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Twinning and Winning: Tips on Breastfeeding Twins

August 1, 2017 in Birthing Experience
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Breastfeeding can seem like a champion balancing act for a new mommy of twins. And if you thought early motherhood was exhausting, add twins to the picture and you have a delectable recipe for organised chaos. Part of winning the game as a mother of multiples is organising a schedule, whether it’s feeding, changing or napping.

In this guide, we let you in on time-saving tips you can use while breastfeeding your littles. Let’s jump right in.

Tip 1. Set Your Schedule Gradually

Initially, you’ll be surprised to learn that your babies will in fact, behave like babies. They’ll cry when they’re hungry, they’ll cry when they’re cranky and they’ll cry when they’re gassy. And that’s okay; it’s healthy in fact. When you first start breastfeeding, you needn’t impose a schedule right away. Follow your twins’ cues and behaviour to discern their moods and patterns. This will provide a solid foundation for when you’re ready to set and follow a schedule later on. For now, soak in every moment for what it is.

Tip 2. Follow a Pattern

Before you raise an eyebrow, this isn’t the same thing as setting a schedule. Set a style to the routines you follow so that your twins feed off the energy surrounding a specific activity. This could be tied to your babies’ bedtime feed, their positions while nursing or the pillows they use while they’re latched on to your breast. For babies, consistency equals comfort, and this can go a long way in creating a loving, warm environment for them even when you’re not around.

Tip 3. Create a Feeding Deck

Know this: your twins will become semi-permanent fixtures on your body through your days of breastfeeding, and this means one thing: you need your own feeding deck, and quickly. Mommas who nurse expend a marvelous number of calories in feeding their babies. Make that two babies and you’ve got a perpetually hungry Momzilla on the loose. A great way to ensure that you’re well fed and watered is to set up a feeding deck next to the location where you nurse your babies. Stock this station with fruits, nuts, water and healthy treats like makana, ragi snacks and muesli. Pint-sized foods pair well with a breastfeeding session. Also, keep magazines and books handy for little bites of entertainment while you nurse.

Tip 4. Seek Help From a Lactation Consultant

It may take you time to gauge the signs and behavioural patterns of your twins. If that stands in the way of breastfeeding effectively, seek counsel from a lactation consultant on Cloudnine. Our seasoned, skilled lactation specialists can ease you into a twin breastfeeding routine and address any problems you may be facing.

Tip 5. Use a Twin Nursing Pillow

A square-shaped little wonder, a twin nursing pillow can provide you with just the support you need to breastfeed both your babies at once. The pillow is flanked on both sides by bolsters, so you can latch one baby on first and leave her to be held by the bolster on one side. Then, you can pick up your second baby and latch her onto the other side in much the same way.

As you discover new forms of comfort in breastfeeding your twins, you’ll likely develop your own methods and practices to nurse them in the best way. Until then, this guide will serve you well; holding you steady as you master this beautiful balancing act.

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If you found this article interesting and would like to know more, talk to a Cloudnine expert today!

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