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The Maternity Lifestyle Guide: Healthy Lifestyle Upgrades to Make Now That You’re Pregnant

September 21, 2017 in Daddy's Corner, Effective Parenting, Health, Nutritional Insights, Parenting
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Maternity lifestyle guide

So, it’s official; your future is set. The pink twin lines on the pregnancy test have just turned you into a mommy-to-be and your brain has already concocted a dizzying slideshow of events of the months ahead; a fabulous baby shower, a beautiful baby belly, perhaps a babymoon. It’s all far too exciting really. As you sail through the euphoric haze over the next few days, it’s worth taking a moment to consider your lifestyle in advance of your baby’s arrival. If you haven’t already thought about it, we’re here to help.

Here are four lifestyle upgrades that should go down in your book.

Upgrade 1. Pay Attention to Nutrition and Fitness

All great pregnancy care lists begin with fitness and nutrition. And rightly so. Healthy meals and an effective exercise routine can propel a pregnancy successfully to the finish line. If you’re already a mommy, it’s likely that you put your firstborn ahead of yourself. At this stage, however, learn to prioritise yourself and your health. Meet a nutritionist on Cloudnine who can chalk out a healthy meal plan for you. Also, seek out an exercise routine that matches your level of fitness. If you were a fitness junkie before you got pregnant, continue a lighter, gentler form of the same routine into your pregnancy. Alternatively, pick aerobic activities like swimming, walking and yoga. On Cloudnine, we offer an array of prenatal fitness programmes that are tailored for expectant mothers.

Upgrade 2. Focus on Financial Security

Adding a tiny human to your family could entail a not-so-tiny financial investment over the next few years. In the years ahead, you’re going to have to set money aside for your child’s school, toys, activities, clothes, health insurance and perhaps even a college fund. Take this time to evaluate how much money you will need for each of these. Create a financial investment spreadsheet with your partner to direct your combined incomes to specific outflows. Also consider setting up a fund for exigencies to use for emergencies.

Upgrade 3. Nurture Relationships and Assign Responsibility

Now is a good time to assign roles within the family with regard to your baby. This is especially important if you plan to return to work a few months down the line. Discuss with your partner about what he feels most comfortable taking on. New-age parenting involves both partners contributing in equal measure through the newborn parenting process and role assignment is an excellent way to even out responsibilities. If you live within an extended family, it is possible that other members would want to contribute to your baby’s upbringing. Embrace the support that comes your way.

Upgrade 4. Determine Your Approach to Parenting

There isn’t a holy grail that outlines the ideal approach to parenting. However, it is important that you, your partner and your immediate family are on the same page as far as raising your child is concerned. There’s no doubt that in India, our familial fabric is much stronger and tighter knit than that of other countries. Consider how you would like to raise your child keeping your family in mind. Perhaps you’ve already decided that you want to live away, or maybe you prefer staying under the same roof as your parents or your partner’s. If you haven’t had this discussion yet, bring it up with your partner. The members of a household play unique roles in moulding a child’s personality and outlook. It’s also worthwhile to read books on parenting before you don your new hat as a mommy. These will give you an insight into how to encourage, support, discipline and shape your child. The most important thing to remember is that you and your partner are a team and should work as a single unit.

Lifestyle changes are effective tools in creating a conducive environment for your baby even while you’re still pregnant. By laying the groundwork early on, you can focus on being mommy once your little one arrives. Four little lifestyle upgrades are all it takes.

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