Deciphering Baby Cries – Soothing a Crying Baby

decipheri - Deciphering Baby Criesdeci mob - Deciphering Baby CriesA wailing newborn is every parent’s worst nightmare come true. Of course, all babies cry since it is the only way they can communicate. They cry when hungry, sleepy, wet, uncomfortable, in pain or just like that.Sadly, newborns do not come with an instruction panel that indicates the specific reason they are crying for. And parents are often left with a bawling baby and little clue about what should be done. Listening to a crying newborn can be tough, but deciphering why the child is distressed is tougher. As you bond with your little one over the weeks, you will be better able to spot the cause behind these tears and resolve it.In the meantime, here are some check boxes you can tick off mentally when trying to soothe a crying infant. Why Does Babies CryHunger is the most common reason for a baby’s crying bout. Since they have small stomachs, newborns need to feed often. Whenever the baby is wailing, check whether the baby wants to be fed. And always remember to burp the child. Sometimes kids who don’t burp after a feed might sense discomfort and will complain vociferously.The other major irritant for newborns is wet nappies or uncomfortable clothing. Whenever your baby cries, check if the diaper needs to be changed or whether any article of the clothing is irritating the skin. Also, check if the attire is season-appropriate. Too many layers of clothes in the summer can make the baby sweaty and uncomfortable, while a thin vest and nappies in the winter can leave them feeling cold.Sometimes, babies might protest loudly if the lights in the room are too bright or if a sudden loud sound startles them. Just pick the little one up and gently rock the baby while making soothing sounds. Your child will feel comforted and safe and will gradually settle down. Craving the Human TouchIt has been noticed that some children cry incessantly during late evenings or nights. That could either be a sign of tiredness or irritation in the tummy. Thankfully, doctors believe this to be a passing phase and your child will outgrow it within weeks. However, it might be a good idea to avoid over-stimulating the baby. If several people play with the baby throughout the day, the newborn might get tired and cranky, and will cry inconsolably.Then there are times when babies just want to be held, especially by the mother. So whenever your newborn cries, hold the child snugly in your arms and pace around the room murmuring comforting words. In most cases, the baby will calm down and doze happily. However, if your baby cries incessantly and cannot be soothed, it is a good idea to visit your doctor. The healthcare practitioner can identify if the baby is suffering from some issue, like colic, and offer appropriate remedy. As a parent, you share the strongest bond with the newborn. So, you are the best judge in deciphering whether your baby is crying for food, warmth or comfort. Over time, your baby will communicate with you through eye contact and other body language signs. Until then, lavish lot of TLC on your baby and soon the sniffles will turn to gurgles of joy.
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