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Physiotherapy Online in India


India’s best one-to-one Physiotherapy Home services for you

Cloudnine India’s #1 Maternity & Paediatric Hospital as per Times Of India

The best physiotherapists are now available to help you out

When Cloudnine comes home, care comes home.

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Connect one-on-one with our acclaimed Physiotherapists and Lamaze certified specialists via our online physiotherapy home services

Prenatal fitness

  • Prenatal fitness routine
  • Preparing for your D-Day
  • Lamaze techniques to achieve physical relaxation
  • Breathing techniques to ease your labour 

Postnatal fitness

  • Get back in shape
  • Gain physical stamina post-delivery
  • Customized weight management plan

Baby’s corner

  • Babycare and fitness
  • Improve the baby's blood circulation
  • Enhance muscle development

General physio sessions 

  • Physiotherapy for all

Just download Cloudnine's 'It’s Our Baby App' and book Physiotherapy Home Care services

How to book Online Physiotherapy Home Care Services?

A) You have to download/open Cloudnine's 'It’s Our Baby App'

Booking video consultation for physio Home Care Services on Cloudnine is quite simple :

  1. You have to download/open  Cloudnine’s ‘It’s our baby app’
  2. Register or Login
  3. Tap on ‘Book Video Consultation’
  4. Select ‘Physiotherapy’’ and your preferred physiotherapist
  5. Check for the doctor’s availability and book a time slot
  6. After that, choose your ‘payment option’ and proceed with the booking
  7. Video consultation banner would be visible at the home screen 30 min prior to the appointment
  8. Click on the banner and continue the video consultation.

B) Through Website

You can now book appointments for online physiotherapy consultation through the online appointment booking widget on our website as well:

  1. You can go to ‘Fix an appointment’ and Click on the option book online or use the widget present on this page
  2. Select the City, Hospital, Department, Physiotherapist, Procedure, and Date
  3. Book a slot on the chosen date with your preferred physiotherapist
  4. Choose ‘Video Consult’
  5. Fill in your mobile number and click on Get OTP
  6. You’ll receive an OTP, fill that in the OTP bar
  7. After which you’ll receive an option to ‘Book Now’
  8. Following that, you can go ahead with finalizing your booking
  9. To start an online physiotherapy consultation, you have to download It’s our baby app
  10. Online Physiotherapy consultation banner would be visible at App home screen 30 min prior to the appointment.

Cloudnine works round the clock to make your lives easier and comfortable providing the best services. Times might be difficult, but our will to serve you is stronger.

Why Cloudnine?

Cloudnine Group of Hospitals is the best Maternity, Gynecology, and Fertility care provider in India. With its top-of-the-line technology and the best-specialized experts, Cloudnine has been serving the people of India for over 12 years and has won numerous awards for its world-class services.

Cloudnine Hospitals have amazing teams of Doctors, Obstetricians & Gynecologists, Pediatricians & Child Specialists, Neonatologists, Physiotherapists, and Nutritionists, always ready to serve you the best.

Cloudnine’s accomplishments never cease to encourage competitors in the same field:

  1. Instant Chat with Doctors via Cloudnine’s app
  2. 1 Lacs+ Deliveries
  3. 5 Lacs+ Happy Customers
  4. 8 Cities
  5. 17+ Centers across India
  6. Level III NICU
  7. NABH Certified
  8. Trusted Experts with over 35+ years of Experience
  9. #1 Maternity and Children’s Hospital Chain in India

FAQs about Online Physiotherapy Home Care services

1. What is Online Home Physiotherapy Consultation on Cloudnine?

Consultations held by specialists physiotherapists on Cloudnine for their patients through live video interaction via Cloudnine’s ‘It's Our Baby’ app. You can now book appointments for online physiotherapy consultation at home through Cloudnine’s website as well. Just book a slot on the website and consult your physiotherapist through Cloudnine’s app.

2. What does Cloudnine provide in its Online Physiotherapy consultation?

In the online consultation, you can interact with Cloudnine’s expert physiotherapists about your physical issues, ask a physiotherapist online, or get customized physiotherapy exercise plans for your physical health during/after pregnancy. General patients can also book an appointment for this service.

3. Will my preferred physiotherapist be available for consultation?

Yes, we’ve currently many physiotherapy specialists on board.

4. How should I make a payment?

Through cards, digital wallets, and UPI. You can also connect with our call center executives (Cloudnine Call center No. +91 99728 99728) for further details.

5. Is your payment gateway safe and secure?

Yes, we have partnered with the most trusted names from the industry (tone assuring)

6. What happens if the video call gets disconnected in between?

You’ll be provided with an option to reconnect in such a case.


7. Is this facility available day and night?

Please check the app for the available time slots. Time slots for the doctors may differ as per their availability.

8. What happens if my system shuts down or the internet connection stops working right when the Payment is getting processed?

If the payment goes through and is done, your appointment will be confirmed. If not, you’ll have to book again.

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