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In the 33rd week, your baby is as big as a pineapple!

In the 33rd week, your baby is as big as a pineapple!

You are now just 7 weeks away from seeing your little one who you have borne and felt growing inside you for all these days. Excited yet? We know moms, it can be quite an overwhelming thing to think about. However, we on Cloudnine are sure that you’re going to do great, just like you have been doing all these days! During these last few weeks, your baby grows faster than ever, as you must have guessed by the size of your growing belly. Did you know that by now, your baby is as big as a pineapple?

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What has your baby been up to this week?

Your baby is now busier than ever, growing and developing inside you. You can think of these as the finishing touches your baby is putting before you welcome them to the world. Here’s what is new with your baby this week.

  • Your baby is now around 43 cm long and weighs approximately 1.9 kg. They are now as big as a pineapple
  • The plates of bone in the baby’s skull are still flexible and not very hard; this aids in the process of birth as it makes it easier for the baby’s head to be pushed through the birth canal
  • Your baby now drinks up to one pint of amniotic fluid every day. This helps prepare the baby’s gastrointestinal system for later 
  • Your baby is gaining weight fast; from this stage onward, they put on around half a pound every week
  • Your baby is growing bigger by the day, so the space in your womb is not enough for them to play around. Their kicks and jabs might feel sharper than before now
  • Your uterine wall is slowly thinning, allowing more light to penetrate through and reach your baby. They can now differentiate between day and night.
  • Your baby is becoming independent! They have started developing their own immunity system from the antibodies that are being passed on from your body to them.
  • Your baby has worked on the sucking that they learned in the 28th week, and can now coordinate sucking and swallowing.
  • Your baby’s brain is now developed fully, and their senses are stimulated
  • If born at this stage, your baby has a survival rate of 99%. However, this is at the risk of disabilities, since it is still premature.

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What to expect in the ultrasound this week

Now that you are at an extremely advanced stage of pregnancy, your visits to the doctor for ultrasounds will become more and more frequent. They will want to check and see if everything is right on track for the approaching D-Day. Here’s what you can expect to see in the ultrasound at the 33rd week.

  • You can see your baby moving in your womb. The doctors make sure to check for movement
  • You can see your baby practicing their breathing skills
  • Your doctor will check the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby
  • You will be able to see muscle tone in your baby at this stage
  • Your baby can be seen flexing and extending their hands, legs, and fingers.

Things to do this week

  • Insomnia is bound to kick in this week, so make sure you make preparations before you go to sleep. Take a warm bath, and drink a cup of warm milk before bed. Reduce your screen time as well. If none of this helps, you could use this time as practice for the sleepless nights that lie ahead!
  • You must increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids (DHA). This is said to aid with the early development of your baby. Fish is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, so you might want to include that in your diet.
  • This week, you might want to start practicing standing straighter. This will help with the back pain that you must be experiencing for a few weeks now, owing to the increase in weight.
  • Continue to test and check for fetal movements. In case you don’t feel up to 10 movements in an hour, eat a light snack or drink something and then lie down and try again.
  • Shortness of breath is a common symptom experienced in the 33rd week of pregnancy. Avoid frequent movement or exercise for now.

You’re only seven weeks away, so it’s time to prepare yourself for the huge change from pregnancy to parenthood. The doctors on Cloudnine are here for you! 

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