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The visit of IIMB and Cornell University students to Cloudnine

December 3, 2020

The visit of IIMB and Cornell University students to Cloudnine

As part of a study programme students from Cornell University and IIMB  had visited Cloudnine on Dec 23rd 2011. These students were in Bangalore to study various businesses and in healthcare they had chosen Cloudnine to see what they could gain from the knowledge bank. The eight students and the professor from IIMB visited the facility, interacted with Dr.Kishore and also participated in Q&A with Dr. Kishore on Cloudnine’s challenges in a competitive environment

A brief on the IIMB-Johnson Collaborative Student Project Programme (CSPP)

As an initiative to create an opportunity for cross-cultural learning of business and management in USA and India in an environment that will nurture close relationships between the students of the Samuel Curtis Johnson School of Management at the Cornell University (Cornell), USA and Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), the IIMB-Johnson Collaborative Student Project Programme (CSPP) is run.

This programme is different from the standard student exchange programme where IIMB students spend a full term of ten weeks as students in leading business schools outside India. The CSPP programme is a sequential two-way exchange where the IIMB students went to Cornell for one week (September 4-10, 2011) to engage in a variety of learning and integration activities. Cornell students are visiting IIMB during December 17-23, 2011 for a similar experience.

During the week that the students from Cornell are in Bangalore, they attend classroom sessions to gain an overview of doing business in India. In addition they also visit Indian companies and not-for-profit organizations and are exposed to cultural events too. The intent is to provide them a well-rounded exposure to the country and the business/socio-economic environment.


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