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Supermom Harshita Dabbiru, with Twin Superpowers! Live on Cloudnine!

December 3, 2020

We’ve been hearing of ‘twinning’ trending along the never-ending, invisible line throughout various social media platforms, where people decide to match each other’s ideologies by dressing up alike or by following the exact same traits. All of that may be a facade, but being a mom to twins is a massive achievement which no social media platform can replicate and boast of because being a mom brings in love and humility. Being a Supermom, that too with twins brings sublimity increased by tenfold; Now that’s a twin superpower!

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Supermom Harshita Dabbiru from Pune is an inspiring paradigm of vigour and dexterity. She is a new mother to her beautiful twins, who were recently delivered at Cloudnine Hospital, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, under the supervision of Dr. Mini Salunke.

“It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins; and it’s twice the blessing, twice the fun, two miracles instead of one!”

Despite her packed schedule with her kids and attending to her family she took out some time for us where she answered the very obvious questions we’d ask her starting with “How does she do it all! And how does she still remain calm and confident with the amazing beaming smile that makes us fall in love with her!”

Harshita hails from Odisha, where she completed her B.Tech in Computer Science and received her school education from Mount Carmel School and IEMS. She is a Certified Scrum Master and SAFE 4.0 Agilist. Harshita has previously worked with organizations like Wipro Technologies, Edgilis, Tieto and Barclays. Harshita is currently working as a  Scrum Master with ACI Worldwide. for 2 product teams in the retail payments segment. Adding to all these accolades is her restaurant “Tasterinaa” which she co-founded in 2016 and has been the co-owner of it. She is a food enthusiast and a food blogger, hence, regardless to say, she knows her business as wonderfully well as she knows her food! Currently, the restaurant is temporarily shut down for rebranding and a major overhaul.

We, on Cloudnine, were extremely excited to connect with her to know more about her amazing journey towards becoming a mother. She was most welcoming and catered to our curiosity with utter diligence and we’d like to include that her charm radiates beyond the vision.

1. How do you manage to be a super mom every day?

I believe every mom is a super-mom in her own way! However, it's a bit more challenging to be a working mom, living in a nuclear family. I have heard several times "You can't have it all!" to which I respond by saying "Why not?" One can have it all(well...almost), provided we get good support from our immediate family and colleagues. I have found immense support in my husband right from the beginning of my journey towards becoming a Mom. He shares all the daily household chores and kids' affairs equally.

My workplace has been a great support system too. Also, I'm thankful to them for allowing me to extend my 6-month maternity leave by a couple of months more. It certainly is very helpful to a new mom and helps her get back to work in a better state of affairs, back home.  Last but not the least, a good nanny for the kid really helps in the initial few months. It allows a new mom some 'Me time' which makes happy moms, who in return make healthier and happier kids.

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Cloudnine: That’s how our Cloudnine motto goes, Healthy Moms, Happy babies! We completely relate with you Harshita!

2. What were the challenges you faced?

Did I forget to mention I'm a first-time mom, that too to twins! Needless to say, my pregnancy was a little tougher than a singleton pregnancy. I needed more physical rest, especially during my last trimester. Work from home and a flexible work timing was quite a saviour.

After a long workday, it's unthinkable to manage the regular household chores on my own. Had it not been for a supportive husband life would have been so tough! In spite of a long day, one needs to spend time with the kids, that too with all the zeal and enthusiasm of a kid!

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3. What kind of responsibilities or projects did you handle during that period?

I am working as a Scrum Master with ACI Worldwide handling 2 product teams in the retail payments segment and there was no change in the regular set of responsibilities and projects that I handled during this period.

Harshita at her office, when she was 6 months pregnant - 2nd from the right

4. How supportive was your company/team? (In terms of giving leave, the work pressure, etc.)

My organization has been highly considerate to allow me to have flexible timings, work from home as and when needed. My colleagues at work have been extremely supportive all this while. I have been allowed sick or casual leaves as and when really needed. I managed to get an extended maternity leave to spend more time with my newborn twins which exhibits my company’s commitment to me and mine to them.

5. How supportive was your family?

My family, including my parents, in-laws and husband, have been very supportive and are literally my backbone in this journey of becoming a mother.

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6. How was your journey of becoming a Mom on Cloudnine? What did you really like about Cloudnine?

Cloudnine was the best birthing solution I could possibly get in Pune. Starting from Prenatal appointments to the entire delivery experience, Postnatal care, Neonatal care and Pediatrics; Answers to all my issues were found under one roof - Cloudnine. It has been quite a seamless experience throughout all my doctor appointments, including the Pediatric appointments, which at other places can be such a nightmare in the absence of professional hospital staff and doctors. At least my kids don't have to wait for hours to see their doctor to get a (painful yet necessary) vaccination. :)

Cloudnine: It was Cloudnine’s pleasure to serve you, Harshita. We’re elated by your response about our services and we’re very grateful to you for sharing your special journey towards and after becoming a new mom, with us. Needless to say, but we’ll still asseverate, “Cloudnine Loves you and is always there for you!”

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