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Physiotherapists in Mumbai

Best Physiotherapists in Mumbai are on Cloudnine

The heart of India, Mumbai, is well known across the whole world for its fast-track life. Every single individual living here is busy and cannot let any health issues hamper their time. People here believe in speedy recovery of their health and are conscious about their physical well-being all the time. Cloudnine, being one of the best health care provider chains in India, is very much recommended for its maternity treatments.

Today in this world of showbiz, women are more concerned about their postnatal health. They want to look fit both during and after their pregnancy, making gynae physiotherapy an important part of their life. Keeping these things in mind, here on Cloudnine, thorough care, their customers’ well-being is safe under the guidance of the best gynae physiotherapist in Mumbai. A custom-made physiotherapy treatment program is prepared for ladies according to their symptoms and body issues. Cloudnine’s physiotherapy specialists can now help you from the comfort of your house. Register for Cloudnine Online Physio Consultation cum Home services.

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Megha Gujaran

BPT, Masters in Physiotherapy
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is a healthcare service via physical therapy provided by physiotherapists whose purpose is to help in promoting, maintaining, or restoring physical health and mobility through physical examination, diagnosis, prognosis, rehabilitation, prevention of disease, etc. Physiotherapy or physio care on Cloudnine caters to the all-around physical and bone health of the expecting mother. On Cloudnine, we provide the country’s best physiotherapists and care in Mumbai for women during their pregnancy such as Antenatal exercises, Lamaze birthing techniques, Relaxation techniques, and much more.On Cloudnine we see to it that our customers feel at ease at all times and hence during their pregnancy journey, we prepare their fitness calendar which comprises a holistic exercise routine, during and after pregnancy. Our physiotherapy services are also for kids who might have been facing developmental issues and need the push to strengthen their bones to be able to access their mobility.
What is the role of a physiotherapist?
The role of a physiotherapist is to help people dealing with an injury, illness, or some kind of disability through physical movement, exercise, manual therapy, advice, and care. They help in maintaining health for people of different ages and also in managing pain and preventing diseases. Cloudnine employs India’s best physiotherapists who provide top physiotherapy service in Mumbai is provided to expecting mothers, or women in their postpartum phase, our physiotherapy specialists also prove baby massages, which is crucial for babies. Cloudnine offers a vast range of physiotherapy sessions other than pregnancy, in cases when women go through gynecology issues.
What are the problems treated by a physiotherapist?
There are several problems and conditions that can be treated by a physiotherapist. They can be: Arthritis, Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Concussion, Dizziness, Vertigo, and Imbalance, Frozen Shoulder, Golfer’s Elbow, Headaches, Heel and Foot Pain, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Pelvic Floor Conditions, Sciatica, Tendonitis, and some more. On Cloudnine, we have the country’s finest physiotherapy services provided by the leading, most experienced, and best physiotherapists in Mumbai to help pregnant mothers with a huge range of prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy services such as posture training, gestational diabetes exercises, posture assessment, and reeducation, etc.
When should someone visit and consult a physiotherapist?
When someone is dealing with a muscular or bone health condition that is not healing post two to three days and the pain is severe, they should definitely visit and consult with a physiotherapist as soon as possible. The longer someone waits to begin the treatment, the longer it takes to recover in most of the cases. A couple can as well visit physiotherapists on Cloudnine for prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy and fitness routines. They can also visit the center for post-menopausal physiotherapy treatments. On Cloudnine, you will get the country’s finest and top physiotherapy services by India’s best Physiotherapists in Mumbai during pregnancy, during labour, and also after delivery such as relaxation methods, prevention, and treatment of backache, leg cramps, postnatal exercises, etc.
What to expect at a physiotherapy session?
At a physiotherapy session, the patient will be observed while doing some general movements standing, sitting, or lying. The physiotherapist will also thoroughly check the patient’s flexibility by moving their limbs or arms to understand the condition. Usually, the examinations are painless, however, mild discomfort may occur in some of the cases. On Cloudnine, we provide the country’s best, and most preferred physiotherapy sessions during the stressful journey of pregnancy for the would-be-mothers such as Lamaze birthing methods, birthing ball exercises, stress reduction sessions, etc in Mumbai.
Is physiotherapy painful?
This is one of the most common fears about physiotherapy sessions among patients. One can be assured that the main goal of physiotherapy is to remove the pain and maintain the patient’s health. In most cases, it is painless. However, there are some cases where mild to moderate pain or discomfort can be felt. On Cloudnine, you will get the country’s finest and most careful physiotherapy services for women during the anxious time of pregnancy and also after the delivery in your city, Mumbai so that women can have the best possible stress-free experience during their pregnancy.
Is physiotherapy a quick process?
It is different with every condition. Some conditions may take a comparatively short amount of time whereas, some may take a long period of time. However, the main purpose of the process of physiotherapy is to speed up the process of healing. On Cloudnine, you will get the country’s finest prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy services. Here we have the country’s leading, most trusted and experienced, physiotherapists in your city, Mumbai who will guide the new mothers throughout the overwhelming time period of pregnancy.
How frequent and long is the process of physiotherapy?
At the time of the initial recovery stage, physiotherapy should be provided at least three to four times within a week as routine physiotherapy will encourage blood circulation which will lead to speed up the recovery process. When the patient starts to recover and heal and is able to exercise on their own, the frequency of physiotherapy can be reduced. On Cloudnine, we provide the country’s finest and most preferred physiotherapy services during pregnancy, during labor, after delivery, and some significant gynecological physiotherapy sessions in your city, Mumbai. Cloudnine also provides several pediatrics physiotherapy sessions as well in the city.
How does physiotherapy help in the recovery?
The human body is functioned to move. When it is involved with movements, the muscles work, the joints bend, the heart beats faster, and the breathing becomes heavy. These help to maintain and improve muscle power, joint mobility, blood circulation, healing, and respiratory health. In this way, the process of physiotherapy helps the patient to get a speedy recovery. On Cloudnine, we have India's leading, most experienced, and preferred physiotherapy specialists in Mumbai for would-be-mothers, new mothers and their babies, and women in general. Cloudnine provides you with advanced and essential therapy sessions such as post-menopausal exercises, posture assessment and re-education, baby massage developmental assessment, and many more.
Does someone need a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy?
In many cases, a doctor can refer a physiotherapist to a patient when they have severe aches, pain, or muscle soreness. However, to visit and consult a physiotherapist one does not need a doctor’s referral. They can make an appointment on their own, through ‘Cloudnine app’ Or Cloudnine’s online widget or at the helpdesk post walking the center. On Cloudnine, women will get the country’s finest and most careful physiotherapy services for themselves and their babies as well in your Mumbai to guide you and help you through the stressful time of pregnancy and also after pregnancy.

Best Physiotherapy specialists in Mumbai 

Doctors here are highly qualified to train a would-be-mom, to handle her infant, what all ergonomic advice should be followed, precautions to be taken before and after delivery. Hence, making a friendly environment for a Mom-to-be to visit frequently. These physiotherapy sessions are held regularly to help the new and would-be mommies throughout their pregnancy lives. Learn breathing techniques to manage labor, Lamaze techniques to achieve physical relaxation, and much more in the comfort of your home. Register on Cloudnine Physio Consultation cum Home Services on our ‘Cloudnine’ app.

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