Baby Bath Massage – Making Bath Time an Occasion to Cherish

safeway - Baby Bath and Massagesafeway mob - Baby Bath and Massage Often Indian families get a midwife or masseuse to massage and bathe newborn babies. Some adopt this practice because they have seen their parents do the same. Others follow it because they are scared of handling a tiny tot, especially amidst soap and water.However, centuries ago, mothers massaged and bathed their newborns without anyone’s intervention and their children turned out to be strapping youngsters. Would you not want to follow their example and use bath time as another excuse to better bond with your baby?As Easy As You PleaseBegin the bathing routine with a gentle massage. This relaxes the baby and improves the sleep patterns. Choose any light oil – be it almond, coconut, olive or mustard – and tenderly massage your baby’s body with fluid and smooth movements. If you wish to use perfumed oils with exotic ingredients, dab a little on your baby’s skin to check whether it suits your child. In fact, doing a sensitivity test for any product that comes in contact of your baby’s skin can help avoid rashes.Your newborn’s body is extremely delicate so avoid pressing vigorously or applying extra pressure. Also, avoid massaging near the eyes or pouring oil in the ears or nostrils, because there is no proof that this benefits the baby in any way. Avoid massaging the umbilical cord too; it will dry and fall off without any assistance.After massage, some folks let the newborn soak up the early morning sunrays. This is a good custom, because your baby can get a healthy dose of Vitamin D while the oil seeps into the body. However, if you wish to skip this routine, that is absolutely fine too.

Setting a Routine

Choose a time of the day when your baby and you are relaxed, be it early morning or before you both settle down for the night. Organize everything you need for the bath in advance, including the massage oil, soap, shampoo, warm water, towels, moisturizer, etc. This will ensure you don’t have to keep getting up whilst bathing your child.

Select a comfortable position so you can hold the baby firmly. You can bathe the newborn either in a bathtub or on your outstretched legs. Rub a little soap between your palms and lather it on your baby’s body. Wash off with some warm water and then pat dry the baby before dressing up. Chances are your baby will be happily nodding away by this time, so a quick feed can help the little moppet doze peacefully.

In the beginning, massaging and bathing your baby might look like an intimidating affair. You can ask a family member to be with you when during this routine initially till you feel more confident. Before you know it, your baby and you will both look forward to this daily bonding session.

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