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The Healthy Living Guide: 5 Ways to a Healthier You

September 25, 2017 in Health, Nutritional Insights
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If your New Year’s resolution was even remotely connected to seeking a healthy path that you haven’t quite managed to find yet, you’ve still got six months of the year left to go. But hey, even if you didn’t have a resolution tipped towards healthy living, perhaps it’s time to take charge. As a woman, whatever your age and background, good health can unlock a lifetime of problem-free living. This guide offers an insight into how to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are five ways to a healthier you.

Tip 1. Take Control of Your Nutrition

Including local, healthy food in your diet is a good rule of thumb while making choices about what belongs on your plate. This means that you should scour your local market for a variety of freshly sourced fruits and vegetables. Pair seasonal fruits like mangoes, jamuns, litchis, strawberries and grapes with year-round produce. Seasonal, local fare is usually grown with fewer fertilisers and pesticides and is high on nutrition. Also, include whole grains and high-fibre foods like ragi and whole wheat and pick lean meats, poultry and fish for your protein sources. Design a monthly meal plan for yourself after consulting a nutritionist to ensure that you are gaining the nutrients that you should at your age. Experiment with wholesome recipes, creative evening snacks and homemade, low-fat versions of your favourite foods.

Tip 2. Establish an Exercise Routine

If you haven’t got one, create one. A lack of exercise can lead to a range of potentially fatal conditions like heart disease and obesity, and setting aside about half an hour a day can play a big role in keeping your body healthy. If you can’t manage a physical routine everyday, try to commit five days per week to exercise. Try aerobic activities like yoga, jogging, walking, zumba, swimming and dancing; they’re all excellent at keeping your heart in check.

Tip 3. Shed the Stress

Whether you’re perpetually consumed by targets and presentations or torn between laundry and your children’s homework, it’s likely that you’re stressed. But as you juggle your various roles as a Powermom at home and at the workplace, remember to fork out time for yourself at the end of each day. This is an important personal ritual you should adopt to shake off the stress you’ve been carrying around and to realign yourself to what’s really important.

Tip 4. Augment Your Calcium Intake

After you cross forty, your body begins demanding higher quantities of calcium. It’s important that you increase your calcium intake accordingly by consuming low-fat dairy to keep conditions like osteoporosis at bay. Your doctor may also recommend that you take multivitamin and calcium supplements to augment your nutritional intake.

Tip 5. Schedule Regular Woman x Wellness Check-Ups

There is a range of conditions that you become more susceptible to as you grow older. To keep yourself shielded from age-specific health risks, it’s important that you schedule regular gynaecological wellness check-ups for yourself, especially if you are above forty. On Cloudnine, our Woman x Wellness health check-ups are composed of a string of superior tests that can safeguard you against a variety of gynaecological conditions.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle can set the way for a long, healthy and fulfilling life. Get started today.


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If you found this article interesting and would like to know more, talk to a Cloudnine expert today!

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