be conducted exclusively on Cloudnine’s community site. A zoom guide and meeting link will be shared with you before the meeting. The guide will contain all instructions on how to join and ask questions.

Can I chat/talk to the doctor personally during the session?

Yes, you can speak to the doctor directly and get your queries resolved in the session. However, we encourage you to book a Video Consultation with the doctor through Cloudnine’s “It’s Our Baby” App to have a private discussion.

What should I do if my session/internet gets disconnected?

You can re-join the meeting as soon as your internet is restored using the same steps that you used the first time.

Can I record the session?

No. We do not allow session recording due to proprietary content. Please avoid taking pictures / recording the screen while the session is going on. We encourage you to keep a pen & paper handy during the session to note any important points. This will help you with record-keeping for the future.

Will we have to pay for these sessions?

Cloudnine’s MBA sessions are chargeable at Rs.24999/- but there is an exclusive offer for Cloudnine customers. There is also a 100% scholarship offer for the first 100 registrations.

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