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White Discharge During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can often be as confusing as heart-warming. Changes that seem natural might be a significant concern  and are often not easy to find. White water discharge, which may differ in thickness, frequency, and volume over nine months, is one of the first differences you may experience. 

What is the natural discharge from the vagina during pregnancy?

Water discharge in women is a problem that every woman faces their regular life. Natural vaginal discharge is called leukorrhea during pregnancy. It's thin, white, with a slight smell, and milky. It's normal, and there's nothing to be concerned about. 

In pregnancy, what is an irregular vaginal discharge?

If the vaginal discharge is a green or yellow color, smells strong, and causes itching and swelling, you may have a vaginal infection. Candidiasis is one of the most common vaginal infections during pregnancy (yeast infection). You can contact our expert nurses anytime, and they will give you the right suggestion regarding white discharge during maternity.

When to See Your Doctor?

If your vaginal discharge rises a lot during pregnancy, you should contact us for emergency care. Our experts always connect you in an hour.

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See your doctor if:

  • The discharge identify with color (greenish or brownish)
  • The discharge includes 
  • Blood in the discharge
  • It smells weird, strange,
  • You feel sore or itchy

White discharge during maternity is something that every woman faces during pregnancy. Many women are worried about this situation, we understand you, that is why we are always there for you. Share your problems with our experts. They will give you the best treatment, guidance and tell you how to manage this condition. Here are things about how Cloudnine helps you.

  • Expert and certified doctors
  • Highest quality specialty pregnancy care
  • Analyze your problems
  • 24/7 video consultation
  • Offer equipped luxury rooms
  • A dedicated team of nurse

There are several significant stages of labour pain that can be observed. The stages are discussed as follows:

  • The first stage is the early labour pain stage which lasts up to six hours or even more.
  • The second stage is the active labour pain stage which lasts more or less two to eight hours.
  • The third stage is the transition labour pain stage which lasts approximately up to 1 hour or slightly more.
  • The fourth stage is the pushing labour pain stage which lasts just a few minutes or even two to three hours.
  • The fifth stage is the placenta delivery pain stage which lasts approximately thirty minutes.

Cloudnine, the leading hospital service in the country for mothers and their babies, is the perfect destination for your journey of pregnancy. Here, on Cloudnine you will get the most qualified gynecologists' and obstetricians at your service to help you go through every prenatal experience, every stage of labour, and every postnatal experience as well with utmost care and safety as the main motto of Cloudnine is to keep you and your baby safe and sound and give you the most memorable pregnancy and delivery experience.

Book an Appointment with Dr. Hirday Kapoor for all Gynecology related concerns.


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