Our Prenatal Workshops, Personalized Prenatal Workshops, Baby Shower events, MBA programs, Prenatal Yoga and Prenatal Aerobics provide you the premium professional guidance and care that assures a healthy pregnancy.

Smile and celebrate the arrival of your little one with Cloudnine Workshops. Join us and be a proud Cloudnine Parent. Cloudnine is here to gift you a healthy pregnancy and happy parenting!

Prenatal Workshop

Prenatal Workshop

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PrenatalWorkshop - Antenatal

What our guests had to say about us

  • Pregnancy, is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, but it brings along with it a lot of changes to your body and lifestyle. Prenatal workshops at Cloudnine provide a wealth of knowledge to parents-to-be and give you the opportunity to ask all those little questions you were too embarrassed to ask or forgot to ask your caregiver. Every pregnancy and birth is unique, and everyone has questions and fears about childbirth and becoming a parent.

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  • This class was really BEYOND EXPECTATION. Every single word was told to us is really helpful and I am really happy with the hospital for informing me of this class at the right time. Dr. Meghana’s and Anvesha’s session was very lively and informative. Dr. Kini’s session was simply fantastic.

    Nisha Bhaskar

    It was a wonderful session and time to know and learn lots of things when it comes to bringing a new born to the world. Dr. Prakash Kini’s session was awesome and more informative that helped me to become much calmer and confident. Thank cloudnine.


  • Pregnancy and labor: Well presented. Dr. Kishore really helped to ease away all kinds of myths. A very interesting session with short bursts of laughter which was very good. Nutrition concern: Amazingly presented. Got to know about many things. Mrs. Vidya rightly and patiently gave the benefits of good nutrition.

    Antara Bose

    Today’s workshop was extremely good and informative. I had lot of doubts but by attending this workshop which really made me and my husband clear and useful. Dr. Meghna Sabro – physiotherapist session was good and interesting. She helped all the pregnant women to know their body conditions and also how exercise helps our body.

    Soumya Vishwanath

Personalized Prenatal Workshop

Personalized prenatal workshop

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preimage - Antenatal

What our guests had to say about us

    • For the last 40 weeks (give or take a week or two), everything has been building up to the labour. Being as informed as possible before you go into labour will hopefully make the whole experience less daunting.

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    • Had fun, enjoyed the games . Session was very informative. Thank you

      Megha Arora

      Very Good and plesant experience. Had nice moments. Keep it up

      Moumita Basak

    • Loved the program. Really appreciate the initiative . Thank you for the valuable information

      Ridhima Verma

      We really had a great fun. Session was interactive and had very useful information’s. A great Initiative by Cloudnine

      Ekta Gupta

Prenatal Aerobics

Prenatal Aerobics

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Prenatal Aerobics - Antenatal

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    • The workshop also includes a one-on-one session, where you can discuss any concerns you may have about the early days of parenthood.

      The ideal time to attend this workshop is in the ninth month of pregnancy to help you become confident parents just before the arrival of your baby. Please contact us for more details.

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    • The Aerobics expert was very helpful and Knowledgeable. Very informative and spreads positive energy. Very nice in handling patients like me.


      Learnt a lot in the class. the experts taught us very deeply and noticed if we were doing right or not.


    • Very interactive session, will surely suggest others to be moms to join Cloudnine and take this service.


      I recommend all the To be mothers to blindly trust on Cloudnine after the class of fitness, since I am very impressed.


Baby Shower

Baby Shower

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Mothercare - Antenatal

What our guests had to say about us

  • It was good. I think I am on the right path the doctors are always good. The Staff is good and energetic. Way of culture is good especially saree style.

    Vishwanath GN

    Although we were 15 mins late for the event, the event was highly overwhelming and comforting. We are very pleased to have come to cloudnine for consultation.

    Shraddha Sharma

  • Really awesome and fun filled event. Never expected it to be such great fun. Keep going. All the best.

    Divya Chandrashekhar

    A very nice initiative by cloudnine. Happy to be a part of it. Wishing the team to carry on with such efforts and bloom more and more parents with happiness. Thanks to the team.

    Anuradha Sriram

  • Baby shower was a wonderful fun loving experience. Since this is my second pregnancy so I am very happy for the baby shower as we don’t traditionally have one for the second special one. Activities were very enjoyable and we thank cloudnine and the staff for providing us with this wonderful experience. Thank you.


    Overall the experience was lovely and fabulous. The games arranged kept all of us engaged. The hosts were very friendly and made us comfortable. The food served was good and the staffs were very courteous

    Sananda Chakravarti


Management of Baby Affairs

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MBA - Antenatal

What our guests had to say about us

  • Have you ever wished that your baby came with an instruction manual? The Cloudnine MBA provides you just that! Conducted by a team of experts comprising of a paediatrician, lactation expert, dietician, physiotherapist and nurse consultant, our MBA workshops are designed to make you an independent and confident Cloudnine parent.

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  • Everything was explained with great enthusiasm. Proper emphasis on important topics. Food was excellent. Your cafeteria has hygienic staff. Nothing negative to comment.

    Shilpa Nevelle

    It was day well spent learning about important aspects of lactation and nutrition. Baby care and massage methods were interesting as well in helping us 1st time parents to understand everything better. Thanks!!

    Sneha & Vishal

  • Good session on lactation and breastfeeding. A very good initiative by Cloudnine for keeping such session, it really helps! Cloudnine rocks!

    Kruthika Devurkar

    All the session were extremely useful. I think we are much more prepared theoretically than before. Very practical, doable suggestions and lots of myths busted. The dads have learnt a lot as well.

    Deepa Sreedharan

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

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PrenatalYoga - Antenatal

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    • Smooth pregnancy and natural childbirth are just some of the benefits of yoga. Simultaneously, yoga also does wonders for the physical and mental development of the foetus. Yoga has 5 vital tools for pregnancy. When followed together, they work wonders on your health ensuring a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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    • The breathing exercise helped me a lot in relaxing my mind. It is nice to be fit during pregnancy and also post pregnancy. I will come back for post pregnancy to take this forward.


      I already feel like I will be a confident mother with all the fitness classes that I attended. Doing yoga everyday will keep me active which is good for my pregnancy.

      Pooja Yogender

    • Very good guidance by the yoga expert, very impressed and will do it everyday from now on.


      Yoga Class has been really very helpful. Highly recommendable.

      Megha Patil