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GYN Guide: 10 Reasons to See Your Gynaecologist

A visit to the gynaecologist shouldn’t be reserved for life-changing phases like menarche, maternity or menopause. Make gynaecological health a priority with this easy guide.

We’ve all heard the time-served adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. And yet, in a world where we’re programmed to believe the doctor’s office is a diabolical chokey, the truth is, it’s far from that. Consistent health check-ups can give your doctor a precious keyhole into your medical outlook, your health risks and possible future treatments. And keep you cocooned in good health and healing. On Cloudnine, our signature Woman Wellness Checkup suite features annual checkups for various feminal profiles, from menarche to menopause.

If you’ve always considered a gynaecologist only for key gynaecological milestones, this guide is here to give you a fresh perspective.

Gynaecological Wellbeing

Even if you’re not expecting a baby, entering your golden age or facing persistent health issues, annual appointments with your gynaecologist should make it to your agenda. By starting early, you can establish a baseline for your gynaecological health, helping your doctor identify anomalies or deviations more quickly and easily in the long run.

Pelvic Exam

Pelvic exams can help reveal untoward growths and other abnormalities, as well as any sexually transmitted diseases. If you experience menstrual problems, unusual discharge or are in the midst of perimenopause, it’s worth having a pelvic exam performed yearly.

Menstrual Disorders

If your period has a flair for making guest appearances, it’s likely that you’re looking at a bigger underlying gynaecological problem. Unpredictable cycles, a heavier or lighter flow, excessive pain, or changes in menstrual patterns could point to a gynaecological disorder that may require treatment. The earlier you seek help, the earlier you can seek a long-term solution.

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Family Planning

If you’re putting off kids for the future, it’s wise to invest in a reliable means of birth control. From birth control pills and intrauterine devices to over-the-counter measures, discuss options with your gynaecologist to see what meshes best with your lifestyle.

Pap Smear

A Pap smear is a lab procedure that helps diagnose cancer and other life-threatening diseases. It is usually included in your annual gynaecological examination. Performed yearly, the procedure aids in catching dangerous conditions early, paving the way for an immediate treatment plan.

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Manual Breast Assessment

A breast exam is pointed at identifying masses or lumps on the breast surface. Sometimes, these growths signify an underlying tumour, while other times, they are completely benign.

Pain During Intercourse

Painful intercourse may be your body telling you that something’s not right. It could be a sign of vaginal dryness, problems with the cervix or the uterus, or other more serious problems like vaginal infections, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease or vulvodynia. Your gynaecologist can give you crucial answers for your discomfort and potentially discover underlying conditions in the course of your diagnosis. An early diagnosis can help mitigate long-term health risks.

Abnormal Discharge

Smelly or cloudy discharge could be symbolic of a deeper rooted infection, so if you spy some on your panties, know it’s time to schedule a consultation with your gynaecologist. Your doctor may resort to an internal exam, to spotlight the exact problem.

Tinkle Troubles

If taking a tinkle often has you wincing in pain or squirting blood, a trip to your gynaecologist should be your foremost priority. Blood-laced urine isn’t always a cause for alarm, but it could be a symptom of a serious urinary tract or other infection.

Belly to Baby

A blossoming baby in your belly should prompt you to book an appointment with your gynaecologist, pronto. If you’re at high risk for certain conditions or have had a history of complicated pregnancies, your doctor will monitor you closely and may prescribe a medication plan to point your pregnancy in the right direction.

Whether you’re seeking specialised gynaecological care for a condition or a long-term programme for your wellbeing, making your gynaecological health a priority can be a golden first step. Take it now.

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