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Fibroid growth and HCG levels!

December 3, 2020

Uterine fibroid is benign non-cancerous growth which tends to multiply very rapidly during increased HCG levels. This phenomenon mostly occurs during pregnancy and that too especially during the early stages of pregnancy. Fibroids treatment mostly involves operating them, However, new developments are taking place in managing this occurrence. Many a time there is a direct relation to the rapid growth of fibroids and HCG levels in a woman. These come under gynec problems which should never go unces and should be treated by gynaecologists.

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What are fibroid growths?

  • Fibroids are made up of muscles and fibrous tissues
  • These are a growth which develops in or around a woman’s womb or uterus
  • These are non-cancerous and vary in size
  • Fibroids are also known as uterine myomas or leiomyomas
  • Fibroids are the most common kind of benign tumours developing in the reproductive tract during the reproductive period in women
  • This happens mostly due to a decline in the quality of life for women
  • The quality of life decreases at times when women stop consuming healthy food and start stressing  

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  • Fibroid growth depends upon ovarian steroids but how exactly they influence these phenomena is not yet fully understood.
  • Uterine fibroid undergo significant changes during pregnancy in a woman
  • In about half the cases, haemorrhage, necrosis and degeneration are frequent

  • Pregnancy might even boost the fibroid growth in a woman’s womb
  • In fact, it is known that such growth occurs more rapidly during the initial period of pregnancy

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What are HCG levels?

  • HCG is an abbreviation for Human chorionic gonadotropin
  • This is a hormone produced by the placenta in the female reproductive organs
  • During pregnancy, it can be detected through a woman’s urine
  • Blood tests measuring HCG levels help with the progression of the pregnancy
  • HCG levels also help with the baby’s development.

  • The HCG hormone takes a very high raise during pregnancy, especially at the beginning of pregnancy
  • Which is also during the period of potential maximum fibroid growth

Role of HCG on fibroid growth during early pregnancy

  • Fibroid growth due to the rapid release of HCG is not long-lasting and tends to disappear soon after a few weeks of pregnancy
  • Regression of fibroid after delivery

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  • Some fibroid which is present before conception disappear after delivery
  • A sudden fibroid growth during pregnancy might cause a change once HCG levels decrease and the fibroid is exposed to the internal changes that take place in the uterus
  • A rapid fibroid growth during pregnancy and later on the disappearance of the fibroid growth is also associated with endometriomas and prolactinomas occurring in the female reproductive organs

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  • The growth of uterine fibroid during the early stages of pregnancy might be due to steroids, local growth factors and placental hormones like the HGC

This should give an understanding of the relationship between rising HCG levels and increased fibroid growth during pregnancy. In case of any such occurrence, the gynaecologist handling the situation should be able to give the best advice.

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Visiting the best gynaecologist in the town/city and seeking advice would be of great help to a mother to be facing such an issue.

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