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Child Behavior Issues

December 7, 2020

”A child whose behavior pushes you away is a child who needs connection before anything else.“    - Kelly Bartlett

As a new parent, one might always be anxious about how to bring their child up, and how to balance the strict and the liberal side of you. Sometimes, it is normal to feel like you’re not being a good parent, or what you’re doing for your little one may never seem enough. Discipling a child does not mean punishing them, or hurting them in any way, instead it means to teach  skills, in the most gentlest caring way possible.

In some cases, you might find your child behaving rude or inappropriate with their friends or relatives, and they continue to do so after several long hours of talking to them or teaching them lessons through stories. You must be sensitive with your response or reaction to this behavior, as it plays a major role.  While discipling your child, first be aware of your own state of mind.

Second connect with your child, ask yourself why is he doing this? And third, question yourself what skill can be taught. Skills like self awareness of emotions, awareness of others emotions, how to accept and honour differences etc. Of Course you have to keep in mind the age of your child. Long lectures are no use to infants and toddlers, here just what's needed is love and connection.

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Common child behavior issues:

  • Defiance - The child may try to test your limits and your patience, it is common for them to disobey everything you say. In such cases, you may want to reward them for the completion of their chores or give them consequences such as no TV for a day or two. 

  • Aggression - They may throw temper tantrums or get physically aggressive in some cases, this needs to be dealt with care. It may be common at first, but as they grow, this behavior must decrease. Make sure to immediately correct them so they differentiate between right and wrong behavior and if the behavior persists, try to find out why your child is acting out.

  • Lying - Kids may lie due to various reasons, it may be due to lack of attention, or to avoid getting in trouble by blaming others. Make sure to handle this situation carefully as sometimes, immediately getting angry or yelling at them may only make them lie more often. 

  • Antisocial Behavior - Kids are usually very lively and interactive with other kids, but at times you may find your child not wanting to mingle with others. It may be due to various reasons such as too much time in front of the TV making them lethargic or being exposed to violent video games, where you may want to limit their screen time. Or if you may feel like it’s something else, it is best to have an open and friendly discussion with your little one. 

  • Disrespectful Behavior - Kids may be disrespectful towards their parents, teachers, or other relatives, sometimes just to get attention. In such cases, you may want to talk to them and make it clear that this behavior will not be tolerated, and also try and understand why they’re behaving the way they are. 

This type of behavioral issues may be due to a lack of attention, or they may be influenced by older children. If this behavior starts concerning you, you might want to know what or who is bothering or influencing the child to behave this way. A child’s behavior can cause stress for the entire family, hence it is best to pay close attention to their behavior and correct them immediately or counsel them the right way. 

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