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Not feeling baby movement

The first time you experience your baby's tiny movements inside your womb, is an exciting pregnancy milestone. These tiny movements show that your baby is healthy and is growing well. First time it just feels like a fluttering below your belly button. It is not felt very frequently until 7 months. Every baby is unique, and getting to know your baby's movement patterns is essential for you. If you feel that your baby's movement strength has reduced, contact Cloudnine immediately. Do not wait until the next day.

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When will fetal movements start?

After around ten weeks of pregnancy, the baby movement starts week by week. It can be seen clearly on an ultrasound in the first trimester itself.

When does the mother start to feel the movements of the baby in the womb?

The first time a women feels her baby movement is called quickening. Its a great experience

For women who are first-time mothers and those getting a second pregnancy, this depends. For the first time mothers the first five full months or into the sixth month, the mother would start to realize the movements, while second-time mothers would experience it at the beginning of the fifth month. In case you are not feeling your baby’s movement, you can contact us. Our experts guide you to manage that condition.

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How to notice movement patterns?

You should be able to identify some patterns in your baby's movements by the time you are about 28 weeks pregnant. For example, maybe your baby is incredibly active:

  • Throughout certain hours of the day
  • While exercising
  • Whether you are eating something sweet or drinking something cold
  • When you're falling asleep

When is a mother supposed to worry?

Mothers get at least 10-12 moves to count in a day. The lesser movement is a matter of concern. Patient can take some juice and tender coconut and watch for movement for an hour. If still no movement felt, You can contact our experts anytime whenever you feel:

  • No baby movement in Diabetic mother
  • 8-9 months pregnant baby not moving
  • Bleeding during delivery
  • Heavy bleeding during periods after delivery
  • Hemorrhage during delivery
  • Feeling sick and baby not moving

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