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Home NST care that will make your Pregnancy easier

July 29, 2021

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey. It takes you through so many experiences making you more loving, caring and a better version of yourself adding a precious new life to your family. 

You also have to go through a series of unending responsibilities (but they’re worth it!). One such responsibility is to take care of yourself and timely monitor your baby’s health. Non stress tests are one of these precautions you take for your baby.

Non stress tests are a series of common fetal monitoring tests recommended by the doctor around the 28th week of pregnancy. NSTs help your doctor assess the baby’s heartbeat, movement and confirm whether the pregnancy is progressing appropriately. An expecting mother may have to go through 3 to 4 NSTs during the last phase of her pregnancy for which they need to visit the hospital regularly. 

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But stepping out of the house in the current times is not a safe choice for either the expecting moms or the baby. To provide you with a solution for this, Cloudnine has brought its ‘at-home non stress test.’ Through this, the moms-to-be can take up the NSTs safe from their home and share the reports with the doctor for consultation. 

Wondering what we do in our at-home non stress tests? 

Cloudnine’s at-home NST provides you with a fetal heart monitoring machine, Babybeat. Using this simple DIY device, the moms can take up the NST. Babybeat is more than just a fetal doppler machine though. It tracks your baby’s heartbeat, movement, oxygen supply, acceleration and deceleration of heartbeat. 

Availing the Babybeat machine is as easy as using it. Consult your doctor for the Babybeat monitoring device on rent and once they recommend it, the device will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Babybeat has proved to be quite useful for expecting mothers during these unprecedented times. Apart from making the NSTs easy, it has also saved a lot of mothers from fateful miscarriages. We would like to share one such recent incident of a mother in her third trimester. 

She was tested COVID positive during her third trimester and was restricted from frequent hospital visits. Her consultant, Dr. Meeta Chawhan was really concerned about her baby’s progress and health conditions so recommended the fetal monitoring device, Babybeat. She would take the NSTs twice a day and share the results instantly with the doctor. This kept on for twenty days. Fortunately, she recovered at a speedy rate and her baby was safe too. 

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While pregnancy brings a lot of happiness, it also has its own share of responsibilities which an expecting mother should never overlook. We, Cloudnine, as your primary healthcare provider, do not want you to suffer through any of the hardships. Even in the times of distance, we bring the special care closer to you. 

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