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Best Pediatricians in

New Delhi

Meet the Best Pediatricians in New Delhi On Cloudnine!

Choosing the best paediatrician is the most difficult yet critical decision for every parent. You need to make this decision at the earliest as it is necessary right from the first general checkup to all the vaccinations till 10 years of age. As parents, it is natural to have concerns about your children and be sure that they stay safe and healthy. Having the right paediatrician by the side is always like having a guardian angel assigned to your kid. At Cloudnine, we aim to provide quality support with the best child specialist in Mumbai. We take pride in handling all the kids with various health issues, both acute and chronic, at ease.

The neonatal unit is equipped with many nurses and staff to deal with all cadres of emergency care. Most importantly, child wellness is the motto of all the doctors here, and we handle all our children with the utmost care. We have the latest infrastructure with trained professionals and healthcare providers.

The PICU in New Delhi, Cloudnine has shown outstanding excellence in the care that it provides to all kids in and around New Delhi.

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Dr. Jay Kishore

Dr. Jay Kishore

MBBS, MD, DNB (Neonatology)
Senior Consultant Neonatology & Pediatrics
Pediatric Care
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New Delhi
Dr. Kumari Gunjan

Dr. Kumari Gunjan

MD Paediatrics DNB Neonatology
Consultant Neonatology and Paediatrics
Pediatric Care
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New Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is pediatrics?
Pediatrics means “Healer of children''. Cloudnine's Pediatrics division is one of the most popular branches of healthcare at its facilities. It includes healthcare services for infants, children, and also adolescents. Only minors are supposed to be under the supervision of pediatric care. A fun fact added to it is that it is comparatively a new medical branch that began developing from the middle of the 19th century. On Cloudnine, in New Delhi, you will get all the benefits of pediatric care as we have the best pediatricians in India to care for your child.
What are the subspecialties of pediatrics and what specialties within them are taken care of by child specialists on Cloudnine?
There are several vital subspecialties of pediatrics, most of these specialties are covered on Cloudnine by India’s best Child specialists. These subspecialties are fetal medicine, neonatology, pediatric oncology, pediatric immunology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric critical care, adolescent medicine, clinical informatics, developmental-behavioral pediatrics, genetics and metabolism, headache medicine, hospice, and palliative care, hospital medicine, medical toxicology, pain medicine, pediatric allergy and a few more. On Cloudnine, New Delhi, parents are provided with an array of healthcare services by the most credible and qualified pediatricians to help their child cope with and recover from any kind of health issue.
What is the role of a pediatrician on Cloudnine?
Our pediatricians on Cloudnine are medical doctors who work to handle and treat physical problems, behavioral problems, and also mental problems of children from the time of their birth to the age of eighteen. Our specialists on Cloudnine are highly trained to diagnose and give proper treatment to a huge range of illnesses associated with children's health which include health problems that are minor and also serious. On Cloudnine, New Delhi, we have India's leading pediatricians and top child specialists to cater to the health needs of children. Cloudnine Hospital's pediatric division is ranked as India's No. 1 Pediatric facility by the Times of India survey. So if parents are looking for pediatric care for their children, Cloudnine is the perfect destination for them!
What are the differences between pediatric medicine on Cloudnine and adult medicine?
There are several significant differences between Cloudnine's pediatric medical care and adult medicine. They are such as the difference of absorption, the difference of distribution, the difference of metabolism, the difference of elimination. Thus, it can be clearly understood that pediatric medicine is quite different from adult medicine as it is specially designed for the body of a child. Hence, at Cloudnine hospital, New Delhi, parents will get the best child care services as we have the most updated childcare facility with advanced equipment and India's best pediatricians under one roof.
How frequently should a child see a pediatrician on Cloudnine?
From the age of 1 year to the age of 4 years, a child should be brought to visit their pediatricians on Cloudnine at least seven times which excludes the visits when the child is unwell. After the child turns four years old it is highly recommended that they should visit their pediatrician on Cloudnine once a year. Thus it can be clearly understood that it is very important to maintain a routine pediatric check-up for your child. Cloudnine, in New Delhi, has the country's leading pediatricians to help your child enjoy a healthy, happy and active childhood.
