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SuperMom Kriti Madan's Spectacular Journey on Cloudnine

December 3, 2020

Cloudnine salutes Supermom Kriti’s fierce spirit which keeps her flourishing and growing despite the obstacles. She is a person who personifies grandeur with her loving, welcoming and assuring demeanour because she looks at every hurdle in the eye and lets it known that she’s not giving up!

Cheers to this supermom who chooses life every day and the energy it brings, and while being a selfless new mother is also a highly applaudable career-oriented woman, who does not sizzle-out when taking responsibilities, but decoratively embellishes her path with diligence and care towards her development in all spheres of her life, as a mother, a wife and at work.

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If you’re a mom, you’re a superhero. Period. – Rosie Pope

Kriti is a high spirited millennial with a charismatic smile, she belongs to Gurgaon where she’s presently settled. She is currently working as a Test Analyst with the Royal Bank of Scotland. She completed her bachelors of technology in Computer Science from the Institute of Technology and Management Gurgaon and has been working for the past 6 years following her graduation.

She gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Cloudnine Gurgaon, under the skilful supervision of Dr Preety Agrawal. Kriti’s hobbies include reading novels on lazy evenings, Swimming on a bright energetic summer day, and snuggling-in watching her favourite series and movies on Netflix.

Cloudnine took the opportunity to talk to her about her journey to becoming a mother, and she was marvelous!

1. How do you manage to be a Super-Mom every day?

My supermom journey gives me joy every day, I keep up the happy energy by spending quality time with my baby and by trying to understand his needs. As a mother, this journey has brought out a new perspective on my life. I try to do something different from the previous day. I look forward to seeing my son bloom into a healthy and cheerful kid. I aspire to do my best for my baby and for my family.

2. What were the challenges you faced?

The biggest challenge during my pregnancy journey was at the beginning when my baby was born, the challenge was Breastfeeding!

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However, I familiarized myself with different techniques and got comfortable with nursing in public, which is a big deal! But then Being a new mom itself is a huge challenge. Although, seeing the cutest smile on my child's face gives me an exuberant recharge and I am up for any and every ups & downs that may come my way.

3. What kind of responsibilities/projects did you handle during that period?

After my 6-month maternity leave, I was expected to join my office and as soon as I joined, I was allocated to different projects. That phase of rejoining was slightly difficult since I had to manage my personal and my professional life in a balance, which was a task in itself. But everything soon settled and I was able to dedicate my 100% towards both these responsibilities.

4. How supportive was your company/team? (In terms of giving leave, work pressure etc)

My company was highly supportive. They offered that I work for half of the time in order to make my rejoining as smooth as possible. For a few months, I worked half of the time so that I could spend some extra time with my baby, but soon I came back with full force and now I am a full time working mom.

Team Cloudnine: Kriti, You make us all proud!

5. How supportive was your family?

My family members have been very supportive since the beginning and still support me completely. They take care of my son when I am out for work. They ensure that my child never feels my absence and he is always cheerful. They Look after him, play with him,  feed him healthily so that he always gets the adequate nutrition required for his growth. My kid is always in the best of care with my family.

6. How was your journey of becoming a Mom on Cloudnine? What did you really like about Cloudnine?

The journey with Cloudnine was amazing! The hospitality offered by the staff was impressive and I felt like I was at the comfort of my home. My stay on Cloudnine during my delivery was a very memorable time for which I will always be grateful. Thanks for giving me these sweet memories to cherish. The best thing I liked about Cloudnine was the way each person took care of me be it the nursing staff or the doctors. Everyone was very supportive and helpful!

7. How are you managing work after the birth of your child and how is your family helping you in accomplishing your goals?

I am extremely comfortable being a working mom now. Me and my family both try to interpret what is my baby's need at a particular moment and try our level best to provide that to him. I think the main present to me is the heartfelt support extended to me by my family which enabled me to work full-time. I am proud to say that I am a full-time working mom and the credit for this goes entirely to my family members who spend the entire day with my baby and make him feel comfortable.

Kriti’s journey is indeed inspiring and we hope she achieves many more milestones in her personal and professional life. We wish her the best of best and cherish the times she spent with us. Her smile, warmth and confidence brighten our hearts.

Cloudnine sends its love to you and promises to be there for you whenever you need us! Cheers! God Bless!

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