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When Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying - Why do New born Babies Cry?

January 2, 2023

Babies cry. We all know that and sometimes all a baby does is cry, feed or sleep. While this is accepted as normal, is it okay for a baby to cry all the time? It can be very hard on the parents when they don’t know how to stop a baby from crying. They will feel helpless and at one point, just won’t be handle it anymore.

So what can you do when your baby won’t stop crying? If you want to know what makes a baby stop crying, read on till the end.

Why do New born Babies Cry?

First, let’s understand why a new born baby cries most of the time. Well, not all babies cry all the time. Every baby is unique. If you have a baby who hardly cries and can be pacified easily then you are one of the lucky ones. Crying is the only form of communication babies know for the first few months.

Many parents are struggling to pacify and do not know how to make a baby stop crying. Some of the reasons new borns cry are:

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1. Baby is Hungry

One of the most common reasons new borns cry is hunger. Some babies can cry just a little, while some can have really strong lungs and cry louder and longer.

2. Baby is Sleepy

The next most common reason is sleep. Babies will be tired and sleepy but won’t know how to sleep on their own. So the frustration and tiredness together come out as not-so-easy-to-console cries. New born do not have a circadian rhythm (a sleep-wake cycle). So they cannot go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, like how a grown-up can.

3. Baby is Not Comfortable

Next, is comfort. If your baby is not comfortable with their clothes, the temperature of the room, the diaper (dirty diaper or ill-fitting diaper) or their environment, they will cry. This is the only way they can communicate they are not okay and need some help. No matter how big or small the discomfort is, they cry.

4. Baby has Digestion Issues

Babies tend to swallow a lot of air which needs to come out as burps. If they need to burp, they will cry. You need to burp a baby after or sometimes even during a feed. If the gas is too much and is causing a tummy ache, they will cry. If they are passing gas, it can be very uncomfortable or even painful, they will cry. Many babies suffer from colic which can be very painful.

5. Baby is Teething

Babies can start teething as early as 6 months. Though the teeth may not come out yet, their gums can get ready and this can be very painful, leading to endless cries and feeding disruptions.

6. Baby is Unwell

Be it just a cold or something more serious, babies will get fussy and keep crying inconsolably. If your baby is having a fever, vomiting, passing watery stools or shows any other symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

7. Baby Needs Attention

Well, babies need all our attention. Yes, you may be spending most of the day with them but they will need more and cry for it. They will cry to get anyone’s attention, not just the parents’.

How to Make a Baby Stop Crying?

One of the most common questions new parents ask is “how to stop a baby from crying?” They are open to trying almost anything to stop a baby from crying hysterically. When you identify the reason behind those cries, the best way to stop a baby from crying is by addressing the issue.

If you are one of those helpless parents, here are a few tips and tricks you can try the next time:

1. Keep track of their feeds and naps and maintain a schedule as much as possible. A little deviation is unavoidable but try to keep the breaks between feeds consistent. This way they won’t get too hungry and start crying inconsolably.

2. Watch out for cues. They will show hunger signs, squirm for a dirty diaper or show other signs when they are not comfortable. Observe your baby and understand what the cues mean and attend to them at the earliest.

3. Maintain room temperature. Use multiple layers which you can add to or remove depending on the baby’s comfort.

4. Burp them often, if you are breastfeeding. Keep track of your food intake too. Some foods you eat could be causing indigestion or gas for the baby.

5. Swing or rock your baby. Babies love movement and if they are crying after a meal, it could also mean they are sleepy.

6. Check their clothing for scratchy textures or tags that could be bothering them.

7. Swaddling them can keep them warm, similar to how they were in the womb.

8. Try changing their position it can be the position they sleep in or the position you carry them in.

9. Give them a toy or place a moving toy next to the restless baby and cause a distraction. Sometimes it is easier to calm them down once they are out of the crying spree.

10. If nothing works, check with a doctor. Something you are unable to identify could be bothering them and such issues need to be addressed before they can get out of hand. Whilst most of crying babies can be managed or calmed down with above tips and home measures, some issues like bad colic, crying due to acid reflux, teething may need specific advice and medical treatment . Consult with your pediatrician if it’s getting out of hand.

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1. What to do when the baby stops breathing while crying?

Sometimes babies cry so much that they can’t catch their breath. If your baby suddenly stops breathing while crying, try to not panic too much. Lay them on their side and just calmly reassure them, the breath-holding spell should not last more than 60 seconds. Do not try to pump them, shake them or put something in their mouth in an attempt to close their mouth. It will only block their breath and result in choking.

2. How to stop a baby from crying when put down?

If you are putting a sleepy baby down into their bed, do the transfer very gently. Ensure you have body contact till the very end so that they feel the warmth and cover them up before they can feel cold. If you have just consoled a crying baby and are putting them down while they are awake, you can try giving them a toy to focus their attention on.

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