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Reasons to Visit your Baby’s Doc

December 7, 2020

As new parents, it is common to constantly be worried about your baby’s health and hygiene. The anxiety may make you rush to the doctor every time your baby’s “coo” sounds a little different. Relax, there is no need to panic and get anxious for small reasons unless they are showing any symptoms of a fever or any other illnesses. 

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  • Vaccines - (or immunization) is a health requirement, the kids are injected with small amounts of bacteria to make the child immune to it or any virus. They need to be done from birth to 18 years of age. 

  • Fever - fever is pretty normal among kids, but the time to visit your doctor is when the child is 3-6 months old with a fever of 101 degrees. Or if fever is recurrent. 

  • Common Cold or Cough - Common colds may lead to other infections among young kids. In cases of cough, if the child’s cough leads to wheezing, it is better to visit your doctor immediately. 

  • Ear infection - (also known as Otitis media) is very common among little ones it must be dealt with before it gets out of control. Notice if your kid tugs their ear frequently. 

  • Behavioral issues - sometimes you may find your child disobeying you, or behaving rudely with others, it is better to just sit and talk to them. But if this continues and their behavior gets out of hand, it is better to take them to a doctor. 

If you find any symptoms, it is best to take your little one to their doctor. A few other reasons to take your child to a pediatrician is if they have a pink eye or conjunctivitis and for annual checkups. Annual checkups or physical examinations are necessary for kids, to make sure they are healthy.

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