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The focus on mother and baby makes all the difference

December 3, 2020

Rahul Dravid’s brother, Vijay, and his wife, Bhavana, recently became proud parents of a healthy baby girl at Cloudnine. We spoke to them for a few minutes to find out about their journey and the moments they shared with Cloudnine.

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The couple had the same calm, composed and pleasant manner that Rahul Dravid is famous for. They spoke happily about Cloudnine and their experience here. Said Bhavana, “The fact that Cloudnine is focused on mother and baby makes a lot of difference. Every little thing is taken care of here - whether it is physiotherapy, nutrition or lactation. It really was holistic care. And very importantly, it was not just a standard set of steps that were followed, as is the case in other hospitals. Everything was customized to our requirements and really revolved around what we needed to know or do.”

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Vijay adds, “That’s the big difference between Cloudnine and a large hospital, such as the one where we had our first child. There they have so many specialities that the small things get ignored. The focus on the mother and the baby gets lost. It’s been a very different experience for us here.” The couple also highlighted that the nursing care was exceptional. “In the night, our daughter’s stomach had to be flushed. The nurse noted the symptoms and immediately informed the paediatrician. Within 10 mins, it was done. Nowhere else could we expect such care.”

Vijay was excited about being included as the “dad”. He says, “I was in the OT and saw the very first moments of the life of my baby. It was a very good bonding experience with her. In fact, I was so caught up in looking at the baby that I forgot to take a picture!”

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It was great sharing a few moments of joy with the couple and their new arrival. Our best wishes to them!

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