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The Potty Training Manual: How to Turn Your Baby Into a Potty Pro

Potty Training


A magical way to increase the number of hours in a day.


“What are your plans for the evening?”

“Potty training definitely, and then maybe a little dinner.”

Babies leave little tokens of love everywhere they go; you’ll catch a whiff in a baby’s breath, or in the musical gurgle that follows a little tickle. But the best kind of love is the one housed in a warm, squishy diaper, neatly packaged against your baby’s little bottom. This love, however, can take up quite a bit of your day, requiring you to perennially hover over your baby with a diaper in your hand and quiet resignation in your heart.

But hey, your time is finally here. With potty training, you can win back all the hours you currently spend expertly securing diapers. In this manual, we show you how to start potty training.

Step 1. Create Curiosity

There’s a generous age band within which you can broach the subject of potty training with your infant. This band spans the eighteen to twenty-four months spectrum, so it’s for you to gauge when you think your child is ready to use the potty. A good way to begin is by casually placing the potty on a pedestal during conversations. Metaphorically, that is. Buy a few books that showcase potty training with relatable characters. Also, start asking your child whether his favourite stuffed bedtime companion needs to use the potty. Or show your child how wildly enthusiastic you are every time you go to use the ‘potty’. The more you talk about it, the more interesting a concept it will become.

Step 2. Gauge Willingness

There isn’t an age set in stone that marks the transition from diaper to potty. Graduating the potty is a milestone that differs from child to child. How do you know? Signs, of course. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Your child shows an increased inclination to use the potty
  • Your child feels queasy in soiled diapers
  • You notice a noticeable amount of ‘potty talk’ from your child
  • Your child is old enough to wear his own clothes
  • Your child is capable of following simple orders

Of course, you needn’t have to tick every checkbox to know that your child is ready. If he demonstrates a keen interest in using the potty, pull it out.

Step 3. Time the Transition Well

Timing your child’s transition to the big-kid potty ought to be a supremely orchestrated event, and that means zero distractions. If you’ve got a vacation, house move or something else enormously impactful in the offing, hit the pause button. Baby potty training is best taught against a backdrop of peace and calm. This way, your child will be more receptive and be less likely to have accidents. Also, if your toddler resists the transition and holds it off for days, it is advisable to postpone the move for a bit. This can prevent constipation and arrest the onset of a fear associated with hard stools. Ensure that your child is consuming plenty of water, fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation during the potty training window.

Step 4. Standardise Potty Time

As you introduce your child to the concept of a potty, carve out specific times during the day for ‘potty time’. Lead your little one to the potty at regular intervals, say every two hours. Read to him, listen to songs together and play verbal games so that he doesn’t associate the potty with boredom. Praise and encourage your child regardless of whether he actually uses the potty. Glorify the potty, always.

Step 5. Instil a Sense of Hygiene

Hygiene should be an imperative part of your toilet training routine. Teach your infant how to keep clean after a performance on the potty. The blessed jet spray can be a wonderful tool that can be easily used by your child (thank you, India). The final step should be the washing of hands. Buy a gentle scented liquid soap and fill it in a fun canister that appeals to your child.

Potty training your infant can be a big milestone for you and your baby. Granted, your little tot won’t leave you little custom-wrapped tokens in his diaper anymore, but you’ll discover new gifts in the years to come. Just you wait.

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