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Health issues can strike at any time without a warning;
That’s where Cloudnine’s 24/7 emergency services kick in.

We are determined to defeat every healthcare problem faced by moms and kids, no matter when and where.

Cloudnine’s Free 24/7 emergency helpline’s special features:

24/7 emergency helpline is a Free service
24/7 emergency helpline is dedicated to women and children’s care
Qualified, trained, certified and highly experienced Experts are available for on-call support
Connect instantly with our Experts in the time of an emergency
Experienced Experts and care coordinators will help you in your hour of need
Helpline Experts are available day or night, seven days a week
Experts who can tell you how to manage your condition wherever you are
Health promotion and risk reduction pregnancy counseling
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What Is Cloudnine’s

24/7 Emergency Helpline?

Our 24/7 emergency helpline is all about providing emergency treatment for the mother and child anytime and anywhere. We are only one call away for every mom and child. We will connect you instantly with Experts and specialists during emergencies involving Maternity, Gynecology, and Pediatrics concerns.

Sometimes a few women experience pain in the lower left side of the abdomen, or elsewhere in the abdomen or in the body during pregnancy, but are unable to visit a doctor instantly, that’s where Cloudnine’s experts help out and tell you how to manage that condition in that hour through our 24/7 emergency helpline. Cloudnine care's helpline team is available 24 hours.


Pregnancy is a challenging time for women. They face many issues such as prenatal and postnatal depression, trimester-specific issues, gestational diabetes, labour pain, vomiting, fever, back pain, stomach ache, etc. Cloudnine’s emergency helpline is here to accommodate them in connecting with a certified Cloudnine expert in their hour of need, within minutes.

During pregnancy, If an expecting mother experiences no movement of the baby in the 5th-month or other problems, she might be at a risk, moreover due to the utter panic she faces at the time. Hence, it is Cloudnine’s duty and privilege to guide such moms-to-be in the right direction for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Cloudnine’s 24/7 emergency also has a special service for expecting parents and couples planning for pregnancy like yourselves. The service is our FREE Pregnancy Counselling via our 24/7 helpline. During a pregnancy journey, the mother’s body undergoes various changes and this counselling will prepare you for any emergency situation. Trained professionals will be available on call at all times for the counselling. The counselling is provided by these clinical experts who have an in-depth knowledge of the pregnancy journey and are themselves mothers. Topics on each trimester of the pregnancy, scans and tests advised by your doctor and what to expect during the journey will be covered.

Although Pregnancy Counselling is not an emergency, this service gets you ready for all that you could expect and helps you identify if the situation is an emergency or not.


Cloudnine’s emergency helpline is the best option for women facing gynecological issues such as bleeding, abdomen pain, urine infection, back pain, etc. There might be symptoms of urine infection in a female, yet due to some hesitation she decides against visiting the hospital, however, it's essential to take the right guidance to treat this. That’s when Cloudnine’s 24/7 emergency helpline saves the day. Women of all ages can connect with our specialists at any time for quick guidance over such issues.

Many teenage girls are afraid to inquire about urine infection symptoms, spotting on the day of the period, and queries on prescriptions for gynecological issues. Our 24/7 emergency services are always ready to help them. Our specialist doctors give them the right advice and encouragement to manage any such situation.


Caring for a baby is a great responsibility for every parent. Sometimes the baby may cry suddenly due to cold & cough, abdomen pain, stomach aches might occur without a reason that the parents can't comprehend, that’s the moment when they can call Cloudnine’s helpline for the right solution. If a baby has fallen and has injured himself or herself and visiting the hospital is not possible or in case of stomach pain in infants at night,  Cloudnine’s helpline number is the only opportunity to provide an instant solution for the grave situation.
Our Other Special Service:

Cloudnine’s Emergency Helpline gives quick and effective solutions to every patient. Here are our additional features.
  • FREE pregnancy counselling
  • 24x7 hours emergency helpline for mother and chil
  • Health promotion and risk reduction counselling
  • Guidance under qualified and trained experts
  • Certified experts available for on-call support
You Should Choose Cloudnine Care Helpline:

Cloudnine care offers the best EMR treatment solution for all the mother and child in an hour. Cloudnine is a one-stop solution for all patients who need emergency care. Our experts and doctors are always with you and help you to manage your condition.

You can call us on our helpline number 9972499724 for the better solution from your home.
Issues that you might need our

24/7 emergency helpline’s attention

Bleeding in pregnancy
Back pain during pregnancy
Pregnancy - White Discharge
Stomach Pain
A baby fell and injured himself/herself
Baby having loose motions or is not passing stool
Bleeding after Miscarriage,
Water discharge or if the water bag burst in pregnancy
Contraceptive queries, and more
Baby has Fever
Cloudnine’s 24/7 emergency helpline gives a quick and effective solution to every patient.

Here are our other features:
  • 24/7 hours emergency helpline for mother and child
  • Health promotion and risk reduction counselling
  • Guidance under qualified and trained specialists
  • Certified Experts available for on-call support
Cloudnine Care Helpline:

Our 24/7 helpline was created to help moms with pregnancy or birthing issues like sudden bleeding during pregnancy and or uncontrollable crying by the child or a gynecological health emergency, till everything calms down or till help arrives.

Cloudnine care offers the best emergency medical solution for all mothers and children during their time of medical need. Cloudnine's emergency helpline is a one-stop solution for all patients who need emergency care. Our experts and doctors are always with you and promise to help you manage your condition.

Call us on our helpline number 99724 99724 whenever you need us!
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Additional specialties of Cloudnine:
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:
  1. What is the Emergency Helpline & Pregnancy Counseling number?
    99724 99724
  2. Is the number operational 24/7?
  3. Is this a paid service?
    On-call service is free
  4. For what issues can I call?
    Emergency queries related to Pregnancy, Gynecology, and Child care
  5. Who will be answering the queries from Cloudnine?
    Full trained Emergency experts will provide support on call
  6. Can I upload prescriptions for the Expert to view them?
    Apologies, we don’t have this feature now as it’s on-call support only
  7. Will I need to come to the hospital for assistance?
    If we find the need for physical assistance then yes
  8. Do you help with newborn kids too?
    Yes, we support newborn and kids till the age of 16
  9. Can I do a video consultation with the experts?
    Experts are available for on-call support however you can video consult with any of our doctors using our app it’s our baby
  10. I am in my pregnancy journey however not consulting at C9, can I still call for support?
  11. Can I call regarding lactation issues?
    Yes, our experts can help with all aspects of pregnancy
  12. Can I just call for advice and not an emergency?
    Yes, we are here to help you with all your queries
  13. Can you help us with booking an appointment?
    For appointments please call 99728 99728
  14. Do you provide ambulance service?
    In case you want to visit our hospital in an Emergency, yes we do provide you with Ambulance as well
  15. Can a doctor visit our house in case of an emergency?
    Doctors/Trained staff will visit your house in an ambulance in case of emergency and help you to reach Cloudnine hospital for further assessment
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