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Baby moves in the night during pregnancy

December 3, 2020
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Pregnancy is a beautiful journey every woman wishes to experience. It brings joy, happiness and excitement, but it also brings anxiety, fear and at times anger. However, the happiness of your baby growing inside your womb covers all the negative emotions and gives you hope for a splendid future.

As you enter your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, you will start to observe a set of patterns in your baby’s behaviour and movements inside your womb. You will be able to feel slight kicks, twisting and wiggling that are exciting to every mother to be and these movements are also an indication of the baby’s good health and wellbeing.

As your baby grows in your womb, they stretch and flex and it is the time when they begin to punch, roll and kick. Over time your baby starts responding to noises, uncomfortable positions, sleeping and sitting patterns. Baby will respond through its movement inside your womb.

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Baby movement can be observed throughout the day. Most of the pregnant woman observe more movement during night time. This can be due to your baby becoming more alert during the night when he or she is not feeling any activity. During the day time, pregnant women are more active because of which the baby may go into its sleeping mode. Babies might feel astonished when there is no activity outside which might result in them responding in vigorous movements.

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Baby movements during the night include kicks, flutter, swish or roll. These movements are not observed during the day by most of the pregnant women as they are occupied and can’t pay much attention to these movements.

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The baby also develops a sleep pattern and moves when it is awake inside your womb. In such a case, there might be a time when you may feel no movement at all, but everything is normal as your baby is sleeping.

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Movements and behaviour vary from child to child. Few babies can be very active during the day and others can show their response more during the night. Your sleeping position, sitting position and your activity also affect the baby’s movement.  You might sometimes experience reduced movements during the day as well in the night. It doesn't always mean that something is wrong but you should also not ignore it.

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It is advisable to observe the movements of your baby and if you feel they are getting weird, it could be a sign of lack of oxygen and fetal distress. Consult your doctor without delay in such a situation.  The doctor might conduct a test that involves an ultrasound to check the blood flow of the placenta and wellbeing of the child. Always consult a doctor immediately if you observe anything alarming.

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