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Challenges that Indian Women face while Pursuing Fitness

India is diverse, and women's fitness goals are no exception. At one end, some women are highly aware of their bodies and prioritise pursuing requisite fitness regimens. On the other hand, some women do not think of fitness at all.

However, in the middle lie women who may have fitness goals but are challenged by various factors at various times.

From experience, I have noticed certain factors that may be obstacles along the way.

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1. Societal Norms and Expectations: Traditional gender roles and societal expectations can discourage women from participating in certain sports or pursuing strength training due to concerns about appearing "too muscular" or deviating from feminine norms. Several cultures do not actively promote exercise in the female members of the family due to various assumptions about its effects on the female body.

2. Body Image Pressures: Unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by media can lead to body dissatisfaction, affecting women's confidence to engage in physical activities. Fear of judgment about appearance can hinder their willingness to participate.

3. Hormonal Fluctuations: Menstrual cycles and hormonal changes can impact energy levels, motivation, and performance. Women may have to adapt their fitness routines to accommodate these fluctuations.

4. Pregnancy and Postpartum Challenges: The physical changes accompanying pregnancy and postpartum recovery can pose unique obstacles to maintaining fitness routines. Balancing childcare responsibilities and physical well-being can be demanding. Also, solid cultural influences may deter their fitness pursuits.

5. Inadequate Sportswear and Gear: Ill-fitting or insufficient sportswear and equipment designed for men can lead to discomfort and hinder performance. Finding suitable gear for different body types can be a challenge.

6. Safety Concerns: In some areas, safety concerns may deter women from exercising outdoors, especially during early mornings or late evenings. Ensuring a secure environment is crucial for participation.

7. Time Constraints: Balancing work, family responsibilities, and personal commitments can leave little time for physical activity. Finding time for fitness within busy schedules can be a struggle.

8. Lack of Representation: The lack of female representation in particular sports and fitness spaces can make it harder for women to find role models and supportive communities, impacting their motivation to participate.

9. Stereotypes and Bias: Stereotypes about women's physical abilities and perceptions that certain sports are not suitable for them can create mental barriers, discouraging women from trying new activities.

10. Access to Facilities: Limited access to gyms, sports facilities, and recreational spaces can hinder women's ability to engage in physical activities, particularly in underserved areas.

Addressing these challenges is essential to create a more inclusive and supportive environment that encourages women to pursue and sustain their fitness goals.

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