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A baby has arrived home. Isn't that a delight. It reached before time, but everyone in the family is more than happy to welcome the youngest member of their family. Being a mother of a premature baby things change. There is nothing more exciting than welcoming one's bundle of joy home from the maternity clinic. However, looking after a baby is easier said than done.

There are a few things that can be done to better prepared to manage and look after the tiny bundle of joy!

  • Customised feeding for  the baby
  • Connecting with the NICU and the baby's pediatrician and make a schedule
  • Keeping a tab on the infant's feeding cues
  • Give what is best and recommended by the doctor
  • Maintaining equipment and utensils clean
  • Stay Warm and Cozy & keep the baby warm & cozy
  • Cherish, relish and enjoy this time

Parenthood isn't easy and every parent frets and gets confused. But, with the help and expert advice of the elders and the baby's pediatrician, all the tools needed to give the baby a fantastic time is there.

Consult a child specialist doctor!

Babies are a joy. Seeing them growing up and blooming to become wonderful people is probably the most satisfying part in the lives of parents. The kisses, cuddles and memories shared with an infant are just beautiful.