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Gynae issue - Vaginal Water discharge: Everything you need to know

Being a woman comes with its own share of hassles, However that doesn't stop women from achieving success in life. Advanced gynecology studies and treatments in today's time have helped so many women move past medical hurdles, such as watery vaginal discharge.

Women often worry about the discharge and they can feel anxious at times regarding the reason behind it. However, according to experts, watery vaginal discharge is normal and healthy. Usually, it is clear and has no odour or has just a mellow odour in it. It helps in keeping the vagina clean and safe from any kind of infection. Healthy bacteria that are found  there help to make the secretions acidic and this acidic discharge destroys the bad bacteria and gets rid of dead cells. The volume and appearance of the vaginal discharge may differ during every cycle at the time of pregnancy. During the ovulation period, you may observe a rise in the amount of your vaginal discharge. This discharge maybe a little thicker than your usual discharge. 

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Normal vaginal discharge or watery discharge may occur due to some usual changes in the levels of estrogen. High levels of estrogen may discharge mucus from the vagina. In certain conditions the level of estrogen gets high. They are mentioned as follows:

  • Some months before a girl gets her first-ever menstrual period
  • At the time of pregnancy
  • In women who are medicated with drugs containing estrogen

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Vaginal discharge may transpire normally or may appear as an outcome of inflammation of the vagina due to an infection. The area of the vulva may also be incited. Other significant symptoms may also occur based on the origin of the cause. These symptoms could be itchiness, burning sensations, redness, and often irritation or pain during the time of sexual intercourse and urination.

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Although watery vaginal discharge is harmless, other kinds of discharge may be a sign of infection. Some of the significant symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge are stated as follows:

  • Itchy feeling in the vulva
  • The colour of the discharge changes into yellow or green
  • A foul-odour in the discharge
  • The texture of the discharge changes into a much thicker consistency

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These significant changes may display the sign of a vaginal infection or STI. Women should immediately visit a gynecologist if they notice such changes in their vaginal discharge. On Cloudnine, we have the best gynecologists catering to all kinds of gynecological issues. So if you are going through any kind of gynecological problem like abnormal vaginal discharge, Cloudnine is your solution. 

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