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Hymenoplasty, Restoring Your Virginity!

December 3, 2020

When the discussion related to virginity comes up, it’s always a mixed message that is conveyed politically, religiously, culturally, educationally and socially. But if you give a heed notice to it, there is mostly an aggressive or possessive tone associated with losing it. No wonder why women try all the possible measures to preserve and restore their virginity like kegel exercises, vagina tightening creams and countless others. Science and medicines have also shown a keen interest in this, and this is where Hymenoplasty walks in.

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You will be shocked to learn that with Hymenoplasty you can restore your virginity after you have been “deflowered.”  Well, this might come as a surprise, but it is 100% true!

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What is Hymenoplasty?

With the advancement in science and technology, everything is available, from a new nose, strong jawline, lifted cheekbones, perky breasts to a brand new hymen. All it takes is a good plastic surgeon.  Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure for the restoration or reconstruction of the hymen. It is also known as hymenorrhaphy, virginity surgery or just hymen reconstruction surgery.

The term virginity and hymen are interconnected. The hymen is a ring-like membrane in a woman’s vagina which ruptures due to sexual penetration or vigorous exercise. That is why women undergo hymen reconstruction surgery since certain cultures believe that losing one’s virginity before marriage is a taboo.

What is the procedure?

Hymenorrhaphy is performed only by a plastic surgeon and can be done months or years after a woman loses her virginity. Here, the broken edges of the hymen are sutured back together making it as good as new and which bleed on the first sexual penetration after the surgery. It is a minor surgery performed under anaesthesia where the patient gets discharged after 5-6 hours post procedure. Also, the sutures used in the surgery gets dissolve on its own after a few days.

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Is there a risk involved?

So far Hymenoplasty has no risk and complications associated with it. The key is to choose a good plastic surgeon for this procedure. You can observe mild bleeding and swelling (outer region) but not to worry since this is caused because of the use of small dissolving suture in the procedure. As time goes by this subsides eventually.

Is there a scar left behind after this operation?

No! Once you have fully recovered from the operation, your hymen becomes intact like a natural one with no visible signs of the surgery.

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How much time does it take to recover from Hymenoplasty?

The patient can return to work the very next day, but complete healing takes approximately four weeks. Following good hygiene and consulting with a good doctor during your recovery period can help you go a long way.  

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