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Radiologists in Bellandur, Bangalore


Good news for expecting parents in the Bellandur suburb of Bangalore. You now have the best maternity services in your area on Cloudnine. All your pregnancy concerns are taken care of at Cloudnine. The radiology center is well equipped with the latest technological tools providing world-class treatment. Our nationally and internationally acclaimed radiology specialists provide the best fetal imaging services. From Gynaecology scans like Pelvic‌ ‌Scan and Follicular‌ ‌Scan‌  to Paediatric scans like ‌ Cranium‌ ‌scan‌, Kub‌ ‌Scan‌, etc., you can avail all required medical care under one roof in Bellandur, Bangalore on Cloudnine.

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Dr. Anju Namashivaya

Consultant in Fetal Medicine
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Dr. Neetu Bansal

MBBS, MD - Radio Diagnosis/Radiology
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is Radiology?
Radiology is one of the most popular and important kinds of disciplines in medical science. It mainly works with the crucial method of medical imaging. It works to find out the root cause of diseases, diagnose the patient accordingly and then begin the process of treatment. On Cloudnine at Bellandur, Bangalore, new mothers or would-be-mothers will be provided with the most advanced and safe Radiology services in the entire country.
What is the role of a Radiologist?
The part played by a Radiologist in medical science is extremely essential and significant. They help in detecting a disease inside an individual’s body with the help of several important test methods such as x-rays, CT scans, MRI, ultrasonography, and some others. On Cloudnine at Bellandur, Bangalore, we have the most advanced pieces of equipment for this kind of examination for would-be-mothers and they are performed by the country’s best Radiologists.
What are the most common reasons to visit and consult a Radiologist?
In most cases, people go and see a Radiologist when their general physician prescribes it. To take part in any kind of radiological tests when prescribed by the doctor such as x-ray tests, CT scan tests, ultrasonography tests, they usually visit and consult a Radiologist. On Cloudnine at Bellandur, Bangalore, we have the best and safest Radiology department in the country for the would-be-mothers.
What are the Radiology service provided on Cloudnine?
You’ll find the best Radiologists in Bellandur, Bangalore on Cloudnine and these are the services they provide:Pediatric:Abdominal Scan, Hip scan, Cranium scan, Kub Scan, 2D echocardiography. Pregnancy: Early pregnancy scan, NT Scan, Anomaly Scan, Fetal echo Scan, Interval growth Scan, BPP Scan. Gynecology: Pelvic Scan, Follicular Scan.
What kinds of tests fall under Radiology?
Many important and crucial medical examinations come under the department of Radiology like foetal scans and more. These examinations are extremely crucial to identify the root cause of a disease. They are such as tests performed with the help of NT Scan, Anomaly Scan, Fetal echo Scan, Interval growth Scan, BPP Scan. On Cloudnine at Bellandur, Bangalore, pregnant women will get the country’s finest radiological facilities and the most experienced Radiologists at their service for ultrasonography tests.
How long does the process of the x-ray exam take?
It differs from disease to disease or patient to patient. Some exams with the help of x-rays might take a long time whereas, some examinations might take very little time. Short or long, x-ray examinations are one of the most popular exams of Radiology. Cloudnine at Bellandur, Bangalore has India’s most credible and advanced Radiology services. So if someone is looking for a place to do their x-rays Cloudnine is the best place for them.
Are there risk factors associated with having routine x-ray exams?
According to medical science, x-rays do not have a negative impact or any health risks for an adult, however, it is extremely risky for a baby who is under development. Thus, it is risky for pregnant women to take part in x-ray examinations. On Cloudnine at Bellandur, Bangalore, you will be provided with the most experienced team of Radiologists who will make sure that you and your baby are protected at all costs.
What is a radiologic technologist?
They are generally considered healthcare professionals. They are popularly known as x-ray technicians in many countries. They perform in both public healthcare organisations and also in private healthcare organisations. They play a crucial role in the department of Radiology. On Cloudnine at Bellandur, Bangalore, we have the most trustworthy team of radio technologists who provide extremely careful radiological services to the would-be-moms.
What is a CT scan?
Computerised tomography, popularly known as CT scan, incorporates a set of x-ray images that are generally taken from different angles of a human body. It is also built to capture the images of tissues, bones, and some other internal elements of a human body. On Cloudnine Bellandur, Bangalore, you will get the most advanced CT scan services in the country performed by expert professionals.
What is an ultrasound scan?
An ultrasound scan is generally known as a unique method of the diagnostic imaging process. It is also called diagnostic sonography at several places. This method is used to construct a proper picture of the internal structures of a human body. On Cloudnine at the Bellandur, Bangalore centre, we have the country’s leading and most advanced ultrasound scan facilities for would-be-mothers to have the safest ultrasonography ever possible.

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