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Vaginal Discharge: How Much Is Too Much?

A little wetness after a long day is normal – a token that your body has worked as it should. But when you experience a lot more than usual, it can come as a sign that all is not well. And that you may be hosting an unwelcome visitor called leucorrhoea.

What Is Leucorrhoea and What Are the Symptoms?

Even if you haven’t heard of the term before, it’s more than likely that you’ve felt it. Leucorrhoea pertains to thin, sticky and odourless vaginal discharge composed of dead skin cells, vaginal and cervical secretions and bacteria. While it can be alarming at first to spot oodles of white or yellowish fluid on your underwear, take heart in knowing that leucorrhoea is perfectly normal, a common phenomenon experienced by women of reproductive age.

Sometimes, it is accompanied by a headache, lethargy and weakness, pain in the pelvis, pain during urination, abundant vaginal discharge, foul-smelling discharge or persistent itching in the intimate area.

What Causes Leucorrhoea?

Leucorrhoea is usually brought on by a rise in oestrogen, which stimulates blood flow to the pelvis, promoting mucus production. Here is a closer look at what causes excess vaginal discharge.

Rise in Hormones

Elevated oestrogen reserves are the foremost cause of leucorrhoea. While hormonal elevations are often the product of deeper rooted causes like ovulation or a specific condition, they can also sometimes occur unprompted.

Poor Hygiene

Questionable hygiene can form a breeding ground for bacteria and cause infections. Take basic steps –change your underwear regularly, keep your intimate area clean and cleanse yourself after intercourse.


Expect the onset of leucorrhoea with pregnancy. As your cervix prepares to transport a pint-sized passenger, it produces extra discharge to ward off infections, and soften and lubricate the vaginal walls.


The pH balance of the vagina greatly fluctuates between menstrual cycles, affecting the amount of discharge produced. Leucorrhoea between periods is perfectly normal, and not a cause for worry.

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When leucorrhoea is accompanied by a foul smell, there’s usually more to it than meets the eye. Infections and sexually transmitted diseases cause inflammatory leucorrhoea – a condition where the vaginal walls become swollen and congested. The result? Foul-smelling, white discharge.

What Is the Treatment for Leucorrhoea?

Generally, leucorrhoea does not pose any risks, and does not indicate an underlying problem. In fact, in measure, it is considered a positive sign of a healthy reproductive system. Thus, it seldom requires treatment.

However, if you experience pain or a foul smell, it’s a good idea to meet a gynaecologist to rule out any conditions. You can combat heavy vaginal discharge by wearing light, breathable underwear and clothing and keeping your vaginal area clean and moisture-free.

As tempting as it may be, avoid treating yourself with feminine products or trying your hand at home remedies before consulting a doctor first.

If you’re feeling weighed down by the amount of discharge you experience, consider meeting a gynaecologist on Cloudnine. It’s likely that your body is telling you something. Trust us to help you listen.

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