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What is Coccydynia?

April 23, 2021

Have you ever felt a persistent pain on your tailbone, while you are in the same place for long hours or else pain emerges when you take up to sit on a hard surface or plastic chairs? This might be coccydynia, a very commonly called tailbone pain.

What may be the reason  for this tailbone pain?

This might occur due to stress, or by sitting in the same place for continuous hours which puts a lot of pressure on  the bottom of your spine, and you may end up with tailbone pain.

What may be the causes for this tailbone pain?

• Increased mobility pulls the pelvic floor muscles which  attach to the coccyx, resulting in this tailbone pain 

• Any direct injury by falling on your coccyx or tailbone causes the  inflammation of ligaments, trauma usually results in a bruised bone 

• Prolong sitting at one place for long hours, also considered as occupational stress or sitting on a hard surface  

• Childbirth in women, during the time of delivery the baby’s head  passes over the coccyx which adds pressure against the bone and  results in injury

• Obesity is one of the other cause for this pain, studies have found that a monitored BMI survey resulted more than 27.4 in women and 29.4 in men, which decides that they were prone for the risk of injury of their coccyx bone 

How can you diagnose this tailbone pain?

• Palpation can be done on the tailbone to check for any local tenderness that results in pain when the pain spot is touched
• Collect the complete medical history of any recent injury and/or any kind of  occupational stress

Finally, get a confirmation via an an x-ray imaging test to find out the angle of pelvic rotation, to see if the measurements are out of the normal range of treatment:

• NSAIDS (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) 

• Ice pack application:  vaso-contriction followed by vasco-dilation results in increased blood flow 

• Heat Application helps the vasodilation in decreasing the pai

• Make some modification in sitting positions 

• Massage helps relieve the pain 

• Stretching exercise (Stretching ligaments attached to the coccyx)  helps relieve the pain 

Comparison of pain related to gender is common in women.
Causes for it might be due to a broader pelvis in women which decreases the pelvic rotation and leaves the coccyx bone prone to injury and trauma during childbirth.
In rare cases infections in the coccyx cause the pain. 

However, Cloudnine’s Physiotherapy Services and Home Physiotherapy services are the best solution to such issues. Our specialists take every care to stabilize and help new moms adjust or re-adjust back into their new lives as primary caregivers to their babies smoothly.

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