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There’s hope even in Autism!

April 2, 2021

“Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.”

We don’t know who wrote this quote but he’s very much correct. In the process of evolution, we, humans, have developed this nature of accepting only things known to us. This habit helps us in being safe but also creates a lot of differences at times.

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Sometimes this habit is so much inhibited in us that we even reject people a little different or with some extra needs than us. We forget that sometimes, different is Special. The little different person sitting next to you is special. So is the child with extra needs in your kid’s class.

Technically, Autistic spectrum disorders are characterized by impairments in language, social skills, and repetitive behaviours, at times accompanied by intellectual disability.

Also, early diagnosis and supportive strategies including speech therapy (Speech therapy at home on Cloudnine), occupational therapy, special educational services and behavioural interventions can help in managing the adverse effects of this condition. Genetic counselling can help family members and children affected as well.

We are told so much about Autism. Many even consider it a great disorder. But we, Cloudnine, do not believe it true. If we look at it properly, we would find Autism is actually a speciality. The children with autism aren’t just normal kids, they are little angels who can teach you a lot about raising kids which you have no idea of.

They teach you how to communicate differently, to teach kids in a different way rather than the usual, take that extra care. Which eventually teaches you a lot not only about raising a kid but life. These special kids aren’t special just for the sake of it but there are reasons. They could have trouble communicating but be unusually good at art, music, math, or memory. Because of this, they might do especially well on tests of analysis or problem-solving. Which opens up so many new possibilities for them.

Autism is nothing to be hopeless or felt bad about. In fact, if we look, history’s greatest men and women have been through this.  The famous poetess, Emily Dickinson, physics geniuses like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and so many others were autistic. There are even present examples like Mircosoft’s Co-founder, Bill Gates, Sir Anthony Hopkins. All these people also faced some or other difficulties. But, they believed there’s a superhero in their small heart fighting big battles. They chose to thrive instead of compromise. And so can every kid with autism.

Cloudnine, on this World Autism Day, celebrates the immense flow of innocence and love these kids with autism have in their hearts.

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