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Home NST Care: A gift to expecting mothers!

July 29, 2021

The journey of parenthood is inexplicable. The nine months of pregnancy are one of the best periods of a mother’s life. But this special period needs the most special care. The mother has to be very careful of her diet, exercise, handle her emotional volatility, body changes and a thousand other things. Then there are constant hospital visits to add up to the list. But as we said earlier, it is important. 

Amongst all these, another vital thing is the Non Stress Test or NST as it is widely known. Non Stress Test is a type of test taken during the last trimester of pregnancy. It monitors the heart rate of the foetal in response to its movements. NST reports indicate the unborn baby’s health. Normally, a mother would need to take up at least 3 - 4 NSTs for which she had to visit the hospital. But as we know the raging pandemic has changed the flow of life for all of us. For an expecting mother to step out frequently in these times is not at all a wise choice. 

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To solve this problem for the mothers and provide them with the safety and reliability that they deserve, Cloudnine, your constant guide, came up with At-home Non Stress Test Services. Under this, the moms-to-be can take up the NST test safely at their homes. 

Wondering how?

Cloudnine’s At-home Non Stress Test provides you with a fetal heart monitoring machine, Babybeat. With the help of this easy-to-use device, the moms can take up the NST. The Babybeat machine is more than just a fetal doppler machine though. The machine tracks the baby’s heartbeat, movement, acceleration and deceleration of heartbeat and oxygen supply.

The Babybeat machine isn’t just easy-to-use but also easy to avail. Expecting parents can consult their doctor and once they have been recommended, they can choose a rental plan for the foetal monitoring machine and the device gets delivered to them within 12- 24 working hours.

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Babybeat machine has proved itself not only easy-to-use and comfortable but also life-saving to some expecting parents during these uncomfortable times. One such story is of a mom-to-be who was going through high blood pressure issues during pregnancy. Fortunately, her doctor recommended the Babybeat machine for her safety and reliability. 

She listened to her consultant OB-GYN Dr. Sriprada Vinekar on Cloudnine and availed the foetal monitoring machine for her. She started taking up the NSTs from her home and would regularly share her antenatal surveillance reports with her doctor. This saved her from frequent hospital visits and made it possible for her doctor to keep her and the baby under constant observation. Owing to this service she and her baby were saved from many difficult situations

Expecting moms, make Cloudnine’s Home NST your partner in the last phase of this beautiful journey!

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