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Must Read Diwali Safety Tips During Pregnancy

Diwali is when we celebrate, have fun, enjoy and spend time with our close friends and family. This festival is the most popular in India and a favourite among people of all ages. If you are pregnant, you might be worried about high-noise firecrackers and pollution. But while you're pregnant, it does not mean you should not celebrate the festival as you usually do. Taking extra precautions and following a few Diwali safety tips, while you’re pregnant is all that is needed to have a happy and safe celebration. 

Diwali and Pregnancy Safety

Exposure to loud noises while pregnant can be harmful. The loud noise from crackers carries a high risk as it harms the unborn and the mother. According to experts, sounds beyond 110 decibels can harm the baby's hearing capabilities. Excessive smoke from crackers and exposure to harsh chemicals can harm the fetus. If you are pregnant and prone to respiratory issues, the pollutants can create or worsen the problem for the mother and the baby. So mothers-to-be need to take extra precautions and, if possible, enjoy an eco-friendly Diwali surrounded by their loved ones. They must consume healthy food and enough water to prevent any fainting attacks or dizziness and lethargy. 

Safety Precautions for Pregnant Women on Diwali

Limit Exposure to Pollution

During pregnancy, the oxygen-carrying capacity is reduced. Since the air around you during this time of the year is more polluted, it can create problems for the baby. So one of the essential Diwali safety tips is staying in a well-ventilated place and away from pollution. If that is impossible, install an air purifier to clean the air. Stay put inside for at least 2 to 3 days so that the air gets clear. If you have to go out, use a high-quality mask. Seek medical help if you have breathlessness, dizziness, headache or nausea due to the smoke of fireworks. 

Stay Away from Loud Noises

Pregnant women are sensitive when it comes to their senses. So loud noises can easily damage the eardrums. The baby inside you also gets affected due to the sudden shock you experience. So to avoid these loud sounds stay indoors or use earplugs. 

Watchout for Allergens

Pregnant women are more sensitive than ever, so they should watch out for allergies. Since homes are decorated with floral arrangements, petals, candles, etc., any of these can trigger allergic reactions. Those who have asthma should not forget to have their inhaler handy at all times. To help prevent allergens, it is best to leave flowers outside until the last moment of decoration. You can also spray them with water before getting them indoors. This will help in settling the pollen, dust and other allergens. 

Protect yourself from Injuries and Burns

During pregnancy, treating any type of injury is difficult. So it is in your interest to stay away from firecrackers to avoid burns and injuries. Also, stay away from crowded places as some people like to throw crackers toward crowds which can result in injuries or burns. 

Eat Healthily

Binge eating is common during Diwali as most of the food that is made at home or brought by relatives and friends are snacks and sweets. Additionally, sweets made at shops have a high level of adulteration, which can cause health problems. So if you are pregnant, take special care of your diet. Eat salt and sugar in moderation. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and also to flush out toxins. 

Avoid Traditional Heavy Wear

During the pooja and the festivities, women love to wear heavy traditional dresses. That can apply pressure on the bones and cause pain. Pregnant women already suffer from many aches, so it is best to avoid piling on the misery! Instead of heavy traditional dresses, wear trendy cotton dresses. It prevents skin irritation and is comfortable to wear. 

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Diwali is one of India's important festivals, but it is better to enjoy it safely by taking all the necessary precautions to prevent any harm. Avoid loud noise during pregnancy, be prepared by keeping an emergency and first-aid kit ready, and stay prepared and alert.


Can loud noises from Diwali crackers affect my unborn baby? 

An occasional loud noise does not cause any harm to the unborn. But if the sound is more than 85 decibels, it may affect the child to a certain extent. 

Are Firecrackers Harmful to Pregnant Women? 

Yes. The smoke from firecrackers contains chemicals and harmful substances and can trigger allergies. Exposure to air pollution reduces the oxygen to the baby and can cause health issues. Additionally, there is a risk of fire and noise. So it is best to stay indoors and enjoy the festival. 

What are the Effects of Sound on a Baby During Pregnancy? 

Loud noises can damage the hearing of the baby. Ear plugs can only protect the hearing to a certain extent. So the only way to protect the baby's hearing is by avoiding loud noises. 

How can we celebrate or make Diwali safe for pregnant women?

You can make Diwali safe for pregnant women by avoiding the bursting of crackers. Ensuring they have nutritious food at regular intervals and that they do not suffer any burn injuries while celebrating. 

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