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Is Eating Blackberries Safe During Pregnancy?

We all know healthy food is a must during pregnancy. Not all foods are safe for pregnant women. There are certain foods to be avoided during pregnancy. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables during pregnancy can offer essential nutrients to your baby. Blackberries are a small, juicy, delicious fruit that is said to cure infections in ancient days. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. Is it safe to eat blackberries during pregnancy? This is a common doubt among new moms. Is it good or bad to eat blackberries during early pregnancy? Blackberries during pregnancy offer several health benefits. If you doubt whether blackberry can be eaten during pregnancy, this article is for you. You can also know about the benefits of blackberries during pregnancy by reading on:

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Blackberries are Safe During Pregnancy

Can blackberries be eaten during pregnancy? The answer is obviously yes. You can very well eat blackberries during pregnancy. Blackberries are rich in nutrients; thus, you can include berries during pregnancy without fear. Eating blackberries during early pregnancy is safe and does not harm your baby. Pregnant women can have five servings of blackberries daily. You must wash before eating blackberries during pregnancy. This gets rid of pesticides on the fruit. Washing the fruit also removes dirt and bacteria present in the outer part of the fruit. This is the safest way to include blackberries during early pregnancy. Berries fall under the safe food category for pregnant women.

Eating fruit without washing it can lead to food poisoning for pregnant women. Make sure you eat only fresh blackberries during pregnancy. Avoid eating stale blackberries during early pregnancy. This can upset your stomach and affect the health.

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Benefits of Blackberries During Pregnancy

Here is the list of blackberry fruit benefits during pregnancy. Eating blackberries during early pregnancy is good for the mom and the baby. Include berries in pregnancy to keep your body fit during pregnancy. Are berries good for pregnancy? The following blackberry fruit benefits during pregnancy indicate berries in pregnancy are good.

  • Eating berries during pregnancy can improve digestion for pregnant women. It avoids bloating during pregnancy.
  • The fibber content present in blackberries helps in treating constipation for pregnant women.
  • Berries are the best fruit to manage your blood sugar levels during pregnancy.
  • The magnesium present in berries helps in regulating your blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • Berries are a great source of energy for pregnant women in the later months of pregnancy.
  • Include berries during the first trimester for better brain development of the fetus. The rich antioxidants present in the fruit improve the brain health of the foetus.
  • Blackberry is rich in folate. This helps to prevent congenital birth defects for your baby.
  • Eating berries during pregnancy can avoid the risk of congenital disabilities for your baby.
  • Blackberries are rich sources of magnesium and calcium. Berries in pregnancy can aid in the healthy formation of bones of your baby. This helps in the growth of the organs of the fetus.
  • Berries aid in the proper functioning of blood vessels during pregnancy. This ensures proper blood flow from mother to baby.
  • Berries in pregnancy may help to avoid miscarriage when you're pregnant.
  • Regular eating of berries during the first trimester of pregnancy can improve the eye health of both mother and newborn. The fruit can prevent certain eye diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration and night blindness.
  • Blackberries contain Vitamin K, which prevents bleeding during pregnancy. The fruit is known for its blood-clotting properties.
  • The anthocyanins and flavanols present in blackberries improve your heart health by improving blood circulation.
  • Blackberries are rich sources of Vitamin C. It improves your immunity during pregnancy.
  • Blackberries restore your skin and make it look healthy. Vitamin E present in berries helps in avoiding premature ageing of your skin. If you are wondering, are berries good for pregnancy? Then the above benefits of berries during pregnancy 3rd trimester help you clear your doubt.

Ways to Include Blackberries in Your Diet

Eating raw berries is, of course, healthy for pregnant women. There are also other recipes using blackberries for pregnant women. You can very well include these recipes in your daily diet for better health benefits.

  • Add blackberries to your fruit bowl or yogurt as a snack.
  • Add dried blackberries to your salads.
  • Eat 50 grams of dry blackberries 30 minutes before a meal if you suffer from gastritis during pregnancy.
  • Infuse two tablespoons of blackberries in a cup of hot water for 15 minutes, squeeze half a lime into it. Drink this infusion to cure sore throat.

Harmful Effects of Eating Blackberries During Pregnancy

There are certain ill effects of eating blackberries during pregnancy. There are chances that it may cause allergies in pregnant women. Eating large amounts of blackberries can cause diarrhea. Pregnant women with certain health conditions like dyskinesia and pancreatitis must avoid eating blackberries.

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Does berry affect pregnancy?

Berries do not affect pregnant women. Berries are rich in vitamins and nutrients and help in the healthy growth of a baby. It offers various health benefits to pregnant women. Make sure to eat the berries after cleaning them thoroughly with water. This can get rid of pesticides and dirt on the berries. Eat only fresh berries for better benefits.

What are the side effects of blackberries?

Eating berries can cause allergies in pregnant women. Eating a lot of berries can lead to diarrhea. Always eat only fresh berries and avoid stale ones. Stale berries can cause food poisoning and deteriorate the health of pregnant women.

Is it safe to eat raw blackberries?

It is completely safe to eat raw blackberries. It helps in improving your heart health and offers better eyesight. Blackberry is a superfood for pregnant women. It aids in the brain development of babies. It also avoids the risk of congenital disabilities in unborn babies.

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