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With Home NST CARE let go of your pregnancy struggle

July 29, 2021

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life. It is one of those incredible times when a woman feels blooming and she prepares herself for a new life, the life of a mother. There’s hardly anything like the anticipation and excitement of meeting the little bundle of joy. 

With all this happiness, pregnancy brings a ton of responsibilities too. Eating the right food, having a proper sleep schedule, regular exercise and doctor visits, and so much more.

There’s one more important thing that comes up during the last phase of the pregnancy, Non stress tests. A non-stress test is a common prenatal fetal monitoring test recommended by the doctor during the third trimester of the expecting mother to monitor the baby’s heartbeat, movement, and oxygen supply. As the name suggests, NSTs cause no harm to the baby.

Normally, expecting moms are advised for at least 3-4 hospital visits during their third trimester for the non stress tests. But during these hard times, while the pandemic is raging, it’s really unsafe for the mothers to step out regularly for the NSTs.  

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Cloudnine was really concerned about this. To protect moms from the pandemic and at the same time provide them with the necessary, we came up with our ‘at-home non stress tests.’ Cloudnine’s at-home non stress test is an easy and simple way to take the NSTs all by yourself. Yeah, you heard it right!

Through our at-home non stress tests, we provide you with an NST device, Babybeat. The Babybeat machine is more than just a fetal doppler. Using Babybeat, you can monitor your baby’s heartbeat, acceleration and deceleration of the baby’s heartbeats and you can even hear the heartbeat of your little one. You can also share the reports from the fetal heart monitoring machine with your doctor. 

You can consult your Cloudnine doctor and avail the fetal heart monitoring device, Babybeat, on rent. 

The Babybeat monitoring device comes in three rental plans of 15 days, 30 days and 90 days.

The fetal monitoring machine has proved to be quite useful for pregnant moms. Babybeat has saved moms even from losing their babies. One such recent incident was of a mother who was in her third trimester. She decided to take up Cloudnine’s at-home non stress tests on her consultant, Dr. Sriprada’s recommendation. From the irregular fetal reports, the doctor was able to predict the oxygen deprivation in the baby and suggested an immediate cesarean delivery and the baby was saved.

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Pregnancy is special and unique for every expecting mother and Cloudnine makes every effort to take care of you. While the world is not very safe nowadays, we’ve brought our premium care to your homes.

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