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How to Deal With Fussy Eaters?

Motherhood is not an easy journey. From pregnancy and delivery to dealing with your growing child, every day is a challenge for the parent which patiently she has to go through. One such example is dealing with a fussy eater.

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Getting the right nutrition for a fussy child can be a test for every mother and at times even consulting with the best paediatrician can’t help. But don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. It is entirely okay to worry about your child’s health, but the trick is to keep a tap on what your child eats over a period of seven days (a week) rather than persuading him/her to eat a complete meal. As long as your child consumes the food nutrients (carbohydrates fats, vitamins, minerals, and proteins) little by little and has been showing growth you have nothing to worry about.

Tips for parents of Fussy Eaters

Being a parent, you can’t keep calm since you want the very best for your child. That is why we have listed down a few tips for you that will help in fuelling the growing bodies of your child with the best food possible. Give it a read

Eat Together

This is the simplest way to deal with your picky eater. Sitting together is not just about connecting and teaching your child the family values but is also very important for his/her nutrition. A study conducted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University concluded that eating together with the family regularly lowers the risk of developing poor eating habits, and weight problems compared to children who eat alone more often.

Know Your Child’s Appetite

Adopt a realistic approach by having realistic expectations. Know your child’s appetite and feed them accordingly. Sometimes a kid’s appetite is difficult is to figure out, in such a case start by asking your child to lick a piece of food, and eventually work up to trying a mouthful of it.

Choose Yummy Healthy Meals for Picky Eaters

Picky eaters eat healthy foods when they're covered in cheese and other yummy stuff and try to avoid vegetables like the plague. Here are few healthy food options for you picky eaters.

  1.         Pizza with broccoli toppings
  2.         Vegetable lasagne
  3.         Sweet potato fries
  4.         Avocado chicken sandwich
  5.         Kale nachos
  6.         Chicken burrito wraps
  7.         Baked tortilla chips
  8.         Banana oatmeal muffins

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Avoid Giving Snacks

Do not indulge your child with snacks between meals. It cuts down their hunger and hence they tend to become pickier over food.

Ignore Their Fussiness

Giving attention to your fussy eater encourages him/her to keep behaving this way. Therefore, ignore it as much as you can. Try to keep calm!

Here are a few suggestions for you:

  •        Introduce lumpy foods at an early age.
  •        Children are good at judging their hunger signals, and they will not starve voluntarily. Therefore if your child starts fussing over the food, let him/her be.
  •        Don’t be upset when they refuse to eat.
  •        Don’t nag or yell.
  •        Don’t bribe your kids with food (treats).

We all know the importance of nutrition in growing children. Therefore, follow a few given tips to curb the fussiness of your picky eating child!

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