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Baby Whining – Causes and Tips to Handle your Child

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Baby Crying

Baby Crying[/caption]It is quite common among babies to cry but if a baby about the age of 1 cries constantly there might be causes like colic in infants, gastroesophageal reflux, immature digestive system, intolerance or allergies, ingesting gas while feeding and an imbalance of healthy bacteria.Click here to Consult The Best Pediatricians in Bengaluru

Common Reasons Due To Which Kids Cry

• Communication Issues

When children are young and are developing their speaking abilities they try to communicate a variety of mixed emotions they are going through, the inability of communicating all of those complex emotions makes them cry as they haven't developed their speaking skills and can only babble at this point.

• Hunger

A common reason due to which babies cry is hunger, It is their way of telling their mothers that they are hungry. The best way to manage the situation here is by feeding the baby.

• Tired

Babies get tired soon. Hence, if a baby’s parents are travelling for long hours with it cries to indicate that it needs to sleep. Look after and give the baby time to rest.

• Diaper Change

A delay in the change of the baby’s diaper might be a reason for the baby’s uneasiness. Changing that should help.You Would Also Like to Read: 10 Common Mistakes Made By First Time Parents

• Temperature Changes, rashes and discomfort like Air Bubbles

• Acid reflux

The digestive system of babies is developing and many a time acid reflux cause the baby uneasiness as a result of which they cry.

• Attention

More often the baby needs attention and it might be weeping, it just needs assurance and cuddling to feel cosy with its parents.

• Language Development Issues

When kids are not able to communicate their feelings as their language skills are developing and they mostly blabber at this age, they tend to cry out of frustration.[caption id="attachment_22266" align="aligncenter" width="465"]

An Irritated Baby

An Irritated Baby[/caption]

How to calm down an irritated baby?

Parenting is a difficult task and its natural for parents to feel anger when their child is constantly crying. However, it is crucial to remember that the child does not cry to irritate its parents, it simply cries because it can’t solve its problems by itself. Being calm, understanding and being patient with the baby at this point helps to calm it.Click here to Book An Appointment With The Best Pediatrician Near YouThe baby might start crying without any reason underneath is a list of ways to calm them down.• Breastfeed• Teach the baby how to Communicate• Be Calm• RockingSoft music• Teach the baby how to Communicate• Comfortable clothing• MassagePatting• Bathe it• Use pacifier• Take it outdoorsIf a crying episode continues for a much longer time and the baby is not soothing, it might be due to a deeper problem. It is recommended to visit the baby’s pediatric doctor in such a case.Must Read: Are Air Conditioning Units or ACs safe for newborn babies?