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The uncertainty of the current situation brought forth the need for Cloudnine to create a 24*7 COVID-19 relief helpline especially to cater to all expecting and new moms, worried during their pregnancy and about their new babies due to the Pandemic.

We assure you that Cloudnine’s MomLine has your back!

We are here with the answers you need, to keep yourselves and your babies safe, and to tackle maternity emergencies during the prevalent COVID-19.

Here is Cloudnine’s one of a kind maternity support line, MomLine, to help New and expecting moms cope during covid times.

Cloudnine’s MomLine service for you

Stress relief support for new moms and expecting moms facing the current situation
Guidance for all pregnancy complications by Clinical specialists during this pandemic
Help for maternity emergencies during COVID-19
Clinical experts, just one call away
24*7 helpline service
Get expert help over a phone call, @ 9972409191
Video Consult our Clinical experts and doctors for Nutrition, Breathing exercises and Breastfeeding guidance.

Also, avail Cloudnine home care services

Cloudnine works round the clock to make your lives easier and comfortable providing the best services.

Times might be difficult, but our will to serve you is stronger!

Why Cloudnine?

Cloudnine Group of Hospitals is the best Maternity, and paediatrics solution provider in India. With its state-of-the-art technology and the best-specialized experts, Cloudnine has been serving the people of India for over 12 years and has won numerous awards for its world-class services.

Cloudnine Hospitals have amazing teams of Doctors, Obstetricians & Gynecologists, Pediatricians & Child Specialists, Neonatologists, Physiotherapists, and Nutritionists, always ready to serve you the best.
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1 Lacs+ Deliveries
5 Lacs+ Happy Customers
8 Cities
17+ Centers across India
NABH Certified
Trusted Experts with over 35+ years of Experience
#1 Maternity and Children’s Hospital Chain in India
FAQs about Momline  support-call:
  1. What is the Momline support?
    MomLine is a call support service by Cloudnine and one of a kind pregnancy helpline during COVID times, for all pregnant and new mothers. The mothers can stay at their homes and still get expert advice for their pregnancy and keep themselves and their families safe from COVD. Also, if an expecting or new mom may have contacted the virus somehow, they needn't worry because our momLine specialists will help them find the perfect solution to recover from this issue
  2. What is the MomLine support number?
    The Momline number is 9972409191.
  3. Is this facility available day and night?
    It’s a 24*7 service. You can reach out to our experts any time of the day, be it a scorching afternoon, the middle of the night, or the pandemic.
  4. I am in my 1st trimester. Should I be worried about catching the virus?
    Worry not! You can call our clinical experts on Momline. They will guide you well.
  5. We recently found out that my one month old is COVID positive. What shall we do next?
    You can contact your experts on Momline for treatment and guidance.
  6. I feel like I have the symptoms of COVID. Shall I go for the test?
    Please contact our doctors on Momline for the best guidance. Meanwhile, you should definitely take the COVID test.
  7. My two month old baby has had a fever since last week. Are there any chances of him catching the virus?
    It can also be a normal fever. Consult our Momline’s clinical specialists. They will guide you through this.
  8. I am a COVID positive mother of a 15 days newborn. Is it okay if I breastfeed my child?
    In case you are a COVID positive mother, you should maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from your newborn. Contact our experts on MomLine for better guidance on this.
  9. My family is planning the naming ceremony for my one month old. Is it okay if we invite our relatives?
    You should not, however if it’s inevitable just make sure none of them is COVID positive and follow all the COVID protocols. Our experts can answer you better on this. Connect with them on MomLine.
  10. My husband’s recently tested positive. Shall we not allow him to see our three months old?
    For the time being, staying away from your baby and from you will be good for you, the baby, and as well as for him. Contact MomLine for more information on this.