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Helping your kid communicate better verbally!


Speech Therapy in India

Cloudnine India’s speech therapy evaluation will certainly encourage your kid cross those developmental hurdles in their verbal communication

#1 Pediatric hospital, ranked by times Of India

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Cloudnine’s Speech Therapy for kids/children from your home from any place across the country.

The 1st session will help us evaluate the child's verbal communication ability based on which further sessions would be recommended. These sessions would help boost not only your baby’s verbal communication skills but also his or her communication.

These are innovative sessions where children would be helped in further developing communication by using fun and interactive methods!

Our Certified speech and language pathologists will help kids cross these communication hurdles.

Cloudnine’s speech therapy in India for kids focuses on:

  1. Comprehensive speech evaluations and individual speech therapy

  2. Voice training, voice coaching, addressing speech rhythm, speech delay, fluency and various voice disorders

  3. Guidance and support to kids and parents to cope up with various communication challenges

  4. Therapy by means of playing and talking, using pictures, audiovisual aids and books to stimulate language development

How to book an online speech therapy consultation?

Now, that’s quite simple:

  1. Download Cloudnine’s ‘It’s Our Baby app’

  2. Register or Login

  3. Tap on ‘Make an Appointment

  4. Choose Video/Tele Consult

  5. Check for the doctor’s availability and book a time slot

  6. After that, choose your ‘payment option’ and proceed with the booking

  7. Video consultation banner would be visible at home screen 30 min prior to appointment

  8. Click on the banner and continue the video consultation.

Why Cloudnine!

Our pediatric care is ranked #1 across India, delivered by a team of experts across fields. Consulting Cloudnine’s best doctor online to address your child’s issue is a piece of cake.

  1. Instant Chat with Doctors via Cloudnine ’s app

  2. 5 Lakh+ Happy Customers

  3. 7 Cities

  4. 16+ Centers across India

  5. NABH Certified*

  6. Trusted Experts with 35+ years of Experience

  7. 80K+ Deliveries

  8. Level III NICU

  9. #1 Maternity and Children’s Hospital Chain in India

FAQs about Speech Therapy consultations provided on Cloudnine

  1. Why book a speech therapy  on Cloudnine?

    Cloudnine understands the need and hence is providing speech therapy sessions for kids who might be taking longer than usual to use their vocal chords. Our sessions help them get back on track while learning and enjoying new things.
  2. Who is recommended to take a consultation?

    With early intervention, speech therapy can improve communication and boost your child’s self-confidence. Any child facing verbal communication issues is recommended an evaluation speech therapy session.
  3. How do I book speech consultation therapy for my child?

    You may book a speech therapy consultation for an initial evaluation if you feel that your kid is facing a delay in communicating verbally.
  4. Is your payment gateway safe and secure?

    Yes, we have ensured to partner with the best and safest service provider in the industry.
  5. Is this facility available day and night?

    Time slots may differ as per their availability.
  6. What is the qualification of Child Speech Therapists on Cloudnine?

    MBBS with certifications in Auditory Verbal Therapy
  7. How do I know my child needs a speech evaluation or speech therapy session?

    Following an evaluation, performed in the 1st speech therapy session, a diagnosis would be made regarding the child's ability to communicate verbally. In case the child needs assistance, full-fledged speech therapy  sessions would be recommended. However, if the child responds adequately, he or she needn't go ahead with the sessions.
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