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Why does my period stop and start again?

December 3, 2020

Periods bring about a messy time for women, but if there are inconsistencies during periods in the form of irregular bleeding, it becomes very irritating to women. Periods are mostly preceded and followed by hot and cold flashes, which make matters worse for them. There might be many reasons leading to irregular periods such as the activation of follicle-stimulating hormone, or luteinizing hormone (LH), too much stress could be one of the reasons, as well as major weight loss. Sometimes too much exercise is one of the reasons for irregular flow.

The bleeding during periods itself continues from 3 to 5 days becoming lighter each day. It is, however, not the experience for all women, some of them experience 'the eye of the storm', this means that during periods they face a day or two with almost no bleeding.

This sometimes occurs between periods, which is followed by slightly more bleeding before and after the period.

Reasons behind irregular bleeding during periods:

  • If the flow isn't completely liquid, the process could slow down.
  • Sometimes chunks of tissues block up the flow out the cervix after the tissue passes the periods could become more massive.
  • It might also be because of the changing hormone levels
  • During the beginning of the flow, estrogen and progesterone levels stay steady and produce a continuous amount of bleeding
  • That changes once the estrogen level rise again and the flow decreases

If the mid-period break in very short then there's no reason to worry. However, if it goes on for a few days and then starts flowing in full force again or if spotting in between periods is noticed, the issue might be more serious.

Irregular bleeding could be a symptom of;

  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS

If such instances of irregular periods continue for more than three months in a row, a doctor needs to be consulted, especially if the miss period pause comes with excruciating pain and heavy bleeding.

Starting then stopping and then again continuing of the flow the next day is not a reason for any significant concern. However, if there is a doubt, it's recommended to visit the gynecologist, just to be sure.