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Best Pediatricians in

New Industrial Township, Faridabad

Cloudnine Pediatric Hospital with the Best Pediatrician in New Industrial Township, Faridabad

India’s premier women’s healthcare and maternity hospital has reached another milestone by opening Faridabad’s only private children’s hospital. As a leading children’s hospital, we have the best child doctors in New Industrial Township, Faridabad, dedicated staff, and highly qualified nurses working with us. We are dedicated to providing innovative patient care through the best facilities. In this endeavor, we have introduced newborn screening which includes hearing and Guthrie tests. These tests are conducted to fulfill the aim of providing an international standard of pediatric care. We are the only hospital in the country that conducts these tests, so you know when you come to us your kids are in safe hands!

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Dr. Sidharth Nayyar

Dr. Sidharth Nayyar

MBBS, MD Pediatrics, DNB Neonatology
Pediatric Care
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New Industrial Township
Dr. Kunal Pramod Naik

Dr. Kunal Pramod Naik

Pediatrician and Neonatologist
Pediatric Care
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New Industrial Township

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is pediatrics?
Pediatrics is a medical branch that is comparably new in medical science. An interesting fact here is that the development of pediatrics started in the very middle of the nineteenth century. Cloudnine pediatricians usually incorporate physical, behavioral, and mental health and care services for children from infants to adolescents. On Cloudnine, at the center, New Industrial Township, Faridabad, we have the country's best and most dependable pediatricians who are constantly devoted to making your child's life healthy and active, and full of happiness.
What are the subspecialties of pediatrics on Cloudnine?
There are many crucial sub-specialties of pediatrics on Cloudnine that incorporate specialties such as Foetal Medicine, pediatric emergency medicine, pediatric endocrinology, pediatric gastroenterology, transplant hepatology, pediatric hematology, pediatric infectious diseases treatment, pediatric nephrology, pediatric oncology, pediatric pulmonology, primary care, sports medicine, and some other specialties. On Cloudnine, New Industrial Township, Faridabad, parents are given the best pediatric services as Cloudnine has the best pediatricians from the country at their service.
What is the role of a Cloudnine pediatrician?
A pediatrician is also known as a child specialist. Cloudnine Pediatricians or child specialists are medical professionals who are experts in handling and treating physical issues, behavioral issues, and emotional or mental issues of a child. They can be considered as the partners of children from the time of their birth till the time they turn eighteen years old. They treat both minor and serious issues associated with children's health. Cloudnine New Industrial Township, Faridabad, has the country's leading child care specialists.
What are the differences between pediatric medicine on Cloudnine and adult medicine?
There are some distinct differences between adult medicines and Cloudnine's pediatric medicines. One of the major differences is in the absorption level of these two kinds of medicines. Another significant difference is that the variation in the level of metabolism in these two kinds of medicines, of which pediatrics is perfected on Cloudnine, especially being a childcare specialty hospital. On Cloudnine Faridabad, at New Industrial Township, we provide parents with the very best and advanced child care facilities for their children's health and well-being.
How frequently should a child see a pediatrician on Cloudnine?
Cloudnine's pediatricians are like a child's heartiest well-wisher after the child's parents, they take care of the well-being of the child from birth until he or she turns eighteen years old. According to the Cloudnine experts, from the age of 1 to 4, parents should take their children to visit their pediatrician at least seven times for a thorough well-health check-up. This helps the parents to be stress-free about their child's health and also helps the child to create a bond and comfort level with his or her pediatrician which is extremely important. After the child turns 4, the parents should take the child for a thorough well-health check-up at least one time on an annual basis. If parents are searching for pediatric services for their children, Cloudnine, at New Industrial Township, Faridabad is the best place for them.
When should a child visit a pediatrician on Cloudnine?
There are several crucial reasons to consult a Cloudnine pediatrician for your child. Firstly, the parents should maintain a routine annual pediatric check-up session for their children as it is important for the children to maintain a healthy and active life. Secondly, Pediatrics consultations of Cloudnine should be taken for vaccinations of the child as it is another extremely important step for the well-being of the child. Thirdly, there are some other reasons as well such as fever, cold, cough, digestive issues, etc due to which children are brought to visit our specialists. On Cloudnine, New Industrial Township, Faridabad, you will get the most trustworthy pediatric services for your beloved child.
Why should parents maintain a routine annual check-up for their child on Cloudnine?<br>
According to the experts, annual routine pediatric well-health check-ups on Clounine are very crucial and essential for children as it allows them to create a trusted relationship with their pediatrician that ultimately helps them to open up about any kind of issue that may bother them as pediatrics put in special efforts on understanding the thoughts of the children. On Cloudnine, at the center, New Industrial Township, Faridabad, you will be provided with the care services given by the country's most preferred and qualified child specialists to help your child go through any sort of physical, mental, or behavioral issues.
Why is childhood immunization essential as a pediatric routine on Cloudnine?
Cloudnine's pediatric specialists insist parents on getting their kids, vaccinations, and immunizations, crucial for the child as they have the power to protect kids from harmful diseases like polio, smallpox, rubella, diphtheria, mumps, tetanus, whooping coughs, and some other critical diseases. Parents may find the process of vaccination quite challenging at first but they should realize it is only for protecting their child's health. On Cloudnine New Industrial Township, Faridabad, you will get all the child special advanced services for your child as our esteemed doctors completely devote themselves to your child's health and care.
Why does your child require a Cloudnine pediatrician?
Some parents may prefer their family doctor or their general physician for the healthcare of their children. However, certain advantages show that they should prefer Cloudnine's pediatricians or child specialists for their child's wellness. The advantages are evaluated as follows: Our pediatricians have a specialized care structure only for children's health; they can also offer certain healthcare facilities that the general physician may not provide. Cloudnine, New Industrial Township, Faridabad, has the country's finest child health care services so that your child can live a healthy and carefree life.
What to expect on a visit to a pediatrician?
Cloudnine's pediatric sessions are a unique experience. Our pediatricians are experts in giving proper physical, mental, and also behavioral advice, and treatment to your child. They play the role of the child's healthcare partner till the age of eighteen. They put extra care to understand the child's thought process which is crucial for a child at any age. On Cloudnine, New Industrial Township, Faridabad, we have the best pediatricians in India or child specialists for every need of your child. So if you are looking for a pediatric service for your child, Cloudnine is the perfect place for you.

Pediatric Services offered by the Best Child Specialists in New Industrial Township, Faridabad

Whether it is emergency care or preventive care our experts are there to help you. Inpatient and outpatient services to treat a wide range of health issues including developmental paediatrics, neurology, cardiology, and dermatology are provided. Common problems like fever, allergies, fractures, etc are also treated. A dedicated emergency response team is available 24/7 to treat urgent cases. The facility is equipped with a Neonatal Care Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in case there are complications. 

Schedule a Virtual or Physical Consultation with the Best Children Specialist in New Industrial Township, Faridabad

Kids love coming to Cloudnine for their health checks due to the warm and friendly environment in the hospital. Moreover, the consultation rooms are attractive, the clinic has a dedicated kids’ play area and the medical staff is friendly and caring. That makes it a comfortable place for their parents too! To schedule an appointment with our best Pediatric Doctor in Sec 51, Faridabad, Sec 50, Sector 18 or Sector 22, you can use our online booking option or call our hospital. For the added convenience of the pediatric patient and their parents we also do video consultations!

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