When should your child visit our pediatricians on Cloudnine?
There are many significant reasons for which you can visit our pediatricians on Cloudnine. When a baby is born, the parents should bring them to Cloudnine for a pediatric visit within the first week of their birth. Annual check-ups are extremely important for the assurance of the kid's well-being. Parents should schedule a visit to their child's pediatrician for crucial immunizations and vaccinations. It is very essential. Other reasons to visit our pediatrician are when kids face problems of ear infections, common colds, sore throats, behavioral problems, etc. On Cloudnine, in the city of New Delhi, you will get the best pediatric services for your child as Cloudnine is the country's #1 Mother and Child care destination.
Why should parents maintain a routine annual check-up for their child?
According to the leading pediatricians it is quite essential for parents to bring their child for wellness check-ups at least once a year. It is not only crucial for the well-being of the child's health but also, it creates a great understanding through interaction between the child and his or her pediatrician. This is important for the child to have a happier and healthier life. Cloudnine, in New Delhi, has an array of the very best pediatricians in India for your child's health and positive development.
Why is childhood immunization so essential as a pediatric routine?
According to the pediatrician's advice, immunizations are extremely essential for your child. Immunization helps to protect your child from severe diseases such as mumps, whooping coughs, rubella, measles, smallpox, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and some more. Some parents may feel anxious about the process of immunization but they have to understand that it is very important to protect the child from these harmful diseases. On Cloudnine, New Delhi, we provide you with the finest and most credible child special services.
Why does your child require a Cloudnine pediatrician?
General physicians can also give routine check-ups to your child. However, there are several advantages of a Cloudnine pediatrician that parents should consider while choosing between a general physician and a child specialist on Cloudnine or a pediatrician for their child's health. The advantages are such as pediatricians have special training for children's emotional and behavioral requirements. Another significant advantage is that they are experts in children's healthcare and medicine. On Cloudnine, in the city of New Delhi, parents will get the best possible pediatric service for the health and well-being of their precious child.
What to expect on a visit to a Cloudnine pediatrician?
A visit to a Cloudnine pediatrician can be a unique experience for both the child and the parents. Our pediatricians not only provide treatment to the child's health problems but also provide advice on the behavior and emotional needs of a child. They put extra focus on the child's way of thinking and how their brain is forming which is quite an essential thing for the wellness of the child. On Cloudnine, New Delhi, you will be given the finest and most trustworthy pediatric service and care for your children.

Best Pediatricians In New Delhi 

Your wealth is your child’s abundant health. Let us help you give the best medical attention and care to your little ones at Cloudnine, the best pediatric hospital in New Delhi today. Our state-of-the-art facility houses pediatric specialists ready to assess, diagnose and propose the aptest treatment plan customized to your child. Our services include treatment for the common cold, cough, asthma, allergies, skin infections, nutrition counselling extending to a range of specialist areas like pediatric cardiology, pediatric surgery and much more. Fully equipped with the most technologically advanced treatment and emergency care, we are proud to be the most preferred hospital when it comes to offering medical care to children.

Best Children Hospital In New Delhi

At Cloudnine hospital, we take healthcare seriously. Especially when it comes to our littlest patients, our specialist team of children’s physician’s ensures they get optimal medical attention with the best facility available. Whether you have a newborn and need special hearing tests or Guthrie tests or need assistance in adolescent endocrinology for your teenager, we have you covered. 

Long gone are the days when hospitals were an unwelcoming space. Our specially designed kid’s play area and friendly specialists ensure your experience is as calm, soothing and reassuring as it can be. So why not stop your search for a children’s specialist near me and visit us at Cloudnine. Experience true child health care through expert diagnosis and treatment for children from birth till adolescence.

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