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What do a Baby at 19 Weeks and an Heirloom Tomato have in Common?

What do a baby at 19 weeks and an heirloom tomato have in common?

Ever wondered how big your baby gets with each passing day in your pregnancy? Would it not be fun if you knew that many everyday objects can remind you of the little one inside you?

Let us suppose vegetables. Vegetables are colourful and most are quite pretty (some like potatoes are not so much on the prettier side. They are only tasty but we don’t want to talk about that because then this article would become weird).

On the 19th week, your baby is approximately the size of an heirloom tomato. That is almost 6 inches in length from head to toe and your baby weighs approximately 240 grams. It has been 19 weeks now, you are already halfway through. This is where it gets exciting. Well now that you are at 19 weeks here are a few things you can do:

  •         Sign up for a baby CPR class
  •         Start narrowing down on pediatricians
  •         Know more about stem cell banking

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Here are a few symptoms that a mother might face in the 19th week:

  •  Dizziness-

Well, it’s very common for pregnant ladies to feel dizzy. You see with the baby growing inside you, your lung space is crowded and thus slightly less oxygen is reaching the body. Also, the baby puts pressure on your blood vessels. If you feel lightheaded, don’t worry, you’re not the first one. They also happen due to dehydration and hunger so make sure you’re eating well and drinking loads of water.

  •   Pain in the abdominal region –

A mother’s abdomen might start paining because the body muscles are trying to accommodate the growing baby. The muscles are stretching to fit the baby and this causes some pain and discomfort. Well if the pain doesn’t grow too intense you’ve nothing to worry about. But otherwise, if there is too much pain or some other symptoms crop up, its best to consult your OB.

  •    Leg cramps-

This is the worst and we know it. Cramps can get worse and cause a lot of temporary pain but don’t worry there is an easy way out of this. Try stretching, slowly, and steadily, practice leg stretches once a day to avoid. If you don’t feel up for it, you can also ask your partner or an expert to give you a back and calf massages.

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  • Hip pains-

Hip pains are common but they bother a lot. Well, firstly try sleeping on the side. Secondly, get a pillow between your knees. They work wonders. Get ample pillows around you when you sleep and that will definitely be some relief

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  • Weight gain-

At 19 weeks, weight gain might start to bother you. By this time an ideal pregnant woman puts on about 4 to 7 kilograms. But if you find that you’re putting on weight alarmingly, it is best to consult a doctor and get the concern off your back.

  • Baby’s movement-

It’s about time that you start feeling those tiny movements. This is different for every woman; some might start getting it early, but ideally, around the 19th week you can feel the taps. The kicks are still to come and others will thus have to wait to feel them but until then enjoy these moments of bonding with your baby alone!

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Its been 19 weeks already and you must be excited by now. Well, it is getting exciting for the little one too. By now its 4 senses of taste, hearing, sight, and smell have also started developing. Well, its time you make the important decisions, consult your doctor, have the people you trust around all the time because now you will need them more than ever and also after the birth of your baby. You are going to interact with them a whole lot more. So, get working and cheers for being brave to become a mom!

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