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Importance of Prenatal Vitamins during Pregnancy

December 3, 2020

During pregnancy, the need increases for several vitamins & minerals. But, are pre-natal vitamin supplements really necessary?

During Pregnancy a woman’s body goes through enormous changes and to ensure that she is getting all the nutrients is very important for the health of the mother and wellbeing of the baby.

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A healthy diet is the best way to accommodate a fair share of macronutrients and micronutrients such as Vitamins and Minerals for a pregnant woman. While the truth is, even if she consumes a healthy diet, there are chances to fall short on certain key nutrients. If a woman is pregnant or planning for a pregnancy, prenatal vitamin supplements can help fill the gaps.

The nutritional needs of women vary and differ according to specialized needs at different times. And one such nutritionally emphatic, demanding time is Pregnancy! Though pregnancy is marked by physiological changes, it is a stage when the nutritional needs are generally met through careful food choices and the increased needs through supplements.

Taking prenatal vitamins (only secondary sources) along with a healthy diet can help get the nutrients that a mother and her baby will need during pregnancy. Irrespective of a pregnancy which is normal or complicated, taking prenatal vitamins is important for:

  • Vegetarians
  • Lactose intolerance / other food intolerances observed in pregnancy
  • Those women Carrying twins/ in higher multiples

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Trying to accomplish the enhanced nutritional requirements of the nutrients through the inclusion of supplements can help in influencing the overall health status of the mother and her baby in a positive manner. You can call these Prenatal Vitamins as the Nutritional Insurance Policy. It makes sure that you get the right amount of certain important nutrients during pregnancy.

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Vitamin A   


  • Helpful in the early stages of pregnancy for cell division & differentiation
  • Helps in maintaining visual & reproductive functions

RDA(per day) : 2400mcg


Vitamin B12


Adequacy of this nutrient decreases the risk of low birth weight babies/pre-term delivery

RDA(per day) : 1mcg




  • Converts folic acid into its active form, in turn, improves its efficiency.
  • For better absorption of iron from plant sources.

RDA(per day) : 40mg




  • Helps to prevent skeletal deformities, reduce the incidence of growth retardation
  • Reduces the risk of complications such as  Gestational Diabetes, Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH)

RDA(per day) : 600IU


Folic acid


  • It’s a necessary part of fetal development in the days immediately after conception
  • Reduces the risk of a child with neural tube defects

RDA(per day) :600mcg




  • Prevents Anaemia as it helps in the formation of RBC-transport of oxygen
  • Reduces the risk of pre-terms & low birth weight babies
  • Helps the fetal liver to store enough iron needed post-delivery.

RDA(per day) : 38mg

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  • Located in the muscle fibre facilitates “muscle contraction”-an essential for labor
  • This is involved in every step of the blood clotting cascade

RDA(per day) : 1000mg




  • Due to rapid cell growth in pregnancy, zinc helps in production, repair & functioning of DNA
  • Essential nutrient to maintain the sense of an altered sense of taste & smell.

RDA(per day) : 11mg


Omega-3-fatty acid


  • A vital nutrient essential for both neurological & early visual development of the baby.

So, Yes!! Prenatal Vitamins are really necessary during Pregnancy. It is a sure way to include all the key nutrients to your healthy pregnancy diet.

Healthy Pregnancy is a Happy Pregnancy!

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