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Our Environment and Cloudnine go hand in hand

December 3, 2020

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Cloudnine, basking under nature's glory

Cloudnine, basking under nature's glory[/caption]It’s a great time to be alive, you know why, that’s because we are finally learning how to appreciate mother nature, we’re finally appreciating the gifts she’s bestowed upon humanity.Cloudnine too has left no stone unturned!Cloudnine is playing its part in preserving the environment as it is reaching out to you through its Video Consultations, reducing carbon footprints across cities and saving your time, fuel and energy. By doing so, Cloudnine is also helping in maintaining the norms of social distancing, which is crucial considering the current situation.[caption id="attachment_25235" align="alignnone" width="660"]

On Cloudnine, cleanliness comes first

On Cloudnine, cleanliness comes first[/caption]It’s a good thing that we have now started realizing the importance of our environment and are working for its betterment because preserving nature is preserving ourselves, we’re not alien to our environment, we’re in fact part of it.In Indian households, the lady of the house, the mother is the centre of gravity, she dawns multiple hats, she’s a wife, a daughter-in-law, the manager of the household, the treasurer, her jobs are never-ending. The most important job to her is that of being a mother, which she’s brilliant at while balancing her office work. Her nurturing powers have no bound. Here’s a wonderful line, I’d like to quote;

‘Only a mother’s love and upbringing can help change the destiny of a child’

Moms look after their family, their children and nourish them like mother nature nourishes the environment.


Ever wonder why mothers give everything to see their families bloom? It’s because of love, which is innate and unconditional. She preserves just as mother nature preserves us all. That is the level of care Cloudnine wants to give everyone and is providing thus, with its Carentingsessions, Fb-live with specialist doctors, pre and post-natal care online and nutrition sessions. Considering that the current times are both unprecedented and unusual many couples have been having difficulties equating themselves into it, especially the working couples. Cloudnine’s online sessions have been paving a path to self-soothe couples and relax them as they work at home day after day, along with looking after their newborns. Cloudnine is trying to help parents across the nation in attaining a balance and saving time. Also, as a go-digital initiative, Cloudnine has been implementing the usage of online prescriptions, appointments and Doctor’s notes and more through Cloudnine’s app and online widget. Cloudnine aims to go green with these initiatives.[caption id="attachment_25236" align="alignnone" width="660"]

Cloudnine goes digital to reduce carbon footprints

Cloudnine goes digital to reduce carbon footprints[/caption]The current times have made a few lifestyle updates for all of us. The new normal has brought to our attention that managing families isn’t a child’s play. Men and children are now happily finding themselves helping the ladies of their houses with all the home chores and work. The environment too is seen to be recovering, that’s got to be good.

“Moments of solitude with Mother Nature is sunshine to a soul.” — Anthony Douglas Williams

Mother nature is beautiful, she provides, perseveres, preserves, and protects. Cloudnine, following Mother nature’s footstep, is putting all its energy into providing the best maternity and pediatric care, it is persevering to be the best mother and child healthcare provider for the nation, it is preserving dreams and joy for parents as pure young lives are delivered on Cloudnine, it aims at protecting all by facilitating provisions for crucial home vaccinations for babies, and Flu vaccinations for entire families, and that too at doorsteps.[caption id="attachment_25237" align="alignnone" width="660"]

Flu vaccinations to safeguard lives

Flu vaccinations to safeguard lives[/caption]Cloudnine hopes that each one of you enjoys the beauty of nature while cherishing these rewards for a serene life;

  • Gratitude for the universal elements, the air, fire, water, mother earth and feeling exhilarated by that energy
  • Refreshing yourselves by a morning walk or an evening saunter
  • Watching the stars at night
  • Looking over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring and being elated
  • And a zillion other things in our environment that make you feel joyful

Cloudnine wishes one and all a very Happy World Environment Day!"Want to consult the best gynecologists in India?"

